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Sister's Keeper

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Summary: The Summers sisters are formidable when it comes to hurting one of their own. And why shouldn’t they be? They learned everything they knew from the Bell sisters. *No DH Spoilers*

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Harry Potter > Joyce-CenteredJmariaFR1542,8551125,3508 Aug 0715 Aug 07Yes

I Am My Sister's Keeper

Title: Sister’s Keeper
Part Title: I Am My Sister’s Keeper
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: Joss owns the Buffyverse, JK owns the Potterverse. I’m just playing in someone else’s sandbox.
Spoilers: Um, as far as DH spoilers are concerned - there are none. And this part takes place directly after the events AU book seven (I just can‘t accept the events of book 7 to be cannon yet, sue me).
Summary: The Summers sisters are formidable when it comes to hurting one of their own. And why shouldn’t they be? They learned everything they knew from the Bell sisters.
A/N: Two years later : Katie is 23, Buffy is 20, Dawn is 14. Set after ‘The Body’.

I Am My Sister’s Keeper

Katie had arrived twelve hours after getting the call. She would have gotten there sooner had he not stopped her. Twelve hours of sitting on a broom clutching at the back of her husband’s cloak with tears streaming down her face had not been how she’d planned on spending her anniversary. It was worth it. Joyce’s house was dark when they arrived. He’d insisted they hide the broom. Katie could give two rats’ arses if anyone spotted the economy size broomstick he’d bought four weeks ago. Mum and Dad would be here in the morning, they’d even offered to buy tickets for them.

“Joycie,” Katie cried, trying to turn the doorknob.

“Bell, they’re not here. Your mum said they’d all be at the mo - “

“You dare say that word and I’ll hex your privates off!” Katie nearly shrieked.

“Then what use would I be to you and the baby?” He pulled her away from the door and led her back to the steps.

“She can’t be gone, Marcus, Joycie can’t be gone!” Katie sobbed. “They said she was getting better. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted these blasted muggle doctors! I should have insisted she see a proper trained mediwitch!”

“Bell, stop it now.” Marcus squeezed her tightly to him. Katie dug her fingers into his robes, trying to steady herself. “There was nothing you could have done. There was nothing anyone could have done. Death just happens.”

“Not in this town it doesn’t, Marcus. I should have insisted she and the girls move away -”

“Katie! Buffy has a birthright to live up to in this place. Joyce knew and accepted that.”

“She was so young, Marcus.” Katie sniffled into his robes, knowing that as much as she hated it, her husband spoke the truth.

“I know. She was one hell of a woman. Threatened me before we started dating, you know,” Marcus chuckled softly.

“Joycie?” Katie asked softly. “I can’t imagine her doing that.”

“Right, because you and her girls are so tame,” Marcus scoffed.

“Exactly. Joyce is the levelheaded one. We three tend to fly off the handle a bit.”

“She was only that way when someone threatened her girls,” a new voice startled them. A blonde haired man in a long leather duster stood at the end of the walkway. “Cold-cocked me once for threatenin’ Buffy.”

“That would make you Spike,” Katie whispered softly, remembering Joyce telling her about the bleached wonder who’d later come in for cocoa.

“And you’d be the witchy little sister with a hankering for the bad-boy type. Joyce mentioned you in passing once.”

“What do you want, bloodsucker,” Marcus snarled, pushing Katie behind him gently and reaching for his wand.

“Marcus, stop it. He won’t hurt us.”

“Well, not the Summers’ girl anyway. I might like a go with stick-boy for a bit, love,” Spike winked at Katie.

“I’m not fallin’ for your line, love. Besides, the sun will be up in a bit and I reckon you’ve got to scamper back to your hidey-hole.”

“Bugger all. The slayer and her Scooby-gang just left the hospital. They’ll be here soon.”

With that, Spike turned on his heel and raced from the home. Katie laughed at the sight of his duster bustling in the wind. It helped ease the hurt to laugh a bit.

“I can see what Joyce saw in him,” Katie murmured, pulling Marcus back to her side. Tears welled in her eyes as she thought of the last time they‘d been in Sunnydale. “Joyce could always see through the bullshit.”

“Remember the day she told the girls about you and I?” Marcus laughed.

“It was the same day she told me that Buffy was the slayer,” Katie smiled. The smile faltered. “Oh, Merlin, Marcus. Who’s gonna be there for the girls? Hank - that right bastard - is still with that slag and - they’re so young.”

“We’ll figure something out.”

Two cars pulled up in the driveway, startling both of them. Katie recognized the older man as Buffy’s watcher, and she was on her feet running the second she spotted her nieces.

“Auntie Kaka?” Dawnie sobbed, running for her. Katie laughed at the old nickname her youngest niece still used for her.

“Aunt Katie?” Buffy said in a fog, not sure if she was really seeing her aunt or not.

Katie pulled them both in a tight embrace, squeezing them tightly. Dawn buried her head in her shoulder and Buffy held herself stiffly for a second, her tension and pain so very obvious. Katie kissed her older niece’s cheek gently, like Joyce had often done for her.

“Everything’s going to be fine,” Katie murmured to the two heartbroken girls. Buffy relaxed and squeezed her aunt’s hand. “I’m here now, and I’m going to take care of everything. I promise, I’ll try and make things right.”

I promise you, Joycie, I’ll take care of them for you.

The End

You have reached the end of "Sister's Keeper". This story is complete.

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