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The Unexplained

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This story is No. 6 in the series "One Shot Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: While at a crime scene, Lt. Connie Murphy meets a former member of the Los Angeles Police Department....

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Literature > Dresden Files, ThecflatFR71212052,3248 Aug 078 Aug 07Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Author’s Note: This is for the Fic-For-All paring of Kate Lockley/ Karrin Murphy (Dresden Files). Connie Murphy is the TV version of Karrin Murphy. The name was changed because there really is a Karrin Murphy who is part of the Chicago Police Department.

The Unexplained

During her time with the Chicago Homicide Division, Lt. Connie Murphy had had a number of unexplained (and just plain weird) cases in which she normally consulted Harry Dresden, Wizard. While this current case didn’t top all of the other weird cases she’d been apart of, it certainly was on the weird side. The victims (two females, mid-teens) had been stabbed in the neck by what looked like (and was the only explanation she could think of) pitchforks. She took her cell out of her pocket to call Dresden. She was about to hit the speed dial when a voice unexpectedly interrupted her.

“Excuse me,” a voice said unexpectedly to her. Connie looked up to see a blonde woman walk up to her.

“Who’re you?” Connie asked her in an irritated voice.

“Kate Lockley, PI,” the woman said, holding up her ID. “I think I know what happened here.”

Connie raised her eyebrows in suspicion. “Oh yeah? Well, please, enlighten me.” She challenged the woman.

Kate didn’t back down. Her next sentence was spoken with the confidence that she was right. “Vampires killed them.”

So, how was that? It’s been a while since I’ve seen either show, so I’m sorry if the characters aren’t exactly in character. Please review!

The End

You have reached the end of "The Unexplained". This story is complete.

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