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Have a Little Faith in Me

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Summary: When Faith meets the vampire Aubrey, it's hate at first bite. But when Faith is captured, the line between love and hate becomes a little blurred. A/N: This story contains characters belonging to Amelia Atwater Rhodes.

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Literature > Vampire/Supernatural > Author: Amelia Atwater RhodesfirewithfireFR1532,115011,3449 Aug 0718 Sep 07No


A/N: Thoughts are represented with *s. Which wasn't my idea but it is a good one when you don't know how to close the tabs for the italics.

When Fala left, she was positively glowing with satisfaction. She hadn't made the girl scream as she had hoped to but she had dented Faith's armor, if only a little. Faith had traded barbs with the vampire the entire time, knowing that the vampire would lash out at her physically in return. Fala was beginning to like the girl. Well, as much as a vampire can like a slayer. Faith reminded Fala of herself.

It was only after Fala left, when the utter darkness had returned, that Faith let herself feel something other than defiance and hatred. Suddenly, she was overcome with sorrow and maybe a little fear. Now she knew what Wesley had felt when she had tortured him back in her crazier days.

Faith knew she was crying when she felt the sting of salt in several of her various wounds. She laid there, leaning against the wall and let the tears flow until she fell into an uncomfortable sleep.

---------{@ @}----------

Meanwhile, somewhere in the forest nearby, Aubrey was hunting.

Some kids from the local high school had decided to have a party out in the forest where no adult would come upon their under-aged, drunken mischief.

Aubrey watched from the edge of the clearing that they had overrun. He searched their faces, took in their clothes and hand gestures. He was looking for just the right "dinner guest". And then he saw her. She was wearing clothes that left nothing to the imagination and had an air of inaccessibility.

She was perfect. Aubrey enjoyed toying with the ones that thought they couldn't be touched the most. It was a fairly recently acquired taste.

He entered her mind and suddenly the girl was filled with the desire to go for a long walk in the woods. Alone. And she would never know that Aubrey was the reason why.

She left the group of drunken misfits and set out on her own. She didn't hear Aubrey stalking up behind her.


She turned, eyes wide with fear. But as soon as she saw his handsome features, the fear was swiftly replaced with a flirtatious smile.

"Hey, yourself."

-------{@ @}--------

Faith awoke a short time later to the sounds of inebriated delinquents trying to break into the building that she was currently chained up in. Uh-oh. That could mean bad things for her if they got in. Luckily, the vampire hadn't seen fit to tie her legs so if they did get any bright ideas about the chained slayer, she still had two weapons at least. Faith was resolved. If they got anywhere near her even looking like they had a malicious thought, they would truly learn the meaning of the term "hammered". And her slayer strengthen legs would be teaching the class.

Faith couldn't see anyone but she heard them coming. Tripping and stumbling through the building, shushing each other and giggling with delight. And then came the creak of the door followed by a sudden, blinding light. Faith shut her eyes against the small burst of brightness. When she opened then again she saw a beam moving along the walls. It was a flashlight.

They hadn't seen her yet.

The beam of light slowed as it crossed over the first of the chains and followed the chain down until it reach the manacle that held a human wrist.

Abruptly the light was showered over the rest of her and the intruders were stone still as they took in the sight.

-----{@ @}-----

*Well, that didn't take long, did it?*

Aubrey heard a very familiar and annoying voice in his head.

*Mind your own business, Fala.* Aubrey thought back to her as he continued to feed on the barely dressed brunette he had lured away from the party.

*Come on, you have to admit that it's a little disappointing. How easy she was.* Fala continued to goad him.

Finally, Aubrey dropped the girl, not bothering to drain her. She would wake up in the morning and simply think she had gotten a little too drunk. No harm done. Which wasn't usually Aubrey's style but Fala had been right. The girl didn't put up the fight he had been hoping for. Had been craving.

Not that he would tell Fala that.

Aubrey ignored Fala and disappeared in to the forest.

He didn't notice when Fala walked over and picked the girl up to finish her off.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Have a Little Faith in Me" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Sep 07.

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