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Have a Little Faith in Me

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Summary: When Faith meets the vampire Aubrey, it's hate at first bite. But when Faith is captured, the line between love and hate becomes a little blurred. A/N: This story contains characters belonging to Amelia Atwater Rhodes.

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Literature > Vampire/Supernatural > Author: Amelia Atwater RhodesfirewithfireFR1532,115011,3449 Aug 0718 Sep 07No

Dark Awakening

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss is the visionary genius who created and owns any and all things BtVS. The other characters belong to Amelia Atwater Rhodes.

* * * * *

She awoke suddenly. Surrounded by utter darkness, she could see nothing. Could hear nothing. She wanted desperately to move, to run, but found that she was heavily chained. She struggled fiercely against the chains. To no avail.

In these first few seconds, a million thoughts ran through her head. She wondered where she was and how she got there, why it was so dark, and how she let herself get chained up in the first place. She was better than that. Unless someone cheated.

“Aubrey!” She cursed at the thought that the vampire finally had her where he wanted her.

Faith and Aubrey had a long running rivalry. Since the night they met.

* * * * *

She was letting off some serious steam after killing most of a vampire gang. Two of them had gotten away, leaving her with an overabundance of energy to burn. So, Faith figured the local nightlife would be the best way to find someone else to wrestle with. In more ways than one.

She was really getting into the band when she felt eyes on her back. His eyes. Black as night. They matched his heart perfectly. And she knew what he was the second she saw him. Still, she couldn’t quite get over the animal attraction she felt looking into those forbidden eyes.

She was going to kill him. Of that, there was no doubt. She just thought maybe she could have a little fun with him beforehand.

He was tall, dark and erotic just standing there. She idly wondered what he was like in the bedroom. But she knew he’d never make it that far.

Faith sauntered over. He watched her every step. Only when she was standing directly in front of him did he look away from her. Over her shoulder.

Faith turned, though her instinct told her not to.

There was another one behind her. It was a trap. They knew who she was. Or, more specifically, what she was.

She turned back to the dangerously good looking vamp in front of her. He looked back, smug with victory that he hadn’t earned. She smirked.

“If you think that’s all it’s going to take…”

She spun around and punched the vampire that had been behind her. He flew across the room like a rag doll, making a very big spectacle as he crashed into a pool table.

“…you’re sadly mistaken.” She told him as she turned back to look tall, dark and deadly in the eye.

That was her mistake.

Aubrey was more than just your average vampire. His “family” line had always had special abilities. Looking into his eyes was the worst thing a person, especially a slayer could do. Now, he had the ability to control her every thought and desire.

Faith had woken up in an alley. She had blood on her hands and two little, little holes in her neck. Oh, and was she ever pissed! She vowed then and there the she wouldn’t rest until she killed the bloodsucker who had done this to her.

She knew she had to kill something and soon. After dusting a few more vamps she had called it a night. Then, she had gone home and started a nice hot shower.

It was only as she was undressing that she noticed the nice little inscription on her wrist. Yes, he had carved his name into her wrist. “Compliments of” was written in ink above his name. That was the first night that she had cursed the name Aubrey.
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