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This story is No. 3 in the series "Traveling Scoobies". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow and Buffy are hurt. Good thing there's a Doctor to help them.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralloyaleskamoeFR13525,81122511,05811 Aug 0719 Nov 08No

Medicine and the Doctor

"Verlassen Sie eine Methode oder wir brennen Sie auch!" A harsh voice, tinged with fear.

"Doctor?" A woman, nervous.

"It'll be alright Martha, don't you worry," a man said confidently.  He sounded like Giles. "So, what makes you think those three are witches?" He asked conversationally.

A fourth voice shouted out. "Betrachten Sie ihre Kleidung! Nur Hexen würden Tracht wie die tragen!" Was that German?

The crowd cheered in angry agreement.

The Giles sounding guy laughed. "That doesn't make them witches!  They're a traveling troupe.  The clothes they wear are costumes, that's all."

"Sie fielen vom Himmel!" Someone in the crowd roared.

"Right.  You lot did have to see that.  And I suppose there's no real way to explain falling from the sky, is there?  We should run." 

"But what about all the stuff lying around?" The woman asked.  She was English too.

"We can't worry about that now!  RUN!" He yelled.

The rocking began, and only then did Buffy realize someone was carrying her.  She struggled weakly, but stopped when she heard a familiar voice.

"It's okay Buffy," Xander panted, holding her tighter. "I've got you."


A phone booth.  That was where the crazy English man brought them.

"We're so gonna die," Xander lamented, glancing back at the distant, but not too distant, mob chasing them.

"No we're not," the afore mentioned English man reassured. "Martha, would you be a dear and fetch my key out of my pocket?" He shifted the still bleeding Willow around gently, exposing the right pocket of his trench coat.

Martha reached into it, putting her entire arm in there.  Xander's mind was officially blown.  The woman pulled out a strange looking key and used it to open the phone booth.  She and the guy rushed in.

"C'mon!" The woman, Martha, beckoned.

Xander one look at the oncoming mob. "Sure, what the hell," he muttered before running in after them.  Once inside, Martha closed the door, and Xander looked around.  Inside the phone booth.  The bigger on the inside than it was on the outside phone booth.

It was a circular room, with a big center console the other guy was currently using.  He hit it with a hammer that was chained to it, before reaching under the console and making pumping motions.  Then it started making a weird vworping sound.

"You can set your friend down there." Martha gestured to a seat looking thing while checking over Willow.  Xander gently lay Buffy down on it.  While they were running, she started to come around, but quickly passed out again. "Now pick her up and come with me," she commanded, referring to Willow.  Xander did as he was told.

"Where are we?" he asked, following her out of the circular room.  He didn't want to leave Buffy alone with that guy, but seeing as how Willow was bleeding to death and this Martha lady seemed to know what she was talking about, there didn't appear to be much of a choice.


"Oh that's helpful, thanks."

Martha strode into what looked like some kind of sickbay.  Xander flooded with relief.

"Put her on that table there." Martha instructed.  Once he did, She began to do a more thorough examination.

"How is she?" Xander asked after a few minutes.

"How long ago was she shot?"

"Uh, twenty minutes ago?"

"Were you the one to dress her wound?" Xander nodded. "Well, you just might've saved her life.  Oh, hang on.  What the hell?" she exclaimed once the makeshift bandages were off.

"What?  What's wrong?"

"I... I don't know.  There's some kind of..."  She looked up at him. "Go tell the Doctor where you're from."

"Why?" He questioned thickly.

Martha rolled her eyes impatiently. "Your girl here needs more help than I can give.  Go!"

Xander ran back to the circle room.

"Martha needs your help!" He said frantically.

The doctor guy stopped messing around with the center console. "What?  What's wrong?"

"She needs your help with Willow!"

"Really?  She said that?" He seemed surprised. "That's funny." The strange man commented, then left.  Meanwhile, Xander went to check up on Buffy.  She was still out cold.  He sighed, brushing an errant lock from her face.  The guy came back, wearing a stunned expression. "I never realized Martha even knew words like that." He said faintly.

Xander stood up. "Did you help her?"

The guy turned to him, still in shock. "Hmm?"

"Martha?  Did you help her?"

The man cleared his head. "Oh, no.  I walked in there just as she was getting Willow's shirt off.  By accident I assure you!" He added hastily before chuckling. "Oh the mouth on that girl.  Martha, not Willow.  I don't know if she has a mouth.  Doesn't look it though.  But then neither did Martha."

Xander just looked at him. "So you didn't help her?" He asked after a few seconds.  This guy could give Will a run for her money in babbling.

The guy waved the question off. "Naw, she didn't need my help.  Though I'm supposed to get you lot off to a hospital." He walked over to the center console. "So, when are you from?" He asked casually.


He rolled his eyes. "What year is it?"  

"2007" Xander replied automatically.

The guy nodded, then reached out to the console, stopping when he saw Willow's blood on his hand.  He closed his eyes sadly, took a deep breath before opening them again, and began working the controls with a renewed vigor.

"She's hurt bad, your friend.  I doubt the doctors from your time can save her.  Heck, they won't even know what's wrong with her!" The man paused and stared at Xander with an almost frightening intensity." So we'll just have to go somewhere else!"

Xander swallowed nervously. "Who are you?"

"I'm the Doctor, and I will not let your friend die!" With that, he pushed a button on his console, causing the whole thing to come to life with flashes, and beeps, and that weird vworping sound.  The Doctor ran out of the room. "C'mon Xander!  Get your girl up and let's go!  Martha!" He stormed into sickbay, covering his eyes. "Can she be moved?"

As it turns out, the question was moot.  The Doctor picked her up without wait for the answer. (After covering her chest with a blanket first, of course.)  

"Where are you taking her?" Martha demanded.  The Doctor declined to answer, he just rushed out of the sickbay.  Martha followed him. "Doctor!  If I don't stabilize her, she'll die!"

"She'll die anyway.  There's nothing you can do for her," he told her confidently while striding past Xander, who had Buffy in his arms, and towards the TARDIS's door.

Xander nearly dropped his friend. "WHAT!"

The Doctor stopped in front of the doors. "Martha?  The door?" She opened them and he hurried out.  Xander and Martha hot on his heels.

"You said you wouldn't let her die!" Xander shouted, stopping. 

The Doctor whirled around, a furious look on his face. "This planet has the best physicians in the history of the entire universe.  If anybody can save this woman, it's them.  So keep moving!" He resumed his course without waiting for a response.

Xander looked to Martha, who shrugged. "I've never been here," she said before following, "But if the Doctor says these guys are the best, then I believe him."

"What exactly did you mean by, "this planet"?" Xander asked, catching up to them. "And what happened to Germany?"

"The TARDIS is a time machine," The Doctor told him.  We're in the year 6531, and this is Hippocratica, an entire world dedicated to healing."

Martha slowed down in amazement. "Really?" She hurried to match The Doctor's long stride.

"Oh yeah," he assured. "Like I said, best in the universe.  Might even be able to do something about the blonde girl's chronic illness."

"Her name's Buffy, and she doesn't have any chronic illnesses!"

"I don't mean a recurring illness.  Traveling through time without protection is obscenely damaging.  She's lucky she's not dead!  Willow too." The Doctor glanced back at Xander over his shoulder. "Her name's Buffy?  Really?" He considered it for a moment. "Y'know, that was the Queen Mother's nickname when she was a girl."

"Great," Xander said flatly as they entered a huge building.

As soon as they were in, about a dozen orderlies and doctors and interns surrounded them, asking questions, taking temperatures, and generally making with the poking and prodding.

"Hey!" The Doctor shouted. "We're not the patients here!  These bloody and unconscious women are!" No sooner was that said, than two floating gurneys dropped down in front of them.  The Doctor placed Willow on one, Xander hesitantly put Buffy on the other.  The gurneys shot down the hall and went into separate rooms.

Then the last Time Lord of Gallifrey turned around and beamed happily at his two bewildered human companions.

"I could definitely go for a nice cup of hot cocoa," He said cheerfully. "Best in the universe here."

Xander could not believe his ears. "Hot cocoa AND doctoring?  Yeah, I can see how that works."

The Doctor ignored the sarcasm. "Oh absolutely!  Hippocraticans firmly believe there's nothing that couldn't be made better with a steaming mug full of melty delicious chocolate!  I think that's their secret." He winked conspiratorially." Just something you might want to consider Martha."

"Okay!  That's it!  What the hell's going on here!" Xander exploded. "My best friend has been SHOT, and I'm standing on another PLANET talking about hot cocoa!" He was panting heavily. "Who are you people."


Two hours later in the hospital's cafeteria, the carpenter, the physician, and the Doctor were all sitting down, and they each had a piping hot mug of the best cocoa in the universe in front of them

"So let me get this straight," Xander said carefully. "You're a time traveling alien." The Doctor nodded, taking a sip of his mug. "And your time machine is a phone booth?"

"Police Box," He corrected. 

Xander downed his cocoa like it was a shot.  He didn't even know what that meant.  He turned to Martha.

"And you're a med student from England?" She nodded. "And you travel in time too?" 

"Yes, but I've only been doing it for a little while." 

The young man took a deep, shuddering breath, held it in for a minute, then exhaled slowly. "Okay.  I believe you guys.  And do you know why I believe you?" The Doctor smiled and shook his head. "It's because I'm not crazy."

The Gallifreyan set his mug down and stared at Xander like he'd never seen anything so amazing in his life.

"That has just got to be one of the most brilliant things I've ever heard.  Good for you!"

Martha almost chocked on her cocoa and gave the Doctor an incredulous look. "What?"

Xander seemed equally confused, so the Doctor explained himself.

"You, my wonderful human friend, despite enduring extraordinary and improbable events, have taken the evidence placed before you and, despite it not conforming to your particular world view, have concluded; that since you aren't crazy, it must all be true!"

Xander nodded.  Yeah, that was pretty much it.

"Wait a second Doctor!  My hospital got sent to the moon and I didn't freak out!  Much," she amended. "And I helped you take down that blood-sucking gramma too!"

The Doctor smiled fondly at her. "Martha Jones.  You are an amazing woman.  Congratulations for being so clever, talented, smart, intuitive, and interesting." By the end of that, Xander felt she was blushing harder than even Willow could've pulled off at her shyest.

While Martha mumbled her thanks, Xander focused on the part of what was said that interested him the most.

"Hey Martha," he started. "What did you mean by "blood-sucking gramma"?"

The Doctor gave him a calculating look. "It was an alien that could only pass for human by sucking out all the blood from one."

"Like a vampire?"

"I suppose, but no fangs.  She used a straw," He explained. "Are you familiar with vampires Xander?"

He nodded.

"Wait, what?" Martha asked, again incredulous. "You mean vampires are real?"

The Doctor nodded. "Oh yes.  Blood drinking, holy water, crosses, the whole nine yards."

"You've got to be shitting me!"

"Nope." He leaned in closer to Xander. "Tell me, how did you lose your eye?"

Xander was not expecting that question. "I..."

"You don't have to answer if you don't want to.  It's just...  The doctors here could replace it."


Buffy felt warm.  Warmer than she has in a while.  The sun was shining and the birds were singing merry bird-songs.  Life was good.  She smiled happily.  This was perfect!  A day off for just her and her friends.

"Pass the corn, would you?" Giles asked. "Oh, and the butter too."

"Rupert!  What about your cholesterol?" Joyce admonished.

"Yeah Giles, we don't want you getting a heart attack for any reason not having to do with us." Xander told him seriously.

He snorted. "Oh perish the thought." Joyce held her hand out, causing Giles to sigh in exasperation. "I'm 55 years old, and I'll have butter if I bloody well feel like it," he told her petulantly.

Joyce arched an eyebrow at him.  He stared defiantly back.

And while he was distracted, Dawn swooped in and stole the butter!

"Good work sweetie," her mother praised.

He gave Dawn a withering glare.  She just smiled sunnily.

"Hey Dawnie?" Willow asked. "Could I get some of that churned dairy-goodness?"

She passed it along to the older girl, but not before helping herself.

Giles muttered something rude in another language, and moodily ate his unbuttered corn.

Buffy laughed at the expression on his face. 

"Does anybody want more potato salad?" Tara asked.

Joyce patted her stomach. "Oh no honey, I couldn't eat another bite." She smiled. "Thank you for bringing it.  It was delicious."

"Yes," Anya agreed. "I clearly enjoyed it as well." She held up her empty plate. "I'd have more, but I'm saving room for dessert.  The dessert that I made for you all to enjoy."

"And I bet it's going to be the best dessert I've ever had." Xander said sappily.

"Unless you count the sexy ones."

Xander smiled adoringly at her. "Yeah, except those."

She smiled back. "I'm partial to them as well." They kissed passionately, much to the amusement/disgust to those around them.  Finally, they pulled apart. "Why don't we... do some dishes."

"Right.  Dishes.  We should do it.. them!  I meant them." He grabbed her hand, and they stood up. "Let's go.  Do dishes."

"Yes, let's"

They all watched as the two of them ran off.  Giles used the distraction to sneak some butter.

"Have good sex!" Dawn called cheerily.

"We will!" Anya replied before they disappeared into the house.

"Oh damn!  Is that the time?" Giles cursed, looking at his watch.  He stood up. "I'm sorry everybody, but I have a prior engagement that I simply cannot miss." He walked over and gave Joyce a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you for a lovely time."

She smiled at him. "Despite the butter?"

He laughed. "Yes, despite that.  Bye all."

They all waved as Giles left.

"So who's up for that dessert?" Buffy asked.  The gathered ladies smirked at her.  Buffy realized how that might've been construed given the previous conversation, and blushed. "Not the kind Xander and Anya are having, unfortunately," she added in an aside, "Just the regular stuff."

Everyone laughed.

"I'm sorry Buffy, but we have class." Willow told her regretfully.

"Aw," Buffy pouted. "Can't you blow it off?"

Tara gave her an apologetic look. "It's finals."


"Thank you for a wonderful time Mrs. Summers," Tara said sincerely.

"Yeah, thanks Joyce!"

She smiled. "It was my pleasure girls.  Good luck on those exams."

Willow and Tara headed off to the hallowed halls of learning.

"Looks like it's just us Summerses." Buffy said, not at all unhappy at the thought.

Dawn grimaced. "I was supposed to go over Janice's house after dinner to help her with her homework."

"What?" Buffy asked, a little worried. "Why didn't I know about that?"

She rolled her eyes at her big sister while putting on her backpack. "Because you're not the Mom of me?  Besides.  If I don't help her, Janice is probably gonna flunk out and have to take the year over again."

Dawn kissed them both goodbye, then was off to Janice's for, I'm sure, entirely academic, and not social, reasons.

Buffy watched her go a little sadly. "Okay Mom, I guess it's just you and me."

"Actually Buffy," an angry and hateful voice said from behind her.  She whirled around in time to see Angel snap Joyce's neck. "It's not."


Angel dropped Joyce and Buffy stared in horror at the collapsed form of her mother, taking particular note of the awkward angle of her neck.

She turned her gaze to her former lover.

"I'm going to kill you." She said savagely.

Angel's eyes flashed white, and he fell to his knees.  A vortex opened behind him.

"I made my decision." The vortex began pulling him in.  Buffy grabbed his hands, trying to keep him here. "This wasn't your fault."

She couldn't loose him!  No one could take him from her! "I won't let you go!"

He looked her directly in the eyes.  If she didn't let go soon, she'd fall with him. "I love you."

"Then stay with me!  Don't give up!  Please!" She begged as they were pulled in.

Someone grabbed her by the waist and yanked her back.  Angel was lost to the vortex.

"NO!" she sobbed, struggling against her rescuer. "ANGEL!"

"I'm so sorry Buffy," Spike told her. "But I couldn't let you die.  I love you." 

He pulled her close and held her as she cried.

He was warm.  Too warm.  Buffy looked up at him.  He was burning up.

"Spike, what...?"

Spike pushed her away, and gave her a tragic expression. 

"I'm sorry pet, looks like you're all alone."

The light from his pendant shone brightly, and he turned to ash in front of her eyes.

"Oh god, not Spike too!"

Buffy looked around frantically.

"Hello?" She called out. "Somebody answer me!  Please!" Her voice somehow echoed in the empty landscape. "daddy," she begged piteously, collapsing. "please don't leave me.  what did i do wrong?"


She looked up, hope flaring in her heart.  Someone was there!  She wasn't alone!

"Help me!" She cried out. "I'm so scared.  I thought you left."

Gentle hands wrapped themselves around her, and she felt safe again. 

"It's okay Buffy, I've got you."


Xander looked into the mirror with a dumbfounded expression, and raised a trembling hand up to his face, covering his right eye.  He could still see.  

"Looks good doesn't it?" The Doctor asked, coming up behind him to clasp a hand on his shoulder. "Unfortunately it's just a prosthetic.  It would've taken years to grow a new one."

They were in a dressing room, Xander had just finished getting his clothes back on when The Doctor showed up.

He looked back through the mirror, confused. "It's fake?" The Doctor nodded. "But I can see through it."

"I know.  Brilliant, isn't it?  The Hippocraticans found away to attach optic nerves to a small, highly complex, camera." Xander waved his hand in front of his face, closing one eye, then the other. "The camera can focus, adjust to light, get red, and even bleed and heal like a real eye." The Doctor paused, a goofy, knowing smile on his face. "Not to mention the other stuff it'll do."

Xander turned to look at the Doctor.  He stared at the smug man for a full minute before whipping out the pamphlet the Hippocratican physicians gave him and reading it voraciously.

A big stupid grin broke out on his face. "I have x-ray vision?"

"Keep reading."

The grin dimmed a little. "It won't go through clothes?"

The Doctor's smile grew enormously amused. "Tragic, I agree.  Guess you'll just have to get by with only seeing through walls."

"I suppose I can do that," he said, continuing to read. "Ooh!  The eye can record stuff for future reference!  Neat!"

"Yeah.  It's a shame you don't have a neural jack.  You would've been able to take photos."

Xander glanced up at the Doctor, not really sure how to respond to that. "Right.  Hey, this thing's got a zoom feature!"

"Well of course it does!  What camera would be complete without one?" The Doctor asked, insulted.

"How far is 100 plourtics?" Xander asked.

The Doctor considered for a moment. "Roughly three miles, I'd say."

Xander looked at the other guy to see if he was joking.  The Doctor beamed at him, causing Xander to think he wasn't.  Anyone who could make that face couldn't possibly be lying.

The eye also could see various other spectrums on the scale.  Including ones Xander was pretty sure hadn't been discovered yet.  The down side was, in order to see most of them, he'd need one of those neural jack things.

Xander was pretty sure he could live with it.

"Excuse me, Mr. Harris?" He looked up at the source of the interruption.  A female nurse was standing at the doorway to the dressing room.

"Yes?" He asked nervously. "If it's about insurance...?"

The nurse frowned at him in confusion. "What's "insurance"?"

"Never mind.  What can I do for you?"

The nurse smiled at him. "I'm here to give you an update on your friends."

Xander saw her happy expression, and felt encouraged. "How are they?"

"Ms. Rosenburg's surgery was a success and we've almost completed her radiation therapy."

"Radiation?" Xander asked in confusion. 

"Yes sir.  She was exposed to the same radiation as Ms. Summers, though not to the same degree, and it caused a severe infection in her wound.  If she got here any later, she most certainly would have died."

Xander sat down on a chair.  His legs were suddenly weak.  The Doctor patted his shoulder comfortingly. "What about Buffy?"

The nurse smiled again. "She's responded very well to therapy, and is out of her coma.  She's asleep, and resting comfortably."

Xander laughed in relief. "Oh thank God."

The nurse looked at him funny again. "What's "God"?"

The Doctor smiled at the nurse. "Don't mind my friend.  He's from another planet you know." He added softly.

The nurse nodded as if that explained everything. "Well, if you want, you can see her."

Xander nodded eagerly.

The nurse led them to a room.  Xander swallowed nervously, reaching a shaky hand towards the door.

The Doctor rolled his eyes. "Oh come on!" he said in exasperation before barging in.

Xander rushed in after him.  He opened mouth to say something to the Doctor, but froze when he saw Buffy.

She looked perfect.  When the Doctor told him about chronic illness, he imagined a bald Buffy with sunken and sallow skin.  But there she lay; beautiful as ever.  And as he walked up to her, Xander discovered a new function of his new eye.  It could cry.  

He wiped his eyes before reaching down and grabbing her hand. "Hey Buff."

The Doctor smiled with utter satisfaction, and left.

He walked back into the waiting area, where an anxious Martha waited for him.

"Doctor!" She cried when she saw him. "How's...?"

"Everyone's going to be fine."  Martha breathed a sigh of relief. "We saved their lives," he said proudly.

"It was mostly you though, wasn't it?" she pointed out. "I mean, I didn't even do much."

"Don't be ridiculous Miss Jones.  If it wasn't for you sending Xander out to fetch me, I wouldn't have seen how badly Willow was hurt, and would never have thought to bring her here."

Martha gave him a demure smile. "But I didn't ask for you Mister Smith.  Xander made a mistake. He was supposed to tell you when he was from, not send you to the medical bay."

The Doctor shrugged. "If you like.  Still, you handled yourself well.  Makes me glad for anyone who gets you as their doctor."

She grinned. "Provided I ever get around to finishing medical school."


She felt herself start to regain consciousness.  Her sleep was restful and her bed was warm, and Buffy wanted to fight it, though it was no use.  She stirred and tried to stretch, but someone was holding her hand.  She opened her eyes to find out who.

Xander was staring at her with a tired, but happy, expression.

"Hey." She said sleepily before frowning. "What are you doing in my room?"

He laughed.  It was impossible not to, given the circumstance.

"I hate to disappoint you Buffy, but I'm not in your room.  Neither are you for that matter."

She sat up and looked around warily. "Where are we?" she demanded.

Xander let go of her hand and sat back in the chair the hospital staff provided. "What's the last thing you remember?"

Buffy thought for a moment. "A cookout?" She shook her head. "No, that was a dream.  I..." She trailed off, a horrified expression formed on her face. "Willow!"

"It's okay.  She's fine.  We got her to the hospital just in time.  That's where we are now."

Buffy raised the covers and glanced down at herself. "What am I doing not wearing my clothes?  And how did we get here?"

Xander sighed, leaning forward onto his knees. "We were in a room.  Do you remember that?" Buffy nodded. "Do you remember what was in the room?"

"Alien stuff.  We were there looking for the compass and stuff from the Council's blacklist."

"Right.  Well, while you were keeping the guards out, I panicked and started pushing buttons.  Cue bright shiny light; enter Germany."

"Germany," she repeated flatly.

"Yep.  One of the buttons I pushed activated a time doohickey, and sent us to the past."

Buffy furrowed her brow. "The..."

"...Past, yeah," Xander finished for her. "We materialized about 10 feet in the air, and fell into the middle of a bunch of God fearing, witch burning, 15th century Germans."

"O..okay." Buffy looked around the clearly not 15th century room. "How did we end up here?"

Xander chose his next words carefully. "The Doctor." He sat back and smiled wickedly.

When it became clear he wasn't going to say anything else, Buffy gave him a terrible glare and began looking around the room.  Unfortunately, she didn't find anything to beat her friend to death with.  Xander watched in amusement as she stood up, walked over to him, and picked him up by the shirt; holding him three feet off the ground.

"What did I tell you about being vague." She asked him dangerously.

He smiled down at her.  Amusement dancing merrily in both his eyes.  She gasped, dropping him.

He grunted when he hit the floor. "Jeez!  I was beginning to think you'd never notice!" He stood up and smiled at her. "What do you think?" Xander put his hand to his chin and struck a debonaire (At least to him.) pose.  Taking great care to make sure Buffy could see his new eye.

She punched him. "Who are you!" the Slayer demanded fiercely. "Where's Xander!"

Xander looked up at her.  Of all the reactions, this was not one of the ones he expected.

"Buffy it's me!  Really!  I can prove it to you!" He thought frantically for something.  Buffy sighed and raised her fist. "Wait!  Umm... umm... ooh!  Ask me a question!"

"Where's Xander!" She demanded again, advancing.

Xander stood up quickly and began backing away. "Not that one.  C'mon Buff, it's me.  If I was an impostor, why would I show up with TWO eyes in stead of one?  That would be stupid, I'm the real Xander, and you don't even believe I'm me!

She hesitated. 

"YES!  Thank you Buffy!"

"Why did I want the compass?" She asked him. 

Xander smiled. "You mean the one that points to your heart's desire instead of north?" She nodded. "Initially it was because you, me and Willow were going to use it for treasure hunting.  But I suppose you thought of a better use for it.  Like say, looking for Angel?"

Buffy's eyes widened. "Xander?" He nodded eagerly. "How?" She reached out and touched the left side of his face.  Her eyes began to water. "Oh my God."

Xander smiled at her warmly. "We're in the future."

She blinked and pulled her hand back. "Huh?"

"The year sixty-three, fifty....something to be inexact."

Buffy stared at him dumbly. "Huh?"

He shrugged. "Yeah, not only are we in the future, but we're also on another planet too."

More staring.

"When that alien thing teleported us into the past, dousing you and Willow in something called chronic illness in the process, it attracted the attention of a time-traveling alien called the Doctor."

"Doctor who?" Buffy asked.

Xander shrugged. "He says he doesn't have a name.  Anyway, the Doctor saved us from the angry, God fearing, witch burning, Germans, and brought us here."  Xander pushed a button on the wall and a panel opened up under it, revealing two steaming mugs of cocoa.  He took one for himself and handed the other to Buffy. "The universe's best hot chocolate." Buffy took a sip and her eyes widened in surprised delight. "So yeah.  This planet's called Hippocratica, and it's supposed to have the best doctors ever." Xander took a sip of his coco. "And after saving you and Willow, I believe it."

Buffy frowned. "They saved me?"

He sighed. "Yeah.  That chronic illness you got doused with, is fatal.  You should've been dead long before we got here, but you survived."

"Must be because I'm a slayer." Buffy mused.

"That's my guess."

"And they fixed your eye?"

Xander handed her the pamphlet. "They replaced it with a prosthetic."

Buffy opened it up and read it. "They gave you x-ray vision?" she asked loudly.

Soon, a nurse came in to check up on them.  They knew, almost immediately, that Buffy had woken up, but considered it rude to intrude on personal time if a life wasn't in danger.  After Buffy and Xander had been silent for a period of five minutes, they felt it would be okay to send someone in.

The nurse came bearing Buffy's clothes and possessions.  She got dressed in a different room, and told Xander if he peeked he'd be needing a new face to go along with that eye. (The Hippocraticans could probably arrange it too.)  Once that was done, the pair of them went out to the waiting area.

The Doctor and Martha stood up to greet them.  The Doctor walked up to Buffy and gave her a great big hug.

"Oh it's so wonderful to see you on your feet!" he enthused.

Xander smirked at Buffy's expression. "Buffy, this is the Doctor."

She removed herself from him and smiled awkwardly. "Um, hi."

Meanwhile, Martha was staring into Xander's eyes. "That's so amazing," she said in awe, before turning to her friend. "Oh Doctor!  If we had this sort of technology on Earth, imagine all the lives we could save!"

The Doctor smiled at her. "Don't worry Martha.  You'll get there in time."

She sighed wistfully, but understood what he was saying.

"So you're an alien?" Buffy asked. "You don't look like one."

Martha smirked. "Don't let that fool you.  He's got two hearts, if you can believe that."

Buffy and Xander gave him an incredulous look.  He nodded cheerfully.

They exchanged glances, then shrugged.

"So the Doctor's been telling me about vampires," Martha said after a few minutes of silence.

Buffy gave him a suspicious look. "Really?  Why?"

"Xander here mentioned he was familiar with them," the Doctor told her.  Buffy glared at her newly bicloptic friend. "Oh, judging by that expression, I'd say you're familiar with them too."

"You might say that.  So what about them?" She asked.

"Oh it's so freaky!" Martha began. "There from another planet but came to Earth, like, a couple of thousand years ago!"

The two Scoobies burst out laughing and Martha gave them a very offended look.  The Doctor rolled his eyes.

"We're sorry." Xander said, in between laughter. "It's just, we've been fighting them for a while."

"Yeah!" Buffy agreed, wiping her eyes. "I don't think we've ever heard anything like that!"

"You think they're demons then?" The Doctor asked. "Well, we'll just leave it there."

A nurse walked into the waiting room carrying a tray of hot cocoa. "I've got some good news!" she said happily. "Ms. Rosenburg is awake!"


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