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Another Day at the SWCI Headquarters.

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Summary: Setting up a brand new international powerhouse is hard work; hiring people, paying for everything, picking up after destructive slayers...

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OtherIndraLeighFR131924,4801214792,18211 Aug 0710 Jan 11No

Mom at Work

Summary: With a vague job description of ‘mom’ Allison is at work at the Slayers and Watchers Council International.
Crossover: Medium
Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or Medium
Warning (if any):not in this part.

“Hey Allison.” Andrew said as the ’mom’ of the house walked in to the kitchen.

“Hi Andrew. May I have a cookie?” Allison Dubois asked.

“Sure. Have all you want.” He answered not really looking up from the notes he was compiling from three cookbooks.

“Xander’s working in the library today. Is it okay if we’re in here today?” Allison asked dropping a bit of cookie into her mouth.

“Great. You can keep an eye on the stove and I can make it to the comic shop before they close today. When the timer rings it should be done but it may need a couple more minutes.” Andrew instructed as he hurried around the kitchen pulling his wallet out of a drawer and the keys to the car he always used when he drove.

Every afternoon Allison would have cookies or something for a snack in the library-conference room when the girls would get home from school. A chance to unwind from classes and a break before homework or practice. First home was Bridget, followed about twenty minutes later by the girls from the middle school and high school.

“Hi Mommy.” Allison’s middle daughter greeted as she pulled out a chair to perch on.

“Hello my sweet pea. How did the spelling test go today?” Allison pushed the cookies close so that Bridget would be able to reach them.

“I missed two and Daddy was at my school to say hi before he picked up Ariel for her dentist appointment. I got together right.”

“That’s great. You were having trouble with that one last night. I hear the bus with the other girls. Let’s save Ariel a cookie for after dinner.” Allison said giving her a napkin to wrap a cookie in as the stampede of girls came in the house.

The chaos of many voices and hands reaching for milk and cookies was a welcoming warmth to Allison, she was able to be a Mom to her girls and watch after the girls in the house and she did some work with the police when her dreams nudged her to help as she had been doing in Phoenix before Joe’s job transfer.

“Amy and Jeremy sitting in a tree.” Kate sang teasing Amy.

“Ohhhh. Jeremy the tall cute guy in science, brown hair?” Susanna asked a bit of a dreamy look in her eye.

“He’s mean at the movies.” Bridget’s matter of fact statement stopped the excitement and teasing.

“What do you mean?” Amy asked, she knew that Allison had dreams that should be paid attention to and it made sense that somehow Bridget would know what she was talking about. Amy waited patiently, not wanting to scare or pressure Bridget.

“When you spill popcorn he hits. I’m going to play in the back yard.” Bridget slid off her chair and carefully set the napkin covered cookie next to salt and pepper shakers on her way out the door.

Watching the innocent girl jump out the door Amy slowly said “He asked me to the movies on Friday, but I’m not going to go now. Allison, do you mind if I take Bridget out for ice cream tomorrow as thanks?”

“As long as you keep it to one scoop. Thank you for listening to her.” Allison was thankful that her and her daughters had found someplace that they could be welcomed and listened to.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Another Day at the SWCI Headquarters." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Jan 11.

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