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Happy Ever After

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Summary: Andrew and Xander are watching television when someone makes a wish. ****WARNING: CHARACTER DEATH****

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Star Trek > VoyagerabelieverFR1541,38702711,26712 Aug 073 Dec 07Yes

The Story Continues

Disclaimer: see chapter one

Author’s Notes: First, I still haven’t been able to watch an episode (stupid school), so any discrepancies are to be ignored and seen as an AU.

Also, no matter how many times English teachers tell me, I still can’t get the lay-laid argument down, so just ignore it unless you want to tell me which one is correct in this instance!

Last, this is my first multi-chapter story, and this chapter was written at 3 in the morning, so be kind! I don't know whether or not I'll continue, so we'll just have to wait and see.

On with the story!


Xander was still holding his head in his hands when Andrew reappeared in a ball of light and with a resounding “pop!”

Andrew lay on the floor, staring at the ceiling with a dreamy smile on his face.

Xander lifted his head from his hands and just stared at the geek. He began the mental checklist that all of the Scoobies had learned- one that was to be used in situations like this:

1. Breathing.
Okay, the geek was breathing.

2. Any horns or changes in skin color.
Nope, no horns, and Andrew was still the same pasty white as Elmer’s glue that he had been before the little mishap with the W-word.

3. Any other noticeable deformities (new).
Other than the creepy smile, Xander didn’t see anything unusual about the geek’s appearance. Well, more unusual than before.

4. Call Willow.
Xander cringed. Willow and Kennedy were on vacation, off limits except for world-ending level apocalypses (apocalypti? They had never figured out the correct plural of the word).

Well, maybe Giles would know what to do. He could always call Willow later. For now, though, he needed to move the geek before he left a drool mark on the carpet.


“Hmmmm?” came the reply.

“Geek-boy, move!”


“Oh no, girls! Don’t touch the action figures! Ashley, didn’t Andrew ask you not to remove that lightsaber from its original packaging?”

Andrew screamed, bolted upright, scrambled to his feet and ran for the stairs. Xander just grinned as he headed for the phone. The girls wouldn’t be home for another few hours, and Andrew would spend that time looking for a new hiding place for his possessions, just in case.

“WCI, Giles’ office. This is Anna. How may I help you?”

“Hey Anna, it’s Xander. I have a Geek-boy level three.”

“He used the W-word again, didn’t he?”

“Yep. But it looks like Willow’s spell worked. He was just a little stunned this time. She’ll be happy that she didn’t have to go get him.”

“Giles just got in, so I’ll patch you through.”

“Thanks, Anna.”

Xander grinned as he heard Andrew come down the stairs. The grin turned into a smirk as Andrew passed by him carrying the actions figures and lightsaber. The look of shock was still on the geek’s face.

“You can put them in the oven, Andrew. You know the only person who uses it is you. The girls wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole,” Xander offered. The boy hurried off as a voice came over the phone line.


“Hey G-man.”

“What did he ask for this time?”

Xander settled into a nearby chair and began the tale.
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