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Happy Ever After

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Summary: Andrew and Xander are watching television when someone makes a wish. ****WARNING: CHARACTER DEATH****

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Star Trek > VoyagerabelieverFR1541,38702711,26712 Aug 073 Dec 07Yes

The Beginning

Title: Happy Ever After
Author: ABeliever (
Rating: FR15 for character death
WARNINGS: Character death

Disclaimer: I own nothing. If there are any discrepancies in the plot, or I got a fact wrong, consider this to be alternate universe. I haven’t seen either show in over two years, so, be kind! If the facts at the end aren't true, get over it- I'm a theatre and film major, not a science major.

Cleveland, 2005

Andrew and Xander were watching the latest episode of Star Trek: Voyager.

That’s when it happened.

“This show is so cool! I wish I could go into space and see the Voyager. Wouldn’t that be the coolest?”

Xander just stared at the geek, horrified by the words he had just heard.

“Andrew, do you realize what you just said?”

“Of course, I w—“ Xander cut him off by putting his hand over the boy’s mouth.

“You said the W-word, you idiot! I thought we trained you better than that!”

Andrew stared in horror and realization.

The two sat silently, side by side, waiting for the words they knew were coming.

After five minutes and no demonic appearances, the two relaxed and returned to watching the show.

“Wish granted!”

Xander just moaned as Andrew disappeared in a bright flash of light.

Somewhere in the Delta Quadrant, many years in the future

Andrew appeared just outside of the Federation starship, Voyager. He was so happy, he didn’t notice his immediate surroundings. He had exactly three seconds before he realized he was cold, another second before he realized he couldn’t breathe, and then one more second before he finally died. But he died happy, having one of his greatest wishes fulfilled- he saw the Voyager as the ship passed his dying body.
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