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Diving Anyone?

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Summary: When Willow’s spell called the all the Slayers, it reached further than the Scoobies thought. Underneath the Sea, a new Potential rises to power. (X-over with Spongebob--be warned)

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Cartoons > SpongeBob SquarepantsSaiyaSithFR71618051,08212 Aug 0712 Aug 07Yes
Title: “Diving Anyone?”
Chapter One
Author: Saiyasith
Genre: BtVS/SpongeBob Squarepants
Summary: When Willow’s spell called the all the Slayers, it reached further than the Scoobies thought. Underneath the Sea, a new Potential rises to power.

Disclaimer: I don’t own either show, or the characters. Both belong to their respective creators. As to the contents, this was written on a dare from Sithspit.

At the Cave of the “Great One” SpongeBob and Sandy stared into the dark hole. Spongebob was terrified. “Sandy” he said, “ We really REALLY don’t need to go in there. There’s a monster in there.

“Oh Spongebob.” Sandy laughed. “I grew up in Texas, remember. Some little old worm doesn’t scare me.”

“But Sandy…” the sponge interrupted.

Ignoring her friend, the squirrel continued. “Listen, I’m going in there right now and show you how it’s done.” That said, she walked into the darkness. Moments later, loud sounds of fighting filled the air, and unsettled dust clouded the water.

Grinning, Sandy emerged from the cave and plopped a long pink hunk of knotted up muscle in front of her friend.

“Um Sandy…” Spongebob whispered. “Sandy…”

“What now, Spongebob? I told you I could take care of a silly old worm.”

“But Sandy…”

“What are you so afraid of now?” The squirrel asked in frustration.

“That’s not the worm.”

“It’s not?” She asked in confusion.

“Uh, I think that’s its tongue.”

Just then, strange noises from the cave shook the ground around them, and a strange whistling sound started growing in volume. The pair began to back away slowly from the cave, uncertain of what to do. Spongebob started to look for a hiding place, and Sandy stood entranced as a train-sized worm began making its way out of the cave.

Even with all of her martial arts training, Sandy instinctively knew that she was no match for the behemoth. The sea plain was flat for miles and there was nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she heard a voice.

“Are you ready to be strong?”

Without hesitation, she eagerly shouted “YES!”

Suddenly, something inside her clicked and power flowed through her like molten honey. Looking around, she spotted a large hook descending from the ocean heights. Using the monster itself as a springboard, Sandy flew through the air, grabbed the hook, and, landing on the monster, shoved the hook straight through the creature’s eye and into its brain. She gave a hard tug on the fishing line, and then jumped off of the Worm’s body as the fisherman above reeled it in.

Flipping back to the seabed, Sandy landed in front of an awestruck Spongebob. Neither one had any idea about what had just happened. The new Undersea Slayer stared at her yellow, porous friend and broke into a huge grin. “I don’t know what just happened, but I feel ready to take on the world!”

Spongebob just stood there, mouth open, eyes wide. Eventually, he squeaked out a whispered, “wow” and then passed out.


“I don’t understand it, Buffy. Every time I cast this spell I get a location in the middle of the ocean. The only thing there is a small island not big enough to hold up 10 people, much less a village.

“Well Wils, are you sure you’ve got the right spell?”

Casting a glare towards her friend, the witch replied, “It’s the same spell I’ve been using since we started tracking down new slayers.” A thoughtful look crossed her face. “Buffy, do you think there’s any chance of mermaids being real, or some other humanoid race? I mean, maybe there’s some undersea village hosting a newly called Slayer.”

The Senior Slayer shrugged, “Your guess is as good as mine.” She shook her head. “I think the hardest part of it will be finding them and communicating with them.” Thinking of Cho Ann, Buffy sighed as she remembered the difficulty of crossing the language barrier.

“Well,” Willow replied. “I don’t know what else to do except go out to the site. Diving anyone??”

The End

You have reached the end of "Diving Anyone?". This story is complete.

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