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Summary: (Buffy/Naruto/Devil May Cry) A young British Slayer has prophetic dreams about a powerful fox demon and a certain stylishly dressed demon hunter, which can only lead her straight into the middle of a war...

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Anime > Naruto
Games > Japanese Fantasy > Devil May Cry
TheHeartistFR18924,604056,03612 Aug 076 Apr 08Yes


A/N: All done! :D I hope you liked, Part Two coming soon (as soon as I can be bothered)


Ethan was nervous. No doubt, Ketsumitchi was downright powerful, not to mention evil, but he had the appearance of a warrior.

‘This bloke,’ he thought to himself ‘, this fella’s just really bloody demented.’

“So you have what we agreed on?” the freaky guy said from his place sitting on a throne in an incredibly dank dark room, lit with blue flamed candles. To the left of the throne stood a slightly more normal looking guy wearing glasses and a big bandage across his torso. To his right, a teen wearing a kimono and remaining awfully quiet the whole time.

The silence and raw power emanating from the boy worried him perhaps more than the guy on the throne.

“Yeah, I got him,” Ethan said, as he raised his right hand and with a gesture, a bright orb of light appeared, displaying a shirtless man with white hair in magical shackles “, pocket dimensions are the best prisons.”

The man in the throne leaned forwards, as the bespectacled man spoke “, Lord Orochimaru, it appears he is telling the truth, he has Dante Crowe captive.”

“And now my new amigos…YOU have him captive,” Ethan said, and with a flick of his wrist, Dante appeared shackled to the wall in the very room they stood in.

“Okay, you have a deal sorcerer,” Orochimaru replied with a little glee.

Then, to Ethan’s horror (which he hid rather well) Orochimaru’s neck extended across the room and he bit into Dante’s chest, a tribal looking mark suddenly forming on the same spot.

Dante slowly roused and mumbled “, wha…where…where am I?”

Orochimaru chuckled a little, and replied:

“Hell, my boy…welcome to hell.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Existence". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking