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Summary: (Buffy/Naruto/Devil May Cry) A young British Slayer has prophetic dreams about a powerful fox demon and a certain stylishly dressed demon hunter, which can only lead her straight into the middle of a war...

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TheHeartistFR18924,604056,03812 Aug 076 Apr 08Yes


Existence (Buffy/DMC/Naruto)
By The_Heartist_666

Disclaimer: Devil May Cry belongs to Capcom, Buffy/Angel to King Whedon, and Naruto to the current shogun of manga, Masashi Kishimoto. I am not gaining financially from this in anyway, just blowing my own creative trumpet. All original characters ARE mine however, and I am most proud of them :D

Post Buffy Season Seven, post Angel Season Seven, assuming at least Spike and Angel survived the alley. After the events of DMC 2 (as in, after the events of all the games as the timeline goes 3, 1, 4, and then 2) Naruto is slightly AU, Sasuke wasn’t the only surviving Uchiha and these events replace all the filler crap that happens between Sasuke’s defection and Naruto: Shippuden.


BAM! And another one went down. Rather than follow up on the fatal gunshot and impale his target as he usually would, his second gun came out and he simply bombarded the demonic target with enough bullets to turn him to a bloody pulp. Checking around, he saw that was the last foe, and holstered his weapons.

“All in a day’s work, I think that’s earned me a strawberry sundae and a pizza,” the man said to himself as he pulled his long red coat in front of him, concealing his handguns, and placed his sword back into the guitar case he usually carried it in, to avoid unwanted attention.

He was about to step out of the alley, when he caught the familiar feeling running down his spine, the kind that kept you alive doing the job he did. He quickly turned, guns drawn, to see two strangely patterned red eyes glowering at him, shining brightly through the darkly lit alley. The figure stepped forwards, and revealed himself to be a man wearing a scratched metal headband and a large black cape with cloud patterns on it covering his entire body.

“You are most skilled. You are the one looking for Ketsumitchi yes?” he asked.

At the mention of the name, the man in the red coat lowered his weapons.

“Maybe. If you’ve got information I suggest you talk, now. My patience looking for the bastard is wearing thin,” he said.

“Then let me cut to the chase. I give you a target, you get him, you get Ketsumitchi,” the caped man said.

“So who’s the target?” the red coated man asked.

The red eyed man threw a folder down in front of him, on the cover was a picture of a young boy with blond spiky hair and an energetic demeanour.

“This runt?” the red coated man said “, I don’t do humans, sorry.”

The caped man took this in for a minute, chuckled then replied “,Oh, but this boy isn’t human. Far from it in fact. Have you ever heard of the Kyuubi?”


Hope you like so far, remember, reviews and feedback please! Just no flaming, flaming is generally presided over by the idiotic and the jealous.
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