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Transforming The Hellmouth

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Summary: In search of the missing Shockwave, Starscream leads a Predacon unit to a backwater planet called Earth. But what happens when Buffy stirs up memories of an old love? Can Starscream really be changed?

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Marvel Universe > Transformers > GeneralAlotofCheeseFR181836031,21613 Aug 0713 Aug 07No
Ahem. None of The Transformers characters are mine, neither are any Buffy Characters. They belong to Hasbro and Joss Whedon respectively. It would be fare to note however, that the TF world that you are about to read about is a combination of the G1, Movie, and Beast Wars TF Verses, so take the punches as they come, with that in mind enjoy, and please don’t feed the Decepticons.

Case File: 90000000002
Authorization Code: 280******
Begin Transmission

Twelve hundred thousand Meta Cycles past (Roughly Twenty Two Thousand Years ago), one alien being from the metallic world of Cybertron saw his world was heading toward a suicidal civil war. His brethren, The Decepticons and their sworn enemies, the Autobots were on the cusp of a great war. This cybertronian, named Shockwave decided that in order to survive, he alone must act, or face extinction along with the rest of his race. He is an autonomous robotic life form, his species long ago forgot their true name and origins in the mists of time.

We will come to call them Transformers.

The mighty Shockwave stockpiled great amounts of Energon, the lifeblood of all Transformers, refined it and launched it in forty different warheads. Each one on a different collision course with a planet devoid of any sentient life. Half of them never reached their targets, for they were to far away. Seven were destroyed by various astrological phenomena. Three simply disappeared. The ten that achieved their goals exploded in their planet’s atmospheres. For thousands of years it would rain radioactive energon, seeding each world with enough of the precious isotope to last Shockwave a Dozen of his own lifetimes. Then he waited, until twenty Certa Cycles before the events described below, when the planet Cybertron died, collapsing in on itself.

He was prepared.

Shockwave was a Deception unlike any other. He was cold, calculating. Merciless. He was not cruel or evil by any means. Cruelty and evil were illogical wastes of time and he was as logical as any being could be. It is said that at one time Shockwave was an Autobot who was ruled by his emotions. Then one day, a great tragedy consumed him with such grief that he simply deleted his emotional programming rather than face his pain. Then he ripped his own face off, replacing it with a new, far less expressive mask.

Tending to the seeded worlds as though they were gardens, Shockwave cultivated the highly dangerous and unstable radioactive Energon into much more manageable forms. Each world had been a dead planet by then. The populace riddled with all manners of cancers after decades of direct contact with pure energon.. Shockwave didn’t care about the horrifying deaths he has visited upon them as he considered it illogical to do so.

Finally only one planet remained. A backwater world we call Earth.

After Shockwave left his ship, The Warlock, events can only be pieced together by the small amount of information released by Lord Megatron, and a certain amount of speculation. We can safely assume that after stabilizing Earth’s new Energon store Shockwave was attacked by an unknown entity. Given Shockwave’s immense power and formidable weaponry, the attacker (Dubbed unofficially, The Aftershock Factor) must have been an immensely power force and/or forces.

Shockwave managed to send out a single distress message. It was picked up by a passing Deception freighter. Lord Megatron himself personally dismembered the crewmen and single handedly destroyed the entire ship. The message, needless to say, was never released to the Deception public. All of Shockwaves scientific projects, experiments and data files were destroyed. What few effects Shockwave possessed were also destroyed. His personal file, identity file, and backup personality were all deleted. Lord Megatron and his Triocon Council of Informatives have never again spoken on the matter, and any inquires on the subject of Shockwave or the Energon seeded world of Earth was met with extreme hostility. To even mention the name Shockwave to Megatron or his underlings means certain death. Deception travel to Earth or the nearby planets is now illegal.

Until now. In the Earth Year 2000, a great many eons after Cybertron imploded, a small team of Decepticons designated “Predacon Team One” was sent to Earth to bring back a certain artifact Shockwave had in his possession. They were never seen or heard from again.

The year is now 2005. Earthling Buffy Summers is preparing to face down the Rogue Slayer Faith. At the same time, Predacon Team Two, led by Honored Warrior Starscream, was sent to inquire about the fates of Predacon Team One and locate the artifact.

En Route to Los Angeles to begin their investigations, their Ship, The Blackheart, was intercepted by a large group of Deception Separatists who have designated themselves “The Terrorcons”. While the majority of the Terrorcons were destroyed, The Terrorcon Leader, Sixshot, managed to cripple The Blackheart, causing it to crash-land near a small town called Sunnydale. This is a record of the events that followed.

Transmission Interrupted

The End?

You have reached the end of "Transforming The Hellmouth" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Aug 07.

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