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Champion of War

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Summary: When Buffy dies, Xander breaks a vow kept by his bloodline for centuries. Slash. Xander/Spike, implied Ares/Xnder, Ares/Joxer.

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Authors Notes: Thanks to everyone who reviews! Double thanks to those those gave ideas. They were all very good and helpful. If anyone has any more please feel free to drop me a line.
Thanks and enjoy.


Spike followed Xander as he left Ares' black temple. All the while muttering under his breath about how only Xander 'freaking ' Harris made deals with the old gods and just be 'fine' as a result. This is the same person who dated an ex-vengeance demon and listened to her stories of male humiliation and torture with a shrug. Some of the stories had even made Spike flinch once or twice.

Xander sighed. Knowing that he would not get rid of the vampire any time soon unless he explain.

"Go ahead."

Spike looked confused.

"Ask." Xander told him.

Spike lit up a cigarette nodding it wouldn't do to play dumb right now. Not if he wanted any answers anyway.

"What the FUCK WERE YOU THINKING!!!" Spike exploded. "You of all people know how these things end!"

Xander sighed and scratched the back of his neck, "Look without Buffy we have no way to guard the Hellmouth successfully. You know that."

"We have the bot." Spike told him quietly.

Xander glared at the blond. Yeah like that was going to happen, Xander thought with a snort. "Spike there is no way I'm putting the safety of the Hellmouth in the hands of your sex toy!"

Spike at that looked a bit embarrassed. The Buff-bot had not been one of his most brilliant ideals. And very one of the Scooby's let him know it. Dawn had been the took weeks for his hair to grow out.

Xander sighed again, "Look Spike, right know none of the others are in any shape to do anything but grieve. Giles is to lost in the bottle...he's been going over all the Watchers journals he has looking for ways he could have..." Xander trailed off. Both he and Spike knew that no other Slayer had ever come up against anything like Glory in the past. "And Willow, her searching in all of the magic books for way...she's convinced that Buffy is trapped in some hell dimension!"

Spike nodded he had heard Red whispering something like that to Glenda, but he hadn't known that Xander had heard it too.

"Yeah, it's bad. But we could have called the Poof. You didn't need to make a Faustian deal!"

"Do you really want Angel in town?" Xander asked as he tiredly ran a hand over his face.

Spike shook his head, "But if..."

"No, no Spike. No, what if...I did think about this, you know. I've done nothing but think about this for years! I just had no good reason to except Ares's offer before now. And yes, I do know that somewhere down the road this choice I made, will more than likely bite me in the ass."

"You should have said something to the me about this before running off and becoming the bloody God of War's goddamned Champion!"

"Oh, yeah I can see how that conversation would have gone... 'Hey guys, Ares the Olympian god of WAR has been hound members of my family to be his champion. He starts coming around when we come of age. How old, you ask? Oh I was fifteen when I meet him the first time. He asked me to become his champion shortly after the Harvest thing a few years ago. He bugs me a few times a year.

So when Buffy decided to take her selfish dive off that tower. I thought this was the perfect time to take Ares up on his offer. And thus being the first to break the vows that those of my bloodline have upheld faithfully for centuries!" Xander said harshly before walking away from the stunned vampire.


Ares sat on his throne slowly he drew the sharping stone down the edge of his sword.

He was waiting.

When the flash of light appeared in his temple, the two figures appeared, one male the other female both had blue toned skin and gold toned hair. They were dressed in Greek style their togas a dazzling white.

The Oracles, Ares snorted. The want-to-bes. The Oracles had been copying the Olympian style for the last several centuries. The war god sighed at how predicable the so-called 'Powers That Be' actually were.

"What do you think..." the male began.

"...You are doing?" The female finished.

Ares glared, "Stop that! I'm not some mortal to be wowed by you."

The male returned Ares glare. "Answer the question petty god."

Petty god, indeed, thought Ares. What right did this...this middle management have...Calling him that! The Olympian Gods had been around since the beginning. They were the second creations of the Great Maker. The archangels being the first, humans the third and the 'Powers That Be' being the fourth.

"What should have been done long ago. I'm going to clean up your mess."

The male frowned, "You are not even suppose to be on this plane, WarGod."

Ares smirked, "As long as there is war there will always be a God of War."

"You were not the only God of War." The female said.

"No, but I am the only one that has survived." Ares said darkly. "Many of the petty gods as you call us, chose to retire to the Great Makers realm eons ago. Except for us Olympians and a few others. Wonder why that is?" Ares asked seemingly unconsidered.

The male snorted, "Because the Olympians enter-breed with the mortals to the point of insanity?"

That sounded more like a question to Ares rather than a statement of fact. But it did have some basis, Ares had noticed that the thinner the blood ties to mortals the more willing the other Pantheons had been to leave this realm.

Thank the Great Maker for Zeus, Apollo, and Hermes!

"Why have you taken our wild card as your Champion?" the female demanded to known.

Ares had always like the female Oracles. They were always straightforward and to the point.

"We had plans for him." Said the male.

Ares leaned forward, bracing his sword on the floor, "Because I gave him a choice... And he said yes."

The Oracles exchanged a look between themselves.

"Free Will is such a bitch, ain't?" Ares told them not bothering to hide the glee in his voice.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Champion of War" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Oct 09.

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