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Champion of War

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Summary: When Buffy dies, Xander breaks a vow kept by his bloodline for centuries. Slash. Xander/Spike, implied Ares/Xnder, Ares/Joxer.

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Television > Xena-Hercules > Xander-CenteredLLNFR1832,96147313,93913 Aug 0724 Oct 09No

Chapter One

Title: Champion of War
Author: LLN
Fandom: Buffy/Angel/Xena/Hercules crossover.
Pairing: Xander/Spike, implied Xander/Ares, Ares/Joxer, others as the come.
Spoilers: All of Xena and Hercules. Up to season five of Buffy.
Disclaimer: Joss owns Buffy/Angel. Universal Studios owns Xena/Hercules.
Summary: When Buffy dies. Xander breaks a promise that had been kept by his bloodline for centuries.


'What do I want? What I've always'
Ares-Xena Warrior Princess.

The gravestone was pink marble it shined in the moonlight...and it stuck Xander as strange, that it was that, he noticed. It had been three days...three days since That Day. And it wasn't Giles drinking himself into a stupor every night or Willow, who seemed to be searching very book that Giles owned...Dawn's silent or the way, Spike seemed to be hunting very demon he could find.


Anya had left him yesterday. She couldn't understand his grief. After all it wasn't like Xander had been 'Her' watcher or he had been just 'Her' friend...had he even been that?

'She Saved The World...A Lot.'

Who had come up with that? Dawn...He was sure it had been Dawn. In truth 'She' had saved the world and it had been a lot. But 'She' hadn't wanted to...No with 'Her' it had always been a burden to 'Her'. Perhaps he was being a bit harsh. After all he hadn't been the Slayer. He didn't know what it was like to kill demons night after night...Oh, wait...He did know! He had been there...most nights right by 'Her' side. Whether 'She' wanted him there or not.

The gravestone was pink marble and said, 'She Saved The World...A Lot.'

Still it shouldn't have happened...there had to have been another way...a way that didn't end with 'Her' death...

Xander smirked to himself, 'She' had been a such drama queen from the moment he met 'Her' so perhaps it couldn't have ended in any other way.

The gravestone was pink marble and said, 'Buffy Summers...She Saved The World...A Lot.'

"You selfish, Bitch."

Xander turned, walking away from the grave knowing, what he was going to do...


The Spike watched the Whelp as he left the graveyard. The others had been worried about the boy. They wondered how he would take the demon bint leaving him. It seemed like the boy hadn't even noticed. Spike decided to follow the came as a surprise when Xander stopped on Kingman's Bluff.

He watched as the boy dropped to his knees...


Xander looked down at the ocean the full moon reflected in the waves the crashed against the bluff. He pulled out a pocketknife and flipped it open. Staring at it he remembered....


"Should you change your mind..." The man with the neatly trimmed beard it was dark as was his hair and eyes, leaned carelessly against the white wall making the black leather he wore all the more darker, "All you have to do is spill your blood and call my name."

"Sorry, I have enough weird in my life. Find someone else."

"Can't. It will be way or another. That's the thing about being me...I have nothing but time."

"I won't be the one to break the vow that my bloodline as keep for centuries!"

"We'll see..."he said before disappearing in a shower of blue-white sparks.


"She won't survive the Master, you know. Quite the bad ass that one."

"You again."

"You sound like you missed me. I'm flattered."

"Don't be."

"I can help you, but you know what you'd have to do..."



"Acathla. Now he was a force to be reckoned with. Took an entire army of thousands to take him down. And you think only a handful of you can stop him?"

"We'll manage."

"No weapon forged my man can kill him!"

"Good thing most weapons are made by machines in this day and age, huh?"


"Use to know a woman like Faith. Bit of a cold fish really but when she got warmed up..."

"Shut Up!"


"You do know she's betrayed all of you, right?"


"And you're just going to let her get away with it?"



"Because she will show us the Mayor's weakness."

"Huh. Good plan. But you know..."



"That was just wrong."

"You again."

"One of these days you will admit you miss me when I'm not here."

"As if..."


"That First Slayer is such a bitch..."

"Go away!"


Xander pressed the blade to the palm of his hand, threw back his head and screamed, "ARES!!!!"


Spike watched as Xander screamed out the name of one of the ancient gods. He watched in wonder as the black temple appeared before the boy. He saw Xander stand and then entered the building.


Xander walked up the stairs and into the temple. He looked up at Ares, whose throne was sitting on a dais. The throne itself was black marble with red velvet on the back and seat. He had a leg thrown over the arm of it. Xander watched as Ares drew a sharpening stone down the blade of the sword he was holding.

Xander walked up stood before the god, "You know why I'm here."

"Yeah, it seems that pesky little blonde off-ed herself."

Xander growled at the god's disrespect but kept silent otherwise. Ares put down the sword and stood up. He walked down the couple of stairs to stand in front of Xander.


Spike slipped into the temple. He kept to the shadows, watching as Xander talked to the god and wondering how the boy knew the War God.


"The Hellmouth needs protection." Xander told the god.

"And I should care, why?"

"If it's ever opened the world gets over run by demons. And somehow I doubt that they would worship you. After all it was because of the Olympian Gods that the Old Ones were banished, right?"

Ares looked a bit surprise but pleased at this, "You've been reading again, haven't you," he stated with a grin.

Xander just stared at he god, who in returned sighed after a moment, "Again, why should I care."

"If you can provide the protection the Hellmouth needs...I'll break the vow."

Ares froze. Then looked into Xander's eyes, " mean that."

Xander nodded, "I'll become the Champion of War..."


Spike was barely able to contain his hiss of shock. There were many legends about the one who would become the Champion of War. From what Spike had read and the stories whispered when the Champion of War took up his mantle this would herald in a new age...or send the world into darkness.


Ares was hard pressed to contain his glee...A Champion...and this one...The Powers That Be must be kicking themselves over this...

"Kneel and make your pledge to me..."

Xander knelt and thought for a moment. He had to speak carefully. Any thing he said he would be bound by...Xander squeezed the palm that he had cut making the wound bleed, "I, Alexander, swear by the blood of my line... for as long Ares offers protection of the Hellmouth and those who champion it. My service and loyalty are his to command, this I so swear." He then turned the hand with the cut over and let the blood drip; it sizzled when it hit the floor of the temple.

Ares held a hand to Xander's heart and let power flow throw the young man to cement his claim on him. Xander closed his eyes and swayed under the flow of knowledge that came to him. Knowledge of War, of battle, of death...of the true history of the world, human and demonic, he opened his eyes and stared at his god.

"Rise, My Champion..."

When Xander stood, he was changed forever it was reflected by the outfit his god had flashed on him. Doc Martens black, of course. Tight black jeans cut so he could fight in them comfortable, a black wife beater shirt and the long leather trench coat completed the outfit. Along with many weapons hide on Xander's person, he looked down at himself then back up at the god.

"Why I'm I dressed like a cross between Deadboy and Spike?"
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