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Taking the Cake

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Summary: Buffy thinks she's rescuing a baby from demons, but after killing them, she's not so sure the baby needed rescuing. Buffy/Family Guy

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Cartoons > Family GuysupernaturalfanaticFR131382062,14913 Aug 0713 Aug 07Yes
Taking the Cake

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and Family Guy belongs to Seth MacFarlane

Spoilers: Post “Chosen”

Buffy Summers had been to some weird cities after the fall of Sunnydale. Half of what she saw was of the normal weird variety, not so much the supernatural weird variety. But this city just took the cake.

Like Sunnydale, when something that needed explaining happened, people turned the other cheek. She had already come into contact with the mayor while walking the streets and that was one conversation she would never understand. Paranoid, much? She thought so.

The entire city made her skin crawl and most of it was because the city was just weird. There were supernatural things happening, which was why she was there in the first place. The demonic population in Quahog had suddenly spiked and they didn’t know why, so that’s why Buffy had gone to investigate.

‘Spooner St.?’ Buffy thought to herself.

She was getting the major wiggins from this area and with Willow’s locator spell, she knew this was the place. Walking down the street, most the houses were dark, except for the occasional room where someone was most likely watching television.

The feeling intensified when she stopped at 31 Spooner Street. Something was happening, but it wasn’t coming from inside. Whatever it was she felt, it was behind it. Her senses were telling her that it was a demon, maybe more than one.

Sneaking around back, Buffy came to a stop when she saw two demons standing in front of, what looked like a baby holding a teddy bear. Approaching cautiously, but quickly, Buffy brought the red scythe up and slashed at the demons, decapitating both heads in one swipe.

The bodies fell to the ground, quite dead and thinking it was a job well done, Buffy picked the baby up only to have him smack her head using the bear.

“Blast!” he screamed. “Where do you get off killing my demons? They were going to finally rid me of Lois and the fat man. And then I’d keep the dog as my servant.”

I was going to have Buffy bend over to tie her shoes or something and have Quagmire show up out of nowhere and say “giggity” but decided against it.

The End

You have reached the end of "Taking the Cake". This story is complete.

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