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Potential What now?

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Aliens, Mutants, and Demons". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A certain group makes a detour to Kansas on their way to the rest of the world.

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Title: Potential What now? 2/2
Author: Blue Gold
Pairings: Clark/Lex, Chloe/Justin,
Rating: R
Summary: A certain group makes a detour to Kansas on their way to the rest of the world.
Disclaimer: I *sniff* do not any of the characters in this story
Spoilers: General All Episodes,
Warnings: Humor, bordering on crack
Authors Notes: Same universe as Rain, takes place the summer after Rain and the Xmen visit. A BTVS/ Smallville crossover. Post chosen by a few months.

“Guys, you totally have to check out my room,” Buffy began.

“Buff wait til you see the kitchen.”


“Shh, they’re talking about us,” she said glowing slightly her hair lighter but not white.

“…trust them.”

“Come on Lex they seemed nice.”

“Nice Clark? And you want me to believe in Vampires and demons?”

“Well Lex this is Smallville. It would explain Kyla.”

“Yeah it would, after the Justin incident we were checking who in our group really was exposed or just thought they were. Kyla had nothing. She’s not even from Smallville. She came to research some caves for her Grandfather. By the way Clark she’s getting really mad that you keep putting that off.”

“It doesn’t matter; I’m not some mystical warrior who’s visited before.”

“Well it could tell you something about your people.”

“Yeah well I don’t want to meet my so called people. They were jerks. I mean they dumped me surrounded by something that can kill me. If my parents hadn’t found me…”

“Clark are you sure they can’t hear us?”

“I’ll try, but I’m still not good at it. It’s easiest to hear you or Chloe.”

“I hear three heart beats, I think one of them is asleep its very slow and calm,” Clark said before gripping his head and crying out in pain.

“Clark! Are you alright?”

“Yeah,” Clark said as his hearing adjusted to normal. “Just a car backfired nearby, I wasn’t ready for it.”

“I think I want to see what the training is like. Maybe I should go if I really need to. I can catch up to you guys in Egypt, worse case.”

“We have this weekend to check them out make sure they aren’t psycho.”

“I’ll get the Ian’s on it. They should have something by the morning if they are not too busy with class. I’ll look too. Sorry for ruining your romantic night guys.”

“Chloe, this is important. Never think you have to apologize for coming to us for help,” Lex said seriously. “You are not alone, no matter what this slayer business entails and if they are trying to hurt you they will learn what it means to cross paths with a Luthor.

Clark sighed and above them Willow giggled.

“What is it Will?” Holding up a hand for silence she cast a silence spell on the walls hoping whatever it was that Clark use to hear them wasn’t magic proof.

“That guy wasn’t human?”

“I knew it! He seemed slimy.”

“Not him, the nice one.”

“Really? Good demon?” Xander asked.

“Looks like it, I mean he has a nice rich boyfriend, and when he started to threaten us he kissed him. It was cute. Besides they both want to protect Chloe. They are going to research us.”

“Well thanks to our super techno wicca we have a website,” Buffy said.

“I don’t thinks they would trust our website, but its okay, I already got rid of badness like Faith’s record and the Hemery High blow up thing.”

“So worst thing they can find?”

“We’re from a town that mysteriously sank a few months ago.”

“Okay no big,” Noting Willow’s look Buffy frowned. “There’s a big? What’s the Big?”

“Uh, they said something about a skin walker and Clark could hear our hearts, and is supposed to be some mystical warrior but he doesn’t believe it.”

“Gee I’ve never heard that one before. What is he slay boy?”

“Well skin walking has a Native American origin, so he might be a Native American hero type. I’ll call Giles.”

“As long as I don’t get the funny syphilis,” Xander whined.


“Oh wow, your pretty good at hand to hand already,” Buffy said as she and Chloe stopped sparring under the watchful eye of Lex, Clark, and Willow. Xander had gone off to find a set of useful weapons for more training.

“Yeah, a friend has been training with us.”

“Cool, hmm we should have the vampire talk.”

“Vampire talk?”

“Okay so spent the last seven years in Sunnydale California. The Hellmouth, and that’s exactly what it was. The high school was even built right over the exact mouth of hell not of the good. And because of a spell, no one believed anything was going on though we had a higher death rate than cities with millions of people and 13 cemeteries within the town limits.”


“But our graduating class had the lowest death rate ever cause of Buffy,” Willow chimed in.

“Thanks Wills. But anyway here’s the thing, Vamps, stake through the heart and poof, also, holy water, crosses, garlic but its smelly, beheading and fire.”

“You’ve beheaded a vampire?”

“That’s nothing the best was when I used a rocket launcher on the Judge.”

“You killed a Judge?” Lex snapped standing.

“Not a gavelly judge, a demony Judge, he was blue and incinerated humans.”

“A rocket launcher wasn’t over kill?” Lex questioned sitting back down.

“No just enough kill. His pieces were still wiggling around. They were finding tiny judge bits in the mall for days. We had to keep coming back to trap them. They kept trying to get back together.”

“What did you do with the pieces?” Clark asked.

“Giles sent them to the four corners of the earth or something like that. I think he just shipped them to the council and they did it.”

“Hey Lex you have like no good weapons for demon fighting. Half that stuff if I gave it to a slayer would be broken in like two seconds. Not even a good crossbow.”

“What about the guns?”

“While they were great, most things that go bump in the night laugh at guns. A little pointy piece of wood and you’re good. Or an axe. I’m an axe man myself.”

“Oh my God, Chloe you aren’t going to believe what I found,” Alicia stated without preamble appearing in the middle of the training area. “Oh.” She said noticing the trio. “Newbies?”

“Not quite. Alicia this Buffy, the vampire slayer.”

Alicia snorted.

“That sounds really really bad. Buffy the Slayer? Slayer Buffy?” Buffy asked looking around.

“And why is a…vampire slayer here?”

“Turns out I’m a Slayer with super strength and reflexes to fight demons and vampires.”

“Really how’d you find out?”

“Ripped the door off my car.”

“Oh, hey Lex, Clark. Anyway I was in Paris and there was this tomb that had the same symbol as Kyla has in the caves. Have you gone yet?”

“No,” Clark muttered.

“Lex make him go,” Alicia complained. “I mean that symbol was in a Paris church hundred of years old. How is that normal?”

“Cause I’m so normal?” Clark snapped.

“Well maybe if you would stop hiding, and go find out if you really are this Naman person. I mean how many people here have the strength of ten men?” Chloe, Buffy, and Willow raised their hands.

“Willow?” Xander asked.

“It’s a spell, if I ever need to fight,” she explained.

“Okay fine and shoot fire from their eyes?” Alicia snapped. “I don’t believe in coincidence. That symbol would stand out even if you didn’t know why. It didn’t fit with everything else in the church. You better go to those caves before we leave for England or Lex is denying you sex.”

“I’m what?”

“Work with me Lex.”

“We’ll go to the caves,” Lex said sure Alicia would find a way to make sure they were never alone together.

“Good, well here’s a picture of the drawing, I have to go I left dad in a café and just told him I had to pee. Bye !” Alicia said disappearing in a flash.

“That was interesting,” Xander stated calmly. “So I’m gonna say a, witch, slayer, and one eyed carpenter are not the strangest things that you’ve ever seen.”

“Yeah I think bug boy tops the list of weird.”

“Oh! Oh! Like preying Mantis Lady, she wanted to mate with Xander,” Willow said.

“Yeah Greg wanted to mate with Lana. And he ate his mom.”

“Ew, bug people are so of the ick.”

“I can agree with that,” Chloe said.

“Do you guys nee an extra slayer or two?” Buffy asked.

“Oh we have our own local hero.”

“Someone who can shoot fire from their eyes?” Xander asked with a glance at Clark. “So what kind of demon are you?”

“Demon? I’m not a demon!” Clark yelled.

“Its okay, we know plenty of nice demons, like Spike, Clem, Lorne was nice that one time I met him before he and Angel started running the LA branch of the most evil law firm on the planet.”

“Isn’t that a little bit of an oxymoron? Evil lawyers?”

“No they really are evil; their senior partners are from a hell dimension.”

“Would this firm be Wolf, Ram, and Hart?” Lex asked.

“How do you know? Are they your firm?”

“No, my father’s.”

“Make’s sense your dad’s Satan,” Chloe stated.

“Really? Cause if he is I could so slay him for you.”

“No, but they are close.”

“Evil humans, gotta say not missing that,” Xander said with a sigh. “So Mr. Not a demon what are you?”


“Well you see there was this meteor shower,” Chloe start not trusting Clark’s ability to lie when the scoobies jumped to a conclusion.

“Wow an alien. I think that means we’ve seen everything,” Xander said.

“No Leprechauns, still securely in the not real column,” Buffy said with a pout.

“Cool so interested in world domination or destruction?”


“Okay wanna help train slayers?”


“No,” Lex snapped. “Clark is no one’s glorified punching bag.”

“You can’t be that strong let’s arm wrestle,” Buffy said with a grin and Clark frowned.

“That’s not a good idea,” Clark said nervously.

“Look I know I look small but really really strong. Come on you can’t hurt me. I’ll even use half strength.”

Lex whispered in Clark’s ear and the boy nodded with a sigh not looking interested in the least in doing this.

Clark took a seat and looked over at Lex as he ever so gently clasped Buffy’s hand. Taking Lex’s advice he made his hand immobile glancing back at the billionaire and not noticing Buffy’s start. She looked at the hand out of frustration using both arms to pull even bracing herself against the table amidst Xander and Willow’s laugh.

“Let me try,” Willow said mumbling the spell as she approached an annoyed slayer. With a single finger she pushed his arm down. “Un mixy things.”

“What did you do?” Clark asked shocked.

“A little magic, it was an idea. You and magic don’t mix. Unmixy things. Maybe you guys didn’t have magic where your from.”

“I wouldn’t know,” Clark said bitterly.

“Maybe this cave place will have answers,” Willow said as a flash of magic signaled the appearance of Giles and Dawn.

“Uh hi?” Willow said hiding behind Buffy.

“And what are you children doing here?”

“Um we found a new slayer?” Xander said sheepishly.

“And an alien.”

“Really? Good alien?”

“Yeah cute too,” Buffy added. “But gay.”

“He isn’t cute, he’s freaking hot!”

“Dawn!” Buffy admonished.

“What he is, and pale.”


“Yeah alien right there,” Dawn said pointing to Lex. “I only know one other person that pale and he’s on a blood diet.”

Chloe laughed. “I need to hang out with you guys. “I’m guessing you have to go?”

“Yes these three left their duties behind. And dozens of girls unsupervised. And where are the maps?”

“Well see Giles the spell went all pfft, it took us to Chloe, she’s a slayer so it kinda worked.

“Where are we anyway?” Dawn asked looking at the castle.


“Well in any case. We must return immediately. It was very nice to meet you all and I hope we will be seeing you at our school at some point?”

“Yeah,” Chloe said with a nod.

“Cool here’s a card,” Dawn said pulling it out of her back pocket. “Alright, and I’m going to kill Andrew for this,” she muttered as the scoobies gathered around Dawn. “Beam me up Scottie.”

They vanished in a swirl of blue and green lights.

“Well that was different,” Chloe admitted.

“Vampires and demons and girls built to fight them, different doesn’t cover it.”

“So, what does it feel like to be a superhero?” Clark asked with a grin.

“You tell me Clark.”

“Ha, ha. There is still an unwatched movie waiting.”

“And that is my cue to go home,” Chloe said with a smile. “Have fun!”


The End

You have reached the end of "Potential What now?". This story is complete.

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