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Tales from the Compelled 'Verse

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Compelled - The Buffy/Angelverse Reshaped". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Stories, Drabbles, Missing scenes and random stuff set in the AU of the Compelled Series by anyone that wants to write some

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > General(Current Donor)Hotpoint + 4 othersFR181735,06236229,34014 Aug 0727 Jul 08No

Powers That Be by DragonS

A/N: I don’t own this and I’m dirt poor. If somehow you think I am breaking copyright laws don’t sue me, you won’t get any satisfaction or money.

Notes: I love this fanfiction series, it is unique and awesome, I also bow down to the author Hotpoint, this is not flattery or kissing up, it is simply fact.

Also, Hotpoint was nice enough to Beta this chapter for me. Thank you!

Summary: I think we need a Higher Being that doesn’t sit on his ass like a lazy person. Also some possible Jasmine past.


“You’re leaving?”

The Higher Power that would one day be known as Jasmine looked at the Higher Being that had spoken to her. The Others were avoiding her, she was avoiding them as well.

“Yes. I am. This dimension is too crowded already.”

He shook his head. “Are you sure this is the correct choice? I am sure after you speak to the others, they will be more sympathetic to your views.”

“That is not possible, our kind are too obstinate and stubborn. I am leaving and taking my rebellious views with me. I will still help of course, whenever I can but I fear I cannot stay here”, Jasmine responded.

Jasmine felt that other measures should be used to bring peace to Earth. She already had an idea sprouting in her mind. If only she could convince some of the Others to help her. What she was proposing to do was risky and dangerous. She would take corporeal form and basically mind control people to stop doing bad things. True she would be overriding free will but there will be peace. No war, no pain, no hunger just peace. There would be some drawbacks of course, maintaining the mind control would take power, power that she might not have, power she must find elsewhere.

“Is this a goodbye then?”

Jasmine regarded the less venerable Higher Being. He was the youngest and had yet to attain the wisdom the Others had. “Do not fret, young one. I will return.” she promised. She would return with an army of followers and a fool-proof plan.

The younger power frowned. “But…” he began, feeling something, a flicker of the future.

Jasmine opened a portal to the dimension she wished to travel to. In her current form she briefly gave him assurance through physical touch before disappearing. She would miss being with her fellow Higher Beings, the place she was traveling next to had a less than desirable race, insectoid demons who she found physically unattractive compared to her own kind.


Shenlong, the youngest Higher Power, watched the Earth as time went on. He like his fellow Beings helped the humans drive back the evil, his influences and attentions more directed to the Eastern Hemisphere. He also kept an eye out for Jasmine, after all, it was a bit strange to not hear or see her for so many centuries. She was a radical and rebellious, she also had a temper and used to argue with her fellow beings about employing more efficient ways to stop evil. She was gone now and everything was much more quiet and content in the higher planes.

She always seemed rather determined to leave the Others and make her own way. Shenlong was concerned at what this might lead to and decided the best course of action was to find her and check up on her activities. After all, it wasn't like she was going to bite his head off or something.

Opening a portal to where he knew Jasmine headed last he jumped in. He didn’t figure out that looking before leaping was very sound advice, Higher Being or not wisdom comes with age, youth is impetuous even amongst those who measure age in eons.

He landed in a place that seemed most inhospitable, ignoring the local insect-like demons he went straight to Jasmine’s energy. There was something strange in this dimension; he just couldn’t put his finger on it. When he arrived at where the energy originated from he found not Jasmine but only an object, spherical in shape and glowing.

It was definitely made from her energy but why would she leave a bit of herself here, he wondered?

“Curious” he said.

Shenlong poked the device and was pleased nothing happened. At first he thought some evil force took Jasmine and drained her of her energy, using her energies as a booby trap to kill other beings. It looked like his worries there were for nothing.

As he pondered the mystery, he did not hear the sounds of a zealot insect demon silently creeping towards him. The four legged insect-like centaur was amazingly silent and stealthy. It didn’t help that Shenlong was utterly fascinated by the device. As soon as it was within pouncing distance the demon attacked, jumping right through Shenlong.

There was no way to tell who was more surprised, Shenlong or the demon. As it was Shenlong recovered first, snatching the sphere. From his long observation of humankind and its endless history of violent behavior, getting hit on the head by any object hurts, demon or not. What he didn’t count on was the sphere draining his energy from him as he tried to wield it as a weapon. It shattered in his grip but continued to suck away his energy and essence nonetheless.

In desperation, Shenlong roughly opened a pathway back to where the Others were. He hurled himself in it, hoping the thing would stop draining him once he traversed the barrier between dimensions When he popped into the pathway, the draining affect did in fact stop, however due to his rather haphazard entry into the pathway he had no way of knowing where he was, or indeed when. He was tossed about in space and time for what seemed like an eternity before he was eventually burped out. Miraculously, though perhaps by destiny, he reemerged from the portal in the same dimension of Earth his people were watching. However by the time he exited, his energies were drained to a critically low level due to Jasmine’s device. Because of that, his passage to this Earth was not noticed by those who would have normally sensed the arrival of a Higher-Power on both sides, it was as if it never happened.

He lay there on the ground, almost drained dry. Gathering his wits, he spoke an incantation, a spell to save his existence. It would turn his currently human form into stone until he could regain his energies. The device that stole his energy and essence had done considerable damage to the Higher Being and a long recovery was vital.

Closing his eyes his body swiftly changed to rock. He prayed his fellow Higher Beings would help him.

Unfortunately for Shenlong, he would not be awakened by his comrades. Not for some time would he awake again and by then, the entire world would be changed.


Centuries past and finally Shenlong awakened. He was in some strange place, a home perhaps of a rich noble. His sight was clouded, blinded. He had to remember to breath. He was humanoid but not human. The form he chose was so that he could blend in with the populace, it was not that he was used to.

Breathing, what an interesting experience he thought. In and out, in and out, time after time his chest rose and fell as he breathed, getting used to the notion. He could hear his own heartbeat, another strange experience. His thin clothes rubbed against his skin, soft, protecting his body from the outer elements. Shenlong looked around, eyes wide. The place he woke up in looked abandoned and dark. He needed to find his people.

He walked around and stepped out to another world. There was artificial light, paved roads and bright things that screeched and honked. They weren’t demons or even alive but they moved.

“Get out of the way China town.” Shouted one irate human in one of the metal monstrosities.

Shenlong obligingly stepped out of the way. He wandered the streets, staying away from the dark places. Things were so different, but there were still things that remained the same as well. Some things were constant there was still evil. Shenlong wondered what exactly occurred while he was asleep.

He sat on the curb, wondering what he should do. What could he do? His powers were still weak; most of them were gone, sucked away and only a trace remained, increasing as a trickle. As he sat there a wind blew past and a white piece of paper fell in front of him.

“Angel Investigations” Shenlong read out loud. He flipped it over and found something that seemed to be a location.

“Well, I am helpless and I do need help. This must be the right organization for me” he decided. For all his knowledge he was still naive and lacked wisdom. “Now…how to get there” he wondered.

He took a look at the picture. It was a pictogram of sorts, like what Egyptians used, hieroglyphs, he decided.

“What is this? A moth?” he wondered.

Why would anyone put a moth on a piece of paper, the Higher Power attempted to fathom? Perhaps there was some deep meaning there which was lost on him?
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