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Tales from the Compelled 'Verse

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Compelled - The Buffy/Angelverse Reshaped". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Stories, Drabbles, Missing scenes and random stuff set in the AU of the Compelled Series by anyone that wants to write some

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > General(Current Donor)Hotpoint + 4 othersFR181735,06236229,34014 Aug 0727 Jul 08No

5. - Ongoings by misterq

Summary: If you need help, sometimes the best way is to spawn some.

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, and all associated characters are property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy Productions, United Paramount Network, and Fox Television. This work is not for profit, and no ownership of aforementioned copyrighted material implied, nor any infringement intended. I own debt. You want it, you can have it.

Dimension Unnamed - Location Inexplicable - Time Irrelevant

Two young Old One spawn, still in human form, sat across from each other. They were separated by a wall of monitors that were the ideal distance apart to prevent either from attacking the other without notice or enough time to prepare. Tiny undetectable sub-microscopic portals didn't have the best reception. Photons and sound waves were plentiful, and where one micro-portal didn't get the best reception - two at a distance increased resolution and sound quite a bit. Three made it even better. There were more than three at each location observed. The images flashed through the monitors at nearly subliminal speeds, far faster than the human eye could detect them. Even that light show failed to prevent boredom.

"So, Whisper." Snow started uncertainly. Her sister had been far too quiet for the last couple of days and she didn't feel like listening to what amounted to classic rock and pop due to her mother's memories of the next twenty some years still running through her mind. "Do you think the Solarians would help against the First?"

Whisper looked down from the monitor wall and at her sister, her eyes slightly more open than usual. Snow figured it was the equivalent of anyone else jumping up and screaming 'What the Hell!?!'.

"The Solarians?" Whisper said in quiet amazement. "The energy creatures that live inside the nuclear inferno that is the sun? The same creatures that got a chunk of their neighborhood, along with neighbors and families, turned into ammunition by the idiots that decided to tinker with the settings on the doomsday device mom helped build? The same Solarians that got so miffed that their heliomancers cast a self-perpetuating spell that causes the Earth's sun's rays to actually hurt any demon with Old One origins so much it causes vampires to simply ignite? I think it even caused the nightmare lords and their pets to retreat to the astral plane and into people's dreams. Heck, a few hours in the open during daytime and even mom gets uncomfortable. So, to answer your question. No. No, I don't think the Solarians would help. In fact, if they learn that Mitzy, an Old One who actually helped build the device, is still running around - they would probably send a solar flare large enough to Kentucky Fry the entire Earth. Does that answer your question, sister?"

Snow humphed and slumped back into her seat. "You didn't have to be so rude about it."

She got no reply from her stoic sister.

"How do you think mom is doing on her vacation?"

No reply.

"I can always start singing 'I'm Henry the Eight' again."

Whisper spoke without looking away from the monitors. "You do and I will swear undying vengeance on you and your spawn. I will never rest until you are destroyed so utterly and completely that it will become taboo just to speak your name."

"Fine. Do you want to sing something?"

No reply.

Snow sighed. "This sucks."

Sunnydale – Alternate Earth AE1997-101-R (Pathfinder Index Code) - January 1997

"This sucks." Xander said. "These are vampires. Actual vampires! Like, grrr, argh, Vampires! We're about to be eaten by vampires. You see where I'm having a problem with this?"

Earlier, he, Willow, Jesse, and the new girl were at the Bronze. The newly expanded 'We Hate Cordelia' club members were dancing after Mitzy failed Cordelia's popularity test - whatever that was. Mitzy just said that 'I don't really care' was apparently not the correct answer for all the questions except the Frappaccino one. When he asked, Mitzy explained that she liked Frappaccinos. It didn't make any more sense now - when his life was supposed to be flashing before his eyes. And why wasn't his life flashing before his eyes now? He and Mitzy were about to be turned into vampires, right. That blond girl he talked to, Dana or something, actually drank his blood a little before. It hurt. A lot. And now here they were, in front of an extra from Nosferatu, who was calling himself 'The Master' and rambling about harvests and such.

"Hey, do you like video games?" Xander's new slim Asian friend calmly interrupted the Master's rambling. Too calmly, it seemed to Xander.

"What?" The ancient vampire said.

"I was wondering if you liked video games." Mitzy asked again, even as she was being held in place by a large vampire. "You know, like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat and the like?"

"What?" The ancient vampire said, still confused, but loosing interest. "I have no time for such frivolities. Bring her here. She will be the first to help in regaining my strength from my long slumber."

"Thats a shame." Mitzy shook her head. "But, hey! I suppose I can give you a free introductory course!"

"Watch closely." she said before shouting out, "Shoryuken!!"

Xander just watched in open mouthed amazement as the slim girl performed a spinning uppercut while her body was, for a moment, wreathed in black flames. The vampire holding her was lifted into the air as he caught fire, dusting as he reached the apex.

Mitzy already turned around on the blond lady vampire holding Xander and, balancing on one leg, started kicking her so fast that Mitzy's leg became a blur. The next moment, the girl vamp was flying to one side, her right arm, leg, and spine broken. Xander just sat down on the rocky ground, watching open-mouthed. Another guy vamp got the bad end of a backwards somersault kick that broke his jaw.

"That was Street Fighter. Now for Mortal Kombat." Mitzy said to the stunned Master before turning towards the vamp with the broken jaw that was already starting to get up. "Get over here!"

A small black tendril erupted from the girl's hand, pierced the vampire's chest all the way through, and violently dragged him to where the slight girl was standing. There, she calmly breathed black fire at him, dusting him quickly, before giggling and saying, "Toasty!"

Even with a two broken limbs and spine, Darla, master vampire that she was, was managing to stand up - to try and escape. Mitzy noticed.

"No you don't." Xander actually saw the girl vanish only to reappear behind the vampire that bit him. He watched as who he had thought of as a normal girl only half a minute ago plunge an arm into the vampire's chest and bring out a quickly dusting heart. The rest of the vampire followed suit.

"What are you?" The Master asked as he stood his ground. Backing away, he saw now, was useless - not that he could leave the cave anyways.

"Me?" Mitzy said while walking forward until she stood right in front of the ancient vampire. "Why, Heinrich, don't you know? I'm just a pretty little girl."

She then dropped down and did the splits. Using a fraction of Old One strength, she punched the vamp in a place that made a staring Xander wince. The Master went down silently until he was only twitching in the fetal position. Mitzy calmly stood up, put on a pair of sunglasses that she got from.. somewhere that Xander couldn't see, and placed her palm to her mouth, as if she was blowing a kiss. As a small orb of black fire materialized, she blew it off the palm and into the Master's heart.

"What? How? You? Vampires!" Xander said from his position on the cave floor.

"Come on. You're still weak from that stupid vampire. Let's get you to a hospital. My skills at healing other people rank somewhere between suck and blow."

"Sure... I mean. How? How did you do all that?" Xander asked even as the girl easily dragged him up to his feet and supported him as they walked out.

"Back. Back. Forward. Fire button." Mitzy replied with a straight face.

Original reality - July 2004

"If you can't play nice, you'll just go into the family business!" Thorn badly mimicked her mother for the third time that day. "This is all your fault, you know that, right?"

"Oh, this isn't so bad." Nibbles replied as she worked, melting solid rock. "I mean, we're underground a few miles, but it is nice and warm. And although the stealth field device is uncomfortable, but it does hide us from the higher powers if they ever look here."

"They're not going to look here. No one is going to look here. Ever." Thorn replied. "It's just us three and all this rock and even though it's nice now, when we finish the temperatures will be back to cold human norms. We're not even doing any of this for us. It's all for those fuzzy land monkeys."

Nibbles giggled at that.

Brook spoke up. "First, technically they're fuzzy land apes. No prehensile tails. Second, this construction is a for a viable contingency."

"'Getting way the hell out of Dodge' isn't a viable contingency. It's useless. It's not Plan Z. It's Plan 'never going to happen'. Even if this city is finished in time, we can only save - what, a few hundred million at most?" Thorn shook her head. "And construction? What else would be a family business for what mom sees as a clan of Primordium hicks. I'm surprised she sent us here without a banjo."

Brook sighed. "Yes, mother has an inferiority complex. Hopefully, she will figure out a way to coexist with her children so we can provide some support. Right now, you should be worrying about finishing your support column."

"No. Right now, I'm worried that mom has both an inferiority complex AND the ability to destroy a planet. Not a good combination."

"I'm not worried." Nibbles said. "Although I would like it if the food was better. And if you wern't so cranky all the time."

"Look, Thorn." Brook said. "If you want, you can take a break and go up to the surface."

"And see what? Rocks and sulfuric acid? No, thank you."

"Come on, sister." Nibbles smiled. "Venus isn't that bad. It's warmer than Earth, and I found a pretty rock the other day."

Brook looked at the huge deep red crystal her sister had pulled out of her torso. It was larger than a human head. "That is a giant gem-quality ruby."

"I know! I faceted it myself!" Nibbles laughed. "I'm going to keep it as my pet! It's name is 'Tuesday'!"

"Break time. I'm going to the surface." Thorn called, racing out from the exit point.
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