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Tales from the Compelled 'Verse

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Compelled - The Buffy/Angelverse Reshaped". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Stories, Drabbles, Missing scenes and random stuff set in the AU of the Compelled Series by anyone that wants to write some

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > General(Current Donor)Hotpoint + 4 othersFR181735,06236229,34014 Aug 0727 Jul 08No

PTB-A few things are discussed by DragonS

A/N: I don’t own this and I’m dirt poor. If somehow you think I am breaking copy write laws don’t sue me. You won’t get any satisfaction or money.

Note: With regards and all credits to misterq about the whole Solorians story. That was quite resonable. KFC the Earth. Love that idea. If you wish to revist that story, go back one chapter. It's worth it.

Summary: I think we need a Higher Being that doesn’t sit on his ass like a lazy person. Also some possible Jasmine past and also some defense for the other side. After all, the PTB need a defense lawyer, possible someone who doesn’t speak cryptic language.

Another perspective is always needed.


Shenlong walked towards what he thought would be Angel Investigations. Since he had absolutely not idea how to find Angel Investigations he asked people in the street. The humans would either help him or give him a gesture with their middle finger.

The middle gesture was usually followed by. “Fuck off.”

He was very confused.

After wandering around, he had adapted his clothing style in order to blend in with the locals. Shenlong had merely shifted the molecules of his prior clothes, changing the shape of his attire. It required only a tiny bit of power and a few suggestions. Changing one’s clothes were child’s play. He also had a lot of practice.

After a long day of aimlessly walking, he wandered into the park. It was the only place where the tree sprites were. Many wonders of the past age were gone, either dead or moved on to another dimension. The Earth used to be teeming with the spirits of nature and the cosmos.

Shenlong was saddened in how silent the Earth was. It used to be so loud and so full of life. There used to be a lot of magic and amazing magical creatures. Sprites, golums and even celestial bodies would be abundent.

But now……….

There are only murmurings and whispers in the wind.

He sat next to the tree, not caring that a few of the dark brown green streaked tree sprites were curiously staring at him. He needed to think.

“Man, you are one hard guy to find. Seriously, you lead me on a wild goose chase!” An irritated voice broke the comforting silence.

Shenlong turned his head to look at the source of the voice. It was a balance demon. Not a pure blood demon but one that had human roots in it. It wore a brown strangely shaped hat and equally strange clothes.

“I apologize. I had shielded myself from peering eyes.” Shen locked eyes with the balance demon. “A variation of the invisibility spell coupled with vibrating at high frequencies.” Shenlong adopted a pained expression on his face. “I’m still working out the vibration part.”

If there was one thing that Shenlong excelled out was being able to manipulate the mechanics of magic to suit his needs and will, though at times he still had to work on it.

“Ah.” The balance demon nodded his head as if he understood what Shenlong said, which he may or may not. “I’m Whistler. It’s a pleasure to meet you Shen.”

Whistler held his hand.

Shen just stared blankly at it.

Whistler retracted his hand. “It’s a handshake, a human greeting gesture.”

“I am not human.”

“I know.” Whistler said loudly before muttering to himself. “One very confused Higher Being. Check.”

The wind fluttered about as silence descended on the duo and assorted tree sprites.

“Ahem. I’m here to give you a message.”

Shen looked at Whistler, head tilted in confusion. With a wave of his hand, Shen changed his spell to encompass Whistler as well. Whistler shivered as he felt the light layer of magic blanket his being.

“Peering eyes.” Was all Shen said in explanation. “Sound wave distortion. It may echo a little but it will ensure privacy.”

Whistler took it all in stride.

“World changed since you been gone Shen. The Big Wigs wanted me to tell you that basically you’re on your own and to be careful. Anything you do will not be endorsed nor approved by the PTB.” Whistler spoke, realizing mid way that he sounded like a disclaimer for a fanfiction.

All he needed was the part where the PTB are not to be sued if anything were to happen.

This time Shen stared at Whistler, a bit of surprise appearing on his face. “On my own?”

He was unnerved and uncertain in what to do.

Never before has this happened. His kind stuck together, keeping each other out of trouble and supporting each other. He never been alone before. He always had someone watching his back. When the Pure Demons ruled this particular plane of existence, it was necessary have a look out.

“I know Shen, surprised me when I was given the message. I mean you’re just a kid. Heck, I think you’re younger than me.” Whistler was referring to their respective ages.

“But why would the Others do that? It does not help their cause or mine to be abandoned on this plane of existence without assistance.” It then dawned on Shen. “The Balance.”

Whistler nodded. “The Balance isn’t so balanced anymore.”

“The light has taken control for now.” Shen frowned. “That is amazing. There has only been a few instances in which the light side has weighed more heavily than the dark on the cosmic scale.”

Whistler snorted. “It took an Old One with penchant for time travel and her offspring to do that. She threw off everything and everyone. She also has a gift for holding onto grudges. The PTB were shocked as were the current head honchos of the dark side. The Wolf, Ram and Hart are even working in conjunction with the PTB to stop future time travelers from screwing up with the timeline.”

“Working together?”

“Yep. Saw it myself. Never thought I’d ever see that though. Not in this lifetime or the next.”

“Tell me more.” Shen demanded. He wished he could broaden his awareness and view it himself but that would risk exposure.

If what Whistler said was true then he would be without assistance. He did not want to find out what dying felt like. Or to be reduced into a non-corporal form and stuffed in a bottle.

Whistler took a good hour to tell Shen exactly what he had been missing since his nap. Of course, Whistler could only tell Shen a few things and not everything. The PTB wanted Shen to make his own decisions.

After Whistler was done, Shen groaned into his hands. The future was very bleak. Everything he and the Others had planned were now being destroyed, piece by piece. He briefly had a fit of giggles when he learned what the Solarians had done but sobered up quickly when the rest of the news was told.

Why couldn’t the humans be good inferior beings and listen to older and much wiser beings?

“Illyria is back and has Glorificus as her slave?”


“Her daughter Enyo is in something called a Slayer and they both share the body?”


“Berith is also back.”


“In a more powerful body than Illyria and is the current head of the L.A branch of Wolfram and Hart.”


“He’s also the father of Enyo?”


Whistler was getting tired of confirming things he already told to Shen. The poor kid wasn’t taking the news very well and looked kinda ill.

Shen sighed in irritation and anger.

“What of the Gods? The nightmares and dreams? The Celestial beings? I noticed there were a severe lack of them.” That was an understatement.

“Most of them are gone kid. Without worshipers, their power was diminished. Some just died. A few did survive as patrons to witches, warlocks and mystics. Others didn't need worshipers in the first place and has moved on to other greater things.”

Shenlong, scattering a few of the tree sprites that were perched on him. “I must go. There is much to do and so little time to do it.”

“You’re going to right the Balance?”

“Yes. The Slayer must understand that the Balance important and not something to be disregarded. She must understand the PTB true goals and how she is hindering them.”

“I don’t think she’ll listen kid. But you can try.” Whistler said jauntily. “Oh and keep away from Illyria and her spawn. Especially her spawn, they don’t like the PTB that much.”

“I will keep that in mind.” Shen took a deep breath, replenishing his reserves. He absorbed the surrounding magic, slowly unraveling his spell. He was not anywhere near his old strength but he was not helpless anymore.

“It’s great to have you back kid. The Others were ‘depressed’ when you weren’t around.”

The Others did not take having their youngest taken from them very well. By the time they found out the reason they realized that it was out of their hands. Due to their distress and distraction they missed the moment when the First Slayer were created. That was a big oops in their books.

“They don’t take losing one of the own kind well Whistler. You know that. You experienced it before.” Shen looked at Whistler. “Being the last one of your species, you know lost very well.”

Before Whistler could formulate a reply, Shen disappeared. No, it more like Whistler couldn’t keep his eyes on Shen. Whistler could see Shen only as flickers at the corner of his eyes. This variation was different from the one he tried to follow.

Most beings won’t be able to even see Shen. The only reason Whistler could even see flickers is because Whistler is good at finding things that want to stay hidden. It was one of his many talents. He could still hear Shen’s heartbeat and breathing. If Shen wants to stay hidden, he should find a way to hide those things as well or stop them.

Then Shen disappeared for good. He had caught sight of one of the naturally occurring riffs in the space time continuum and slipped through using it as a transportation device, far easier than walking towards his destination.

“The kid’s pretty good.” Whistler said commenting to no one. “Wonder how he’ll turn up all grown up.”

Whistler prepared himself to travel to his next destination. He didn’t worry. After all, it’s not like Buffy would rip him a new one. Images danced in his mind of a decapitated Shen with his spine ripped out. More images appeared as his overactive imagination went into overdrive. Bullet holes, Shen-flambé, and various bodyparts flickered into existence in Whistler’s mind.

Whistler swore.

Contrary to popular belief, the PTB are not stuffed shirts. They actually have power and they are powerful. As a fraction that split off from a once united front, forming the forces of good apposed to the forces of evil they do not lack pure power.

If there were a reason for the PTB to wage all out war, the very universes would shake and crumble. If the PTB were to fight, the light side would have a very powerful ally that actually did things other than the cloak and dagger.

But a Balance must be kept. If the PTB were ever to enter the war as warriors and not shadowy advisors, then an equally powerful enemy will appear. A war of that kind of magnitude will leave few alive.

Whistler briefly wondered if it was too late to file out a reincarnation form. Maybe he could be reincarnated as a dolphin.


Shen slid out of the riff onto his butt in an alley. He stood, brushing off some dirt off his clothes. Traveling through the continuum was a bother, it was also very clustered. There were so random objects floating through the continuum. He encountered cats, car keys and more cats.

Cats were beings that existed in the in-between. They can act as conduits from one plane to another and are great foci for magic. Hence the ritualistic use of cats by Egyptians. Cats were also used in blood rituals by your mundane novice magick user.

Cats were also curious and that curiosity leads them to be sucked up by the riffs and usually spat out in another place entirely.

Normally, humans without magic cannot enter the riffs. They would need a portal or a Key. The Key is now human and portals take time and money. Most magically-inclined humans and demons prefer driving to their next destination or taking the bus.

There was a problem with the continuum. The trip was rougher than before. Shen chalked it up to the fact that space and time were unstable and soon would shred itself to pieces thus dooming the universes and its inhabitants to death. Time travel is such a bother as was dimensional hopping without reading the rules.

The rules were there for a reason.

Shen walked out of the alley and walked a few block before coming up before a huge marble sign. He walked through the streets, unseen. Due to the crowdedness of the streets, no one noticed disembodied breathing. They were too busy worrying about their own lives to worry about disembodied breathing.

“Wolfram and Hart Attorneys at Law.”

Shen looked up at the building. From his mind’s eye he can see the dense and incredible complicated spell casting that surrounded the building. He approved of whoever did the spellwork. Intricate lines and runes canvassed the building. Shen had a sneaking suspicion that the spells were also spread out throughout the city.

Once more he checked his spells and current power level before striding into the building. While Whistler said to avoid Illyria and Enyo he said nothing about Berith. Hindsight is 20/20 or in Shen’s case 20/5.

Shen walked in, noting more spells inside the building itself. It also teemed with people in suits talking to other people in suits. There were no demons on this floor. The lobby area has to be welcoming to humans as well and not scare them away in the process.

He went up to the counter where a young human lady was typing a memo. She was the secretary of the Lobby floor.

“Excuse me Ma’am. May I speak to the head of this firm?” Inquired Shen, forgetting that he had yet to remove the spells that kept him hidden from wandering eyes.

The lady looked up, saw nothing. Stood up and checked the counter to see if mysterious speaker was a dwarf or some miniature demon. When she saw none, she sat back down.

Ah, yes the invisible idiots who think being invisible is all that thought the secretary fircely. At least it isn't anyone in the Special divisions trying to poke fun at her.

“The head of this firm is busy. There is some paper work to be done if you wish to see the head of this firm and there is also company policy. The leader of this branch does not grant an audience to just anyone.” She did not mention that Berith was a deity. Most of their regular clients didn’t know that Wolfram and Hart catered to non-humans.

“Oh.” Shen slouched, even though she couldn’t see him. “What type of paperwork?”

The lady smiled insincerely. “Before I give it to you, you must be visible. Company policy.” From her one year employment in this company, invisible future clients, either looked extremely ugly or fouled up in their spell casting.

Would there be boils? Scars? Tentacles?

As she wondered, an image appeared. From the bottom up, lines and color appeared. Like an artists drawing, legs, torso arms and finally the head appeared. They were blurry at first and she resisted the urge to rub her eyes before the image before her sharpened into clarity. The being before her wasn’t disfigured nor a fool in magic. She just stared.

She had seen many spells but none like the one she just witnessed. This spell definetly trumps the exploding head one.

“Can you see me?” Shen redirected the object of the spell, so that the woman in front of can see him.

She nodded, still shocked.

“The papers please.”

If anyone else was curious to look towards the counter, they would see the secretary of the Lobby floor glancing frequently at nothing. They would see a mountain of paper and a piece of paper floating in the air, wrinkles on the sides like someone was holding it.

“Noob.” Scoffed one of the warlocks employed by the firm, leaning against the railing on the top floor. “What kind of idiot messes up an invisibility spell?”

Invisibilty spells were so last year.
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