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Tales from the Compelled 'Verse

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Compelled - The Buffy/Angelverse Reshaped". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Stories, Drabbles, Missing scenes and random stuff set in the AU of the Compelled Series by anyone that wants to write some

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Another Day, Another Dimension

Everything either belongs to Joss or it should, no infringement is intended and no profit is to be made. When you get right down to it I’m not really worth suing anyway unless you want a share of an underpaid civil servants wages and it just wouldn’t be worth the hassle trust me.

* * *

Sunnydale – Alternate Earth AE2006-023-A (Pathfinder Index Code) - September 2006

The Pathfinder unit on her forearm bleeped to attract her attention and Dawn activated the screen. ‘Here comes the cavalry’ she said to the huddled survivors that she and Connor had rescued. They were in rags most of them, half starved and terrified barely able to do more than watch in mute amazement as a swirling black vortex opened, not ten yards away, in the ruins of the warehouse where they had holed up after their escape from the former Police Station where they were being held.

A girl stepped out of the portal carrying a rifle followed by several more as she stepped out of the way, more and more girls aged in their late teens to early twenties poured out laden with military hardware, machineguns, flamethrowers, rocket and grenade launchers one was even carrying a chainsaw and several more had slayer scythes just in case, well you never knew what you’d be facing when you went on one of these missions after all.

‘Charlotte’ Dawn greeted the first girl with a smile.

‘Dawn’ the gunslayer responded with a nod of greeting. ‘I hope you can tell us more than Buffy did before she sent us here’ she said. ‘I hate taking my girls on an Op blind’ she said. ‘First and second squads secure the building’ she snapped out an order and girls rushed off in all directions to set up a defence line.

Dawn shrugged. ‘There wasn’t enough time to come back and give you a full briefing’ she said. ‘I sent Connor back with a note telling Buffy to send help fast, he’s okay isn’t he?’ Dawn asked.

‘He was okay enough to want to come back despite dripping blood all over the floor’ Charlotte replied. ‘He’ll be find’ she said. ‘Connor’s like one of us, if it doesn’t kill him outright he’ll heal back good as new in a few days.’

Dawn smiled again with relief, she’d practically had to throw him through the portal she had opened after patching up his wounds as best she could. The one’s guarding the prisoners, or should she say larder, had only been vampires but one had gotten lucky and put a sword in Connor’s guts before a stake going the other way pierced the creatures heart. ‘Did you bring the food and medical supplies?’ she asked.

‘Yeah’ Charlotte replied. ‘You medics take a look at the people over there and the rest of you give out food and water while I talk to Dawn’ she ordered, the remaining girls hurrying about their business. ‘So what’s the story Pathfinder?’ she asked. ‘This is Sunnydale right so why aren’t we at the bottom of a big hole?’ she queried.

‘Hellmouth Cavern never collapsed here’ Dawn explained. ‘The Point of Departure from our timeline was years earlier’ she explained, ‘back in 1999 I reckon.’

‘So what happened?’ the gunslayer asked.

‘Based on what I’ve managed to get out of the survivors, the ones that weren’t catatonic I mean’ Dawn began, ‘this universes scoobies weren’t able to stop Mayor Wilkins and he became a full demon, been terrorising most of California with a demon army ever since’ she said.

‘I think I remember hearing that story once’ Charlotte replied.

‘In our universe he was blown to pieces just after he transformed when he was still vulnerable’ Dawn told her. ‘He’ll be a lot tougher here.’

‘We’ve got nukes, scythes and sharp sticks’ Charlotte responded. ‘He ain’t going to be too much for me and my squad of ultimate badasses’ she claimed confidently.

‘It’s not just Mayor Wilkins’ Dawn cautioned. ‘He’s got vampires all over the place and it’ll be dark soon. ‘

‘We’ve got night-vision gear’ Charlotte noted. ‘Not a problem’ she responded. ‘So what are we facing other than vampires?’

Dawn switched the pathfinder device over to its demon database function so she could show pictures. ‘Well there’s Mayor Wilkins himself’ she said. ‘but he’s really the demon Olvikan now and he’s huge’ she declared.

‘He’s a big snake right?’ Charlotte checked.

‘Yeah, really big’ Dawn confirmed.

Charlotte nodded, sounded like a scythe job she decided. ‘Anything else to worry about other than vampires before we get to the boss?’

‘Olvikan raised some minions using Sobekian transmogrification spells’ she said. ‘Glory once sent one of those things after me’ she remembered with a shudder.

‘Right so what are they then?’ Charlotte asked.

Dawn showed her a picture. ‘Big demon snakes’ she replied.

Charlotte narrowed her eyes. ‘Anything else?’ she asked.

‘Oh yeah and he resurrected the demon Machida who Buffy killed a couple of years before’ Dawn remembered. ‘Machida is like his sidekick now.’

‘So what’s this Machida like?’ Charlotte asked.

Dawn grinned. It’s well... it’s a big demon snake’ she said.

‘I’m detecting a theme here’ Charlotte said, narrowing her eyes suspiciously. ‘If you say it I’ll shoot you’ she warned darkly

Dawn took a deep breath and decided even if she wasn’t bluffing like she probably was, it was still well worth it. ‘I want these motherfucking snake-demons wiped off this motherfucking plane of existence’ she ordered.

Charlotte rolled her eyes and wished that they could find another Dawn somewhere soon. They were bound to eventually and this one left a lot to be desired. ‘Gunslayers’ she said loudly, ‘let’s lock and load’ she ordered, chambering a round of 6.5mm Grendel in her modified G-36K Carbine Assault Rifle. ‘I’m volunteering for another tour of duty in that dimension with all the fucking zombies’ she stated. ‘It’s got to be better than this shit.’

‘I found that one’ Dawn told her as the Gunslayers started to head out preparing to stamp some Council authority on yet another dimension. It was also once again becoming one of those days when Dawn often wondered if it was really healthy to enjoy your job as much as she did. ‘Zombies, man. They creep me out’ she declared as deadpan as she could manage.

Charlotte growled, Dawn's ability to suck all the dignity and seriousness out of this job was near awe-inspiring sometimes.

Note from the Author:

I'm sorry I couldn't help it :-p
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