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Problems with Little Blue Demons

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Summary: A lust spell gone wrong leads Willow into an alternate dimension where she finds herself taken prisoner by a rogue vampire and rescued by an assassin nicknamed ‘Death’.

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: EdwardserpentladyFR1865,00413415,69416 Aug 073 Sep 07Yes

Chapter Six

Donna waited three days to make her move, three days where the strange red-haired witch slept in complete oblivion. Ted and Bernardo had gone out for drinks, and she waited for him in his bedroom, the lights all out. It was cheesy and a classic confrontation setting, but she didn’t know that.

As soon as Edward opened his bedroom door, he knew someone was there, and he was prepared to shoot to kill if necessary. The quickest of glances showed it to be Donna, and the mask of Ted was in place. But she was watching, and for the briefest of moments, saw a stranger looking out of Ted’s eyes. It was gone just as quickly, and she banished the thought as a flight of fancy.

“Ted, I need you to do something for me. I need you to get rid of the witch. I trust you and everything, but I don’t trust her, not with the kids and not with you. I want her to go. You’re a really handsome man, and any woman would be nuts not to be attracted to you, and we don’t know what she’s capable of, and I don’t want to loose you or anything...” She trained off, finally looking up to see his reaction.

“Donna, it’s late. We can talk about this in the morning, ok?” He stripped off his shirt and toed off his boots, getting undressed for bed. The moon edged his muscled torso in icy light, delineating each separate one, painting his body in shadow and light. Donna’s mouth watered at the sight, but she forced herself to stay on track.

“No, Ted. I want this dealt with now. After what happed with Miss Blake... when she was here. . . None of us trust strangers. Please, get rid of the woman.”

Edward turned to look at her, his eyes shrouded in darkness. That one pause was pregnant with emotions. He knew that she had been jealous of the nonexistent romance between he and Anita, her lack of self-confidence making her see Anita as a threat to their relationship, see her as his lover. And now here she was doing it again. This time, the woman in question couldn’t defend herself.

“Donna, she saved my life. If she hadn’t been there I would most likely be dead.” Edward wasn’t above a little hyperbole. “And in thanks you want me to throw her out when she is barely conscious long enough to vomit up blood? Whatever she did must have been a lot of stress on her system. I can’t simply throw her out.”

Donna’s heart hardened. She had managed in those three days to convince herself that the witch was truly a threat to her family, a threat to her and Ted’s love. ‘She has already gotten to him somehow, the bitch. She must have put a spell or something on him. Damn her!’ “It’s either us or her. The kids and I are moving back to our place until she’s gone. If she is still here by the day after tomorrow, we are done Theodore. Too many dangerous people seem to gravitate to you, and I won’t risk my kids anymore, no matter how much I love you. Goodbye.”

Edward sat in the still darkness of his bedroom long after she had left. He had cared for her in his own way, but more so Peter and Becca. He would miss them dearly, but he knew it was for the best that they leave him. He would only get them hurt, and could only offer vengeance.


Donna fully expected Ted to kick the witch out and come crawling back to her with flowers in hand and a pocket full of condoms. She was fully prepared to ignore his pleas to stay until they worked out the problem. She was rather surprised when he didn’t try to detain her. When she started the car with Becca and Peter half-awake in the back seat and there was still no sign of him, Donna felt the first stirring of doubt. ‘Was I wrong? No, I can’t be. Her spell is getting to me.’

She pulled out of Ted’s driveway with a squeal of tires and the scent of burning rubber, fully expecting Ted to have called ahead to her place, maybe leaving a message or twenty. Again, she was disappointed to find a red blinking zero on her answering machine. ‘Maybe he’s in shock. He’ll call me by morning.’

By the time dawn brightened the horizon, still he had not called. ‘He can be dramatic sometimes. He might not call until the last minute. A full twenty-four hours passed, dawn spilling across the sky again, and still no call. ‘I can’t believe the bitch is this powerful! She has him wrapped around her little finger. I’m going to give her a piece of my mind...’

Impulsively, Donna hopped into her car, the kids still asleep, driving over to Ted’s place. Her key opened up the door, but what she found beyond shocked her to her core. The house was empty. “It really is over.” Finally, she wept.

The End

You have reached the end of "Problems with Little Blue Demons". This story is complete.

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