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Problems with Little Blue Demons

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Summary: A lust spell gone wrong leads Willow into an alternate dimension where she finds herself taken prisoner by a rogue vampire and rescued by an assassin nicknamed ‘Death’.

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: EdwardserpentladyFR1865,00413415,69316 Aug 073 Sep 07Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not hold the copy right to Buffy the Vampire Slayer™ or Anita Blake: Vampire Slayer™ , nor do I claim to. All characters belong to their original creators, their publishers, and subsidiaries. I make no profit from the making or sharing of this fanfiction.

Time line Note: This takes place post "Chosen" in the Buffy-verse, and just a little after "Obsidian Butterfly" in the Anita-verse.

Willow sat in the center of a pentagram, herbs and incense on the tile floor around her. She lit the last candle and placed it at the point just in front of her. She let her hands rest on her knees, and took a deep breath. Picking up a small bowel of pulverized mint leaves, she smeared the paste on her face and neck, drawing glyphs while chanting.

Her incantation was in High Velronic, a demon language. The Velron were a race of demons renowned for being patrons of lovers and having the ability to inspire lust at will. She was doing a ritual to call upon them, hoping she could spice up her waning relationship with Kennedy.

They had stayed together after the battle in Sunnydale, moving to New York. Kennedy was training to be a cop, while Willow was getting her degree to be a preschool teacher. They were both involved in locating all the girls affected by the spell Willow had done to invoke the gifts of the Slayer back in Sunnydale.

They had stayed strong for a couple of months, but they were drifting apart. They hardly saw one another anymore, except when they went to bed together. They hardly had sex anymore either, usually just falling asleep on separate sides of the bed. This was Willow’s last ditch effort to save her relationship, before she would acknowledge defeat.

As she uttered the last syllable of the invocation, a small blue skinned demon appeared with a large popping sound. He floated in the air a few feet away from Willow, but still inside her pentagram. He was about the size of a toddler, maybe three feet tall. He had leathery blue skin, the colour of a really good sapphire, and bat-like wings sprouting from where his ears should have been if he were human. Other than that, he looked similar to a human child.
In a voice sounding like the rustling of silk sheets, he asked the redheaded witch, “What is it you wish of me?” He levitated in place, his ear-wings gently moving back and forth.

“You see, my girlfriend and I are drifting apart. We aren’t having sex anymore,”she said with a blush, continuing on hurriedly, “And I want to spice things up, I want to have a sex life again, I want to have wild, passionate sex again.” She was beat red now, able to feel the heat coming off of her face in waves.

“I think I might be able to do something for you,” the little blue cherub said. Then he disappeared with a sound like a gong. The pentagram Willow sat in began to glow with silver light, the floor inside of it turning into a quicksilver disk, like a liquid mirror.

“Oh crap. This cannot be good,” Willow said before she dropped through the portal as if the floor she had sat on had suddenly de-materialized. With flash of bright pink light, all evidence of Willow’s presence in the bathroom vanished, leaving a mystery for Kennedy when she came home.

A teaser chapter.
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