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With These Eyes

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Summary: YAHF. A different choice in costume leads to a different Xander, and a whole world of trouble. ***Changed rating to 18 due to later chapters.***

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Chapter 23

A/N: Sorry about the long wait, but I hit some serious writers block on this story. I would open it up, stare at it for like an hour, and nothing would come to me. I really think I threw in way too many characters to keep track of. I noticed in some chapters I completely forget about a character, and when I'm writing the next one, I try to find a way to throw them in, giving them an excuse as to why they weren't there before. Anyways, thank you all for staying with me on this, and the reviews I got for this story helped me alot. And the ending of this is real weak, but I'm hoping that breaking up one long story into different parts will help me maintain what everyone in the story is doing, and where I want to go with it. The last few chapters have been alot of bullshit, in large part due to my writers block, and just wanting to put out something. Anyways, hope you can find some enjoyment in this, and I'll try to be more frequent in my updates. Lord knows I've only said that with everyother chapter though.


Walking into the house, he could see Kakashi and Giles in the kitchen. Before he had really settled in, he wondered how it would be living with Giles. There were so many differences between the two, he didn’t think that the older man would be able to put up with him for long.

But a month in, things were going fine. Giles was a lot cooler than he gave him credit for, and he had found out quite a bit about the older man. Like, for example, Giles’ younger days in which he had been quite the rebel. He could tell there were some things Giles was withholding, but didn’t push the issue.

Seeing Kakashi there wasn’t much of a surprise. With Yamato in their group, who Xander thought was a really cool guy, they had been able to make their own lodgings not too far away, in a clearing they created in the woods. The house, which looked to be more like a mansion in Xander’s opinion, had been able to comfortably hold the visiting ninjas. Yamato, as he explained to everyone, had a unique bloodline limit that let him use two existing elements to create a new one, which in his case was wood.

Walking into the kitchen, Xander had asked what the two men were discussing.

“Kakashi here is explaining to me their method of travel to this world” said Giles, dropping the Mr. prefix when he had gotten to know the man better.

“Oh…cool….how did you guys get here? Sasuke said you developed a new technique with the Mangekyo Sharingan. A technique that lets you send things to another dimension. But he didn’t go in depth about how it worked. If it’s caused by the Sharingan, how did you get yourself here? You can’t exactly look at yourself.”

“Ah, but you can look at yourself Xander. Think about this…how do you look left while looking right?”

“You can’t. That’s impossible. Umm, it is impossible, right Giles?”

“Yes Xander, I do believe that would be quite an impossible feat to pull off. If you wouldn’t mind explaining Kakashi.”

“Of course Rupert. When I was training Naruto on the completion of his Rasengan technique, he had thought his goal impossible to reach. When I told him it wasn’t, he asked me if I could look right while looking left.”

The hand seals had been impossible to follow, as he made a single shadow clone. Standing next to it, he looked right, while his clone looked left.

“You can see that it is very possible.”

“Wow” said Xander. “That would be considered cheating though in this world. No one can do those sorts of things here.”

“Well, no one but you, and soon enough, your friends.”

“Point taken. So, you had a clone use the technique on you and everyone?”

“Yes. We had actually gotten here a week before we came to you in the hospital. But using that technique takes a lot out of me. I had to rest up before we set out to find you.”

“That kind of sucks. Hey…how did you know where to find me?”

“As you know, we have members of our group that are very proficient in tracking. With Sasuke’s memories of you, we were able to find your house and track your scent.”

“Sounds like the smart thing to do. By the way, Giles, have you talked to this new Slayer yet? Shouldn’t she be here in a few days?”

“Why yes Xander, and her name is Faith. I talked to Linda recently, and they'll be here in the following days. I have yet to mention anything about our new guests though.” Turning towards Kakashi, he explained why. “Kakashi, as you have heard, the abilities your group wields is not exactly…common around here. There is a fear that there would be those who would wish to exploit your…unique talents.”

“I understand. Greed is something many men fall to, and power is often the reason.”

“That is only too true.”

“Well, I’ll leave you old men to talk about…whatever you guys talk about. Have a good night.”

“Good night Xander” said Giles and Kakashi.

“…Did he just call me an old man?”

“Yes Kakashi, I believe he called both of us old men.”

“Kids these days. No respect.”

“I must concur with that statement.”


The next day, they were given a break off from training, to allow their bodies some rest. The Sunnydale gang decided to take their new comrades to the local club that night, the Bronze. Citing a need for them to integrate socially as well, it had taken some convincing to get some of them to come. The adults of the group, Yamato, Kakashi, Giles, Jenny, and Gai, had opted out. Feeling they were a bit too old for the company of teenagers, they decided to spend some time together in the house Yamato had made. When Xander was leaving the apartment, as Giles and him set off for their different destinations, he caught a glimpse of what was in the bag that Giles was carrying.

‘Looks like the elders of each group just want some time off to drink.’ It didn’t really surprise Xander. He didn’t question Giles on it, opting to leave the older man unaware that he knew what they would be doing tonight. He figured they did need to relax, spending time in the company of peers, rather then teenagers who were at least ten years younger then them.

Getting to the Bronze, he got inside and found that a good section was taken by his friends, and the new arrivals who were fast becoming good friends as well. It was interesting to see the group from Konoha outside of their usual ninja clothes. Earlier in the day, Giles had supplied enough money to give them all clothes to fit in better. While they picked out clothes, and the girls shoes of course, Giles had assured everyone that the money wouldn’t be an issue.

Not that Giles was rolling in money, but he had enough to spare on his Council income alone to provide them with enough. His usual expenses could be handled by the income he received from being a librarian. A small perk of the high casualty rate of Sunnydale was better paying jobs to keep it’s residents living there. Xander didn’t really understand how it worked, but enough things in Sunnydale didn’t make sense, so he wasn’t going to add another to his list.

With everyone dressed casually, they definitely fit in. The girls and guys of Konoha, all being in amazing athletic shape due to their occupations, had been getting looks from the other patrons all night. It was interesting to see how they interacted in a social setting, at least in this world. Clubbing, as far as Xander knew, wasn’t exactly an ordinary occurrence for a ninja.

But the important thing was that everyone was having a good time. Everyone was laughing and getting along, and there were even some unexpected surprises in store for them all. Like Sasuke and Neji being dragged out by Sakura and Tenten to dance, which caused more than a few laughs. Also, Naruto and Xander had gotten on the dance floor and between the two of them, were able to clear out their own space with their wild spasm like movements. It was odd that two people from different dimensions could have such similarities in something as simple as dancing. After a little while, Xander had suggested to Naruto to have Hinata dance with him, which caused the very shy girl to go catatonic for a few minutes, until Xander and Kiba urged her to relax and just have fun.

It was a good night, as far as Xander was concerned. They were amongst friends and having a great time. Looking at everyone, he couldn’t help but feel that his choice in a Halloween costume was due more to fate than dumb luck. He would never be able to tell how things could have gone had Ethan not had the costumes he had. For starters, Akatsuki wouldn’t be around. Xander often wondered if that would ever be an even trade. The abilities he could share with his friends, the new friends they had made, and the opportunity to be on the offensive with the Hellmouth, at the cost of having what could possibly be a world threat the likes of which have never been seen in Akatsuki. God help him, but at a time like this, he could almost feel it was worth it. He could now make a difference, and he would be lying to himself if he said that making a difference wasn’t something he always wanted to do.

Admitting that almost felt like selling his soul for power. Akatsuki for his Sharingan.

But looking at things now, the only thing he could do was accept the life circumstances had given him. He had to accept that they were better off now than they were before Halloween. He had to accept that Akatsuki would have found a way here regardless of Ethan. It was in their plans after all. But because of Xander’s costume, they had a chance to beat them, in both worlds. The Scooby Gang and Konoha had found mutual allies, and they were stronger working together then on their own.

‘I guess someone is looking out for us after all. And it all started with a costume choice.’ Looking at his friends, new and old, he felt he finally got what he wanted. Xander Harris, by some miracle, had affected the balance of things in the good guys favor. And though they still had Akatsuki to deal with, and a new slayer coming to town, he felt alright. For the first time, he had no doubts that they would find a way to beat the odds and come out on top. It would be a hard and possibly very long battle, but as long as they all stood together, they would be unstoppable.

‘With these eyes, I guess I have changed the world.’

*****Unknown Location*****

As the dark figures assumed their places on the statues fingers, the Leader waited until everyone was accounted for to start speaking.

“We have unexpected guests in town. I want everyone to be on their guard. We cannot let them interfere with our plans here.”

“Unexpected visitors, huh. Who cares? If the new Uchiha boy was their best, they don’t have a hope in hell of stopping us, huh.”

“That would be correct Deidara, but these new arrivals aren’t ordinary people. They are from Konoha.”

“What the hell…”

“That’s my point. It seems one of them has a technique that allows them to cross over dimensions.”

Another dark figure spoke up.


“Correct Itachi. You would know about that. He has evolved his Sharingan, not unlike you. It would seem as if they brought their best as well. They may cause an inconvenience, but they have also brought with them something of interest. Naruto Uzumaki is with them.”

The tall dark figure with what looked to be a sword on his back spoke up.

“The nine tails? I guess we have another target Itachi.”

“Yes Kisame. I want you two to deal with that, should the need arrive. But not until I give the order. Our counterparts in the other world may still need them, if they are still around. It seems as if their plans have been delayed. From now on, we move with caution. We don’t know how much Konoha has grown in skill. A new Slayer should be arriving in town in a few days. We will capture her before she gets here. Hidan and Kakazu, you two will take care of this. Dispose of her Watcher.”

“About fucking time. You all know sitting here doing nothing has been going against my religion. Jashin will be pleased.”

“Yes Hidan. But don’t get carried away. Kakazu, make sure our target arrives alive, and in one piece.”

“I’ll make sure she stays alive, but I can’t guarantee she’ll be in one piece.”

“Just make sure you don’t kill her. With two Slayers currently alive, we can dispose of one if necessary, but the Slayer in town is keeping company that will cause trouble if we are to capture her. Deidara already made a mess of things with the show he put on 6 months ago. I don’t want another situation like that.”

“Oh come on, huh. They should be happy they got to see my art.”

“You still call that art? You really do want to die Deidara.”

“No senpai, but your little puppet show offends my taste as an artist, huh.”

“I’ll be glad to show you when we’re finished here Deidara.”

“ENOUGH. That was a warning for all of you. No more mistakes, or I will personally deal with them myself. You all have your missions. Get to them.”

As the figures disappeared, the dark clouds rolled over Sunnydale, causing anyone still out to get caught in an unexpected rainstorm.

A few hundred miles away, a young girl sitting in the passenger side of a car couldn’t help but shift uncomfortably in her seat. Glancing over towards her Watcher, she wondered what the feeling was that just went through her. For some reason, she had a real bad feeling about Sunnydale. ‘Fuck it. Couldn’t be any worse than Boston.’

Faith was unaware of Akatsuki, and everything that had gone on in Sunnydale the past few months. Unfortunately for her, she would soon enough find out first-hand.

The End

You have reached the end of "With These Eyes". This story is complete.

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