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Cookie monster

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This story is No. 3 in the series "SGA-red". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Finally completed! A trip to the mainland goes wrong

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Stargate > Willow-Centered(Past Donor)HiltonKFR1556,71922419,84418 Aug 072 Apr 08Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer – not mine just using and abusing….


Rodney looked up from where he was working on the long-range sensors when he felt someone enter. He wasn’t particularly surprised to see Sheppard, the man was frequently restless and liked to stick his nose into other peoples projects, but what was surprising was what he appeared to be eating.

“What is that?”

“A cookie.” Sheppard mumbled catching a few crumbs as they fell.

“I can see that.”

“Why did you ask then?” With a smirk he took another bite.

Rodney fell silent but glared sulkily at him. How was he supposed to concentrate when there was a man eating cookies? He knew that the Colonel was taking such obvious relish in order to torment him but it looked like a pretty damn good cookie. He did the math: too long since the Daedelus had visited; there was no way someone could have kept a stash that long not and kept it secret anyway, it just didn’t add up.

With a final smack of his lips the other man finished his cookie then wandered over to where McKay was working.

“What ya playing with then?” Before he was able to reply and put the Colonel in his place about the mockery of his valuable skills he was stunned into silence as Radek joined them – eating a cookie!

“Where did you get that?” Rodney demanded. Radek looked slightly shocked at his vehemence before answering.

“Willow made them.”

“Willow made you cookies?” Rodney couldn’t help but look hurt that he hadn’t been included.

“Relax McKay, she made everyone cookies.” At Rodney’s questioning glance Sheppard added “Apparently it’s her way of saying sorry about last week. She convinced Recilios to let her loose in the mess.”

“Oh.” Rodney shrugged. It had been incredibly frustrating spending hours with Radek trying to track down the source of the cascading power fluctuations, cold showers and flickering lighting before someone had thought to check on Willow. Apparently the silly girl had been feeling homesick of all things! With all the wonders of the Pegasus galaxy she was missing home. Admittedly if it had been pining for real chocolate or coffee or some other essential need, it would have been a bit more understandable but she had just been missing her friends. They really needed to find a way of preventing the city picking up on her moods like that. It had gotten worse since the events with space cloud but seeing as the woman was so ridiculously cheerful most of the time it hadn’t been much of a problem.

He shook himself and concentrated on completing his diagnostics.

Finishing up he barely glanced at the others before heading off back to his lab. Without intending to he found himself outside the mess hall. Figuring he might as well get himself a cookie while he was here he headed in only to discover there were none left.

He paid no notice to the way people got rapidly out of his way as he left. Some may have commented about the thunderous look on his face but mainly it was that no one wanted to deal with another McKay outburst.

Heads ducked back into labs as the still muttering doctor strode back to his office. He was brought to a halt as he found Willow sat on the edge of his desk playing with an artefact he’d been working on.

Scowling he removed it from her grasp. “That is not a toy.”

“Are you still mad at me Rodney?”

“Of course not.” He snapped. Willow sighed.

“I really am sorry Dr. McKay.” With a final guilt ridden look Willow left him alone.

Rodney stood looking at her departure for a moment before moving round to sit at his desk. His face fell as he found a plate of cookies with a note that simply said sorry with a smiley face. He briefly considered calling her back but in the end just settled to write up his notes. Almost without realising it his hand snaked out and snagged a cookie.

They really were good.


It was several hours before Rodney re-emerged from his lab. He decided to return the plate to the mess hall before reporting to Elizabeth. Seeing Sheppard sat at a table alone he headed over to join him.

“Do you know where Willow is?” John took a long look at him before answering.

“You do know that Ronon’s pissed at you, right McKay?”

“Why?” Rodney just looked confused. John sighed.

“I know I shouldn’t be surprised that you need to ask that but somehow I still am.”

“That’s not actually an answer.”

“Willow and Ronon went with Teyla and Carson to the mainland.”

“Oh right.” Rodney fell silent for a moment. “So why is the big ape mad at me now?”

“Because Willow thinks you still haven’t forgiven her.”

“Oh. Well, she left me cookies and I ate them.” John just stared at him in exasperation.

“I don’t think her witchy skills include psychic cookies McKay.”

“You think she put a spell on the cookies?” Rodney clutched his stomach unconsciously. Sheppard shook his head; it was like dealing with a five year old sometimes.

“No, I think you need to thank her for the cookies and make nice with her, else the big guy is going to rip you limb from limb.” Rodney looked worried for a moment before realising that he was being teased.

“Willow wouldn’t let him.” He reasoned as John finally stood to go.

“What Willow doesn’t know…”


Carson watched with a smile on his face as Willow and Ronon played with the children. Willow was generating sparkles for the young ones to chase while the older kids wrestled and generally used Ronon as a climbing frame.

The joy on Willow’s face once she realised that the Athosian people didn’t have a problem with her abilities was a special sight indeed. Carson was aware that while the young woman always came across as cheerful there had been an undercurrent of sadness when she had first arrived.

Willow laughed as the chorus of ‘again, again’ started up once more and generated bubbles this time for the little ones to play with. It was so much fun to use her powers for entertaining and be met with awe and laughter rather than fear. She knew part of it was simply due to the fact she was a friend of Teyla’s, the people here had so much respect for her, but there was also an element of acceptance of the wonders of the universe. One of the younger ones let out a scream of panic at Ronon’s mock growl and she was suddenly swamped by a swarm of little imps hiding behind her. She picked the smallest up and whispered conspiratorially in his ear. Placing him back down they all crept up on Ronon and began to tickle him causing them all to collapse in a big heap.

Carson turned to Teyla who had joined him to watch the merriment. “I remember when all he would do was stand and look menacing on these trips as I treated people or just wandered off on his own.”

“Appearances can be deceiving Doctor. He has a large heart but it has been injured many times. Willow’s love of life makes it easier to believe it’s alright to enjoy life, to live in the moment rather than dwell on the scars of the past and fear for the future.”

“Yes, she’s quite a special lass.” As if hearing their comments Willow looked over and gave them a wave and a bright smile.

After the fun and games devolved into a game of tag, the pair eventually joined them at the table. Willow dropped breathlessly besides Carson.

“That was fun. Ronon’s going to take me to the beach later; do you guys want to come?”

Carson glanced at this watch. “I’d love to if I finish in time. Perhaps I can even get in a spot of fishing.”

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