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Family's Family, No Matter Which Way You Spin It

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Summary: Scott and Alex Summers have long missed the relative they lost contact with 2 decades ago. Will the past finally meet the present?

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredMariaFR1366,29612319,22414 Jul 0314 Jul 03No

Can we get back to the subject?

A/N: I know that the definition of a damphir seems to vary from story to story, but in this story a damphir is the child of two vampires. Also, someone pointed out that Alex is younger than Scott. I am aware of this fact, but I just have issues with sticking to storylines. Besides, since I started a similar story at the same time as this one, I try to make them as different as possible.

Also, in my world lamia are…well they’re explained in this chapter. Just please recall that I may make small mistakes that I didn’t intend to make, but I don’t like playing by the storyline. Please don’t sue me.

Buffy’s jaw dropped. “You don’t know what you are?”

Logan growled at his lover’s younger sister. “The only things I know about me are things from the past ten years, blondie.”

“Huh?” Buffy asked with a confused expression.

Alex decided that he’d have to intervene in this potentially dangerous situation. “Logan doesn’t have any memories beyond ten years ago because some sort of government agency operated on him. They outlined his skeleton with adamantium and gave him retractable claws.”

“Shit,” the blonde swore. “Bloody-fucking-wonderful!”

Xavier, who had come into the dining room around the time Buffy had called Logan a damphir, had to chide her. “Ms. Summers-O’Brien, this is a school and those are impressionable young children. Please refrain from using profanity.”

Buffy ignored the professor. “Would you happen to know where my husband is? It’s rather important that I speak to him.”

“Right here, Buff,” Angel said. He was staying out of the sunlight and sticking to the shadows. Suddenly his brow furrowed in concentration. “Why does the damphir feel so familiar?” Like his wife, he’d noticed what Logan was the night before but had put it on hold due to the reunion that had happened.

“Once again,” Logan growled, “what the hell is a damphir?”

Scott, however, had a more pressing question. “Beth, when in the hell did you get married?”

His twin just smiled. “I eloped the day I turned eighteen. Then we got married again in a traditional ceremony about eighteen months later.”

“I don’t even want to know,” Scott said with a sigh, “so why don’t you explain to Logan what a demy-whatever is.”

Angel couldn’t help it by that time and broke out in fits of laughter. “The mispronunciation of important names seems to run in the family,” he gasped out.

His wife gave him such a glare that if looks could kill, he wouldn’t have even been a pile of ash. “It isn’t my twin’s fault if he couldn’t pronounce damphir right. I certainly couldn’t if it weren’t for the fact that we’re raising Dru and Spike’s kids.”

“And I still can’t figure out what possessed us to do that,” her husband answered.

“We didn’t want Dru to feed on them, remember?”

“Oh, yeah, right.”

“Hello, we don’t know who Dru and Spike are, so why don’t we get back to the topic?” Logan asked impatiently. For some reason, his nerves had been jangling around Angel. It was almost like he was supposed to know who he was.

Buffy had the grace to flush. “Sorry, we get off the subject quite frequently. Now, do you know anything about the people who outlined your skeleton?”

Professor Xavier flinched as he told his students to leave the dining room and have free time. He didn’t want the young mutants to have to be exposed to anymore than they really had to be. Mutants were no longer shunned as they once had been, but they were still feared. Even being considered equal citizens didn’t prevent the hatred, so they tried to protect the students.

Buffy observed the proceedings with a critical eye. “You should have let them stay. Teenagers have ways have finding things out anyways.”

“I wanted to protect them,” Xavier stated quietly.

“They aren’t as innocent as you’d like to believe,” Angel contributed. “If they’re anything like Buffy was as a teen, they’re a lot more jaded then they appear.”

“Now I’m the one asking if we can get back to the subject,” Buffy sighed.

“Alright, hon,” Angel said with a smirk, “why did you want to speak to me?”

“A government agency operated on Logan,” Buffy started.

“Blondie, are you trying to live up to the stereotypes about blondes? We already know that a government agency operated on me,” Logan growled.

“Don’t interrupt me,” Buffy responded, “and maybe you wouldn’t think that I’m acting like a blonde. Anyhow, a government agency operated on Logan. Angel, what happened my freshman year?”

“The Initiative implanted a chip into Clem’s head,” he responded. “They didn’t care that he was a harmless and kind demon. They felt that they should still place the behavior modifier into his head. When we raided the compound, over 75 different types of demons, half demons, and demon hybrids were found inside. All of them had been experimented on. And of course, there was Professor Walsh’s pet project.”

“Exactly,” she said with a decisive nod. “Could what happened to Logan be an earlier experiment?”

“But damphirs are harmless, for the most part. They can act like and appear to be normal humans other than the fact that as long as someone of their bloodline is around, they will never appear to age over twenty-five…much like two slayers that I could name. But getting back to the subject, why would anyone have wanted to experiment on a damphir?”

“Two things could have happened,” his wife answered. “Logan could have been mistaken for a mutant, like he was by Professor Xavier, or…”

“Or what?” Scott asked impatiently.

“Or they could have purposely experimented on him because he was a damphir,” Buffy finished, her heart heavy. The Initiative had cost over thirty different demons their lives. Most of the demons that had died had been harmless…like Clem. The chip hadn’t acted like it was supposed to and had ended up not allowing blood to his brain. He had died of an aneurysm not three days after the Scoobies had fought Adam.

Logan growled. “We have now realized that while you had a good reason for repeating what I told you, you are still acting like a blonde! What the hell is a damphir?!”

“Oops. A damphir is the child, the human child, of two vampires. Like lamias, which are the children of a vampire and another supernatural creature, damphirs are not quite mortal. Lamias have average lifespans of about a century, although the actual length of the lifespan can vary depending on which creature the vampire mated with. Damphirs, on the other hand, can, like Angel mentioned, live without aging until there is no one left of their parents’ bloodlines. When there is no one left, they will resume natural aging and eventually die from old age. A stake through the heart will kill both lamias and damphirs as can beheading. Other than that, what is a fatal wound to others will heal itself in lamia and damphir although it will take longer in the lamia. Lamias have varied supernatural abilities, but damphirs always have the same or extremely similar abilities. Damphirs have increased speed, strength, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. As I mentioned before, they heal from almost everything. There are some who even compare damphirs to slayers because their abilities are so similar,” Buffy concluded.

Her oldest brother shook his head. “Did you breathe at all during your ten minute lecture?”

His sister thought for about three seconds and then started to chuckle. “I don’t think I did, Alex. Wills will be laughing so hard when she finds out that I babbled.”

Both her brothers stared at her, trying to reconcile this woman who spoke of demons in one breath, gave a ten minute lecture with the next, and then laughed about babbling, with the extremely shy young girl that they’d once known.

All Scott could think to say was, “Who’s Wills?”

Buffy laughed again; she’d forgotten that Scott didn’t know anything about how she’d spent the past twenty years. “Willow is my best friend and is, and always has been, the queen of babble-on. She’s also the greatest friend a girl could hope for. She’s going to be really happy that I found you two.”

Angel stared in open disbelief. “You mean to say that Willow has known all along about you having siblings and I just found out yesterday?”

“Yeah, well,” she shrugged, “when she found out, you weren’t exactly yourself.”

It didn’t even take a full minute for the implications to sink in. “Oh.”

“Anyways, now that you know what you are, Logan, we need to figure out whether you are a mutant on top of that or if damphirs and lamias show up as mutants on Cerebro. If so, Professor, that will have to be fixed. Willow will most likely be able to fix it, so I’ll need to call her. Another thing that needs to be done is finding out which bloodline you belong to, Logan.” Buffy stopped to take a small breath before continuing. “Some damphir have gamefaces but my guess is you don’t have one which means we’ll need to use a spell or hypnosis to figure it out.”

“Excuse me, young lady,” the Professor stated, “but his mind is a puzzle. Hypnosis wouldn’t work.”

“Don’t tell me what a Slayer can or can’t work. Trust me; hypnosis will actually be the route we want to go, due to the fact that a spell will only show what bloodlines you’re from. Hypnosis will reveal your parents, Logan.”

Everyone could only stare at the petite, blonde dynamo. Jean was the first to stop staring. “Great, we needed another Fearless Leader,” she groaned. “I mean, I love you, honey, but two of you? Give me a break.”

Alex had to agree with her, and Angel gave a small grin. Everyone else was cracking up, while the twins glared.

A/N: Well, I’ll be. I updated this story first. Tell me which of my stories you’d like to see updated first, and as always, thanks go to everyone who has reviewed. Please continue reviewing. My self esteem thanks you for giving it life and my coach thanks you because I now have self esteem. I’m not kidding. Oh, and someone told me that I should try and expand on things. Please tell me that three pages is enough expansion! Again, thanks for reading this.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Family's Family, No Matter Which Way You Spin It" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Jul 03.

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