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Halloween strikes again!

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Summary: post chosen. Usual mayhem that happens to the scoobies at certain times of year.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Cast: Scooby GangwillowwitchFR1311,235011,22618 Aug 0718 Aug 07Yes
Halloween strikes again!

Disclaimer: I own none the characters displayed here, they are the genius of Joss whedon. Only the plot do I claim.

Giles sat in the lounge of the newly revived Watchers council headquarters. It was quiet for the first time in a long while. Months actually now he came to think about it, and he was enjoying the rare peace it provided him.

Sat in the old leather armchair by the fire, the stereotypical gentleman, with a scotch in one hand and a good book in the other.


The one night off a year.


He’d tried to get into the spirit before, and that had ended in panic and humiliation. Damn that fear demon. But this year would be different, with so many slayers hyped about a real night off it would be outright suicide to try anything.

The “BANG” and “CRASH” of the front door brought his musings to an end as chaos entered.

He’d spoken to soon. Giles cursed the Sunnydale timing while sighing with resignation. Just then walking through the hallway was a determined brunette attempting to storm up the stairs. The rag tag crew she lead were close to follow.

“That’s it Halloween has been officially cancelled.” Declared the very slimy gypsy girl who was stomping her foot in a very childlike manor. The gypsy girl attempting amateur dramatics was his slayer.

Transformed for the evening into the creature before him, brunette wig covered the blonde and for added effect with a red headscarf. A short white top that stopped halfway down her midriff, with long billowing sleeves and a multicoloured skirt, that consisted of garish strips of silk of red, green and blue creating a motley image. That was quickly dispelled by the fact that she was dripping green slime all over the floor while covered from head to foot in the slimy fluorescent green stuff.

“It’s no longer a holiday past time and will be removed from the calendar, for the sake of everyone and… and ….puppies, yes the goodness and protection of puppies” Buffy tried to sound authoritive yet was unable to, due to slime coverage. The slayer looked at her friends. Willow cleverly disguised as a fairy, wearing pink wings and a glittery skirt and top (although these were white) stepped up to comfort her friend.

“It wasn’t that bad really. I don’t think anybody noticed” placated the pixie while obviously lying through her teeth. She glared at the others for confirmation. A pirate, Jedi knight, Alice from wonderland and a dominatrix all nodded their consent.

“Yo B, it don mind really cause if they say anything we’ll just kick their asses.” The dominatrix Faith assured her sister slayer, there really wasn’t that much thought to her “costume.” Still in leather pants and a tight black bustier, it was normal wear for the dark haired slayer.

“Yeah Buffy it was hardly noticeable” reiterated Alice in a soothing voice. Dawn made quite a figure in her costume having spent weeks perfecting the outcome. The 18 year old stood tall in the blue dress with white lace pinafore over it. Yet cut in a way to suit teenage tastes showed exactly how much Dawn had grown.
Giles mentally cringed at the thought of future boys turning up at the door seeking the girl.

The Jedi knight nodded solemnly and offered up the opinion of “ the force was strong yet we were undefeated through overwhelming odds, to emerge victorious as good triumphs.” Here Andrew paused before dropping the pompous attitude and then added “ even if everyone saw your triumph through the mess while you were hung upside down and showing….”

Everyone’s head turned to glare at the knight in question and snapped
“Andrew” effectively cutting off the no doubt humorous anecdote.
Dawn/Alice took a more direct approach and smacked him upside the head. Buffy made to move up the stairs marching huffily.

“Arrrghggh me maties, tis not time to despair for a lovelier view of a set of…”

“Xander!!” Willow shouted at the pirate. Xander silenced by the glare the intimidating pixie sent his way, quickly shut his mouth and gave her his best sheepish look that said ‘Yes I’m a moron, but you love me anyhow’. Meanwhile his untimely declaration had been the last straw for the slayer, as she marched up the carved wooden stairs and stormed off to the bathroom.

Giles entered the hall containing the wide sweeping staircase and ever impressive entrance surrounded by stained glass at the front door. His shoes clipping on the marble floor. A small smile of satisfaction that the slayers had come up in the world crossing his features as swiftly leaving as soon as it had come. Now standing before his children he let the comment he’d been holding since their arrival surface.

“So I take it the evening didn’t go according to plan” he enquired.

“Ah, no not really” hazarded Willow. The rest of the group looking sheepish as well.

“So what may I ask happened?”

“Well everything was going fine, everyone having fun you know usual party stuff. Then a group of demons decided to gatecrash. As they thought that the Buffster was getting to big for her briches then on with the usual I’m badder than you macho crap they pull. Question?” he said interrupting himself while turning to Giles “What is with the lameness of their monologues these days, cause it’s getting old, definitely needing some new material on that front. I could help them with that”

“Xander off topic” Willow chided him.

Dawn picked up from where he left off “So they were being all bitchy and evil like, classic bad guy envy,” she snorted “well anyway we started to move to confront them but.”

Faith continued “We didn’t move fast enough, they strung B up by her ankle and had the rest of us off our faces and into happy land quicker than you can spit.” She emphasised. “Suddenly, they’ve got B singing Karaoke while giving everyone a nice view of ….”

Willow cut in “areas usually well covered” she finished more gently than Faith could manage.

“What was she singing?” Giles asked to distract himself from unpleasant images.

“Coco Kabana” It seemed Willow was going to finish the story so she soldiered on. “They had us all pretty enthralled, we started singing and I think a conga line started” she said matter of fact.

Andrew however took it upon himself to not be left out put in “Buffy the ever valiant warrior was slowly starting to break the enchantment when..” he broke off blushing.

“When one of the demons thought it would be fun to spank Buffy” Xander said with a faint grimace.

“After that it was all out carnage, I think they’ll be finding bits of those guys for weeks and that rug will never be the same again” Dawn shook her head as she recalled the frenzy of her older sister.

Giles’s mouth hung open in disbelief. He closed it shook himself mentally and went to sit back down in the lounge. The motley coloured tribe followed him expectantly for some sort of response. When he’d settled he picked up his book and gave a whole hearted smile as he declared.

“All’s right with the world then” and promptly carried on with his evening.

The others just watched with mouths agape.

He chuckled, yes pretty normal for a Halloween.


Did you like hate let me know please all comments welcome except flame. Criticism good flame bad. ; P

The End

You have reached the end of "Halloween strikes again!". This story is complete.

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