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The Truth Within

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Summary: Every family has their dark little secrets. Buffy's about to find her own.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredAnneTicTacFR151030,58325029,45619 Aug 0720 Jul 09No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

The lost child


I didn't explain myself correctly in the previous chapter. Buffy-verse will be moved a year. Buffy is 16, she is not 17 as she should be when she slept with Angel. Everything else will be explained with the course of the story.

By: Anne79

Chapter I

The lost child

A vampire slayer, she thought. All the children’s tales, the myths... they were true. It was not just a silly class Professor Bins had dedicated to the most well-known myths. One girl alone to fight the darkness. Her little Buffy was one. Her only daughter, a slayer.

The first thing that had alerted her was the badly washed blood in her daughter’s clothes. Then, one day she had been cleaning around, she had found a wooden stake. She had innocently thought it was something Buffy needed for the hand-craft class. Then Buffy was kicked out of her school. Joyce had thought changing towns would leave the problems behind. She had thought the fights with Hank were the cause of all. Away from Los Angeles, away from Hank, they could have once again a new opportunity.

But trouble seemed to find Buffy wherever she went. Her teachers sent notes regularly, asking Joyce to pay more attention to the dedication and priority Buffy gave to her studies. But Joyce had tried, she had hired extra teachers, she let Buffy study with Mr. Giles or Willow, whom she thought were a good influence in Buffy. But she had been wrong. How could she expect Buffy to focus in school if she had to worry about vampires and demons? She knew her daughter was smart, but one could not ask so much from her.

And now here she was, sitting in the floor like a broken doll. The idea of Buffy being a slayer hadn’t crossed her mind seriously. The possibility of the existence of a slayer hadn’t dared to grow in her mind, she had dismissed it more quickly than flying pigs and pregnant men. Much less than her Buffy was one. And when her only daughter had come to her – not for help, but to help her: to protect her, like her brother had done when he forced her into exile- she had failed. She had not only reacted like the worse muggle would have reacted.

Shock had overcome as a vampire –a vampire?!- had come out of nowhere, and Buffy had killed him. All she had learned, all she knew was quite possible had just shut itself in the deepest corner of her mind. And then Buffy had come clean...

Mom, I’m a vampire slayer,” She had said. And instead of helping her, protecting her.. she had forced her out. Joyce had forced Buffy out of her life. And now only God knew where her daughter was.

There was not a trace of where she had gone. Mr. Giles didn’t know anything, neither did Buffy’s friends. She had asked her old friends in Los Angeles if they might get a glimpse of her, to retain her. She had even tried contacting Hank -he was in the Bahamas with some twenty something girl- it had been a total waste of time.

She had gone to the police. They knew nothing. She had a bad feeling, she knew there was something wrong. Why would Buffy not keep in touch with their friends? Was it because of the girl who had died?

That was another question in Joyce’s head. Was Buffy a newly born slayer? How could she have known the other slayer, the girl who had died? If she was newly born, then why did Buffy have such a criminal record? Or her record in Los Angeles a cry for help?

She had thought Buffy would have run to Willow’s. She had thought Buffy wouldn’t disappear in the thin air. How wrong had she been. She didn’t know what to do, what if Buffy fell into the wrong hands... what if Voldemort found Buffy before Joyce?

“The child is missing,” Severus said to Dumbledore.

“Of which one do you speak?” Albus Dumbledore answered calmly, not raising his eyes from the letter he was writing as Severus entered abruptly.

“You know of which I speak of,” Severus muttered loud enough. “We need to find the child, I cannot hide this information very long Dumbledore,” He continued as his voice grew stronger. “If Voldemort finds out of the vulnerability of the situation, he will not think twice to go and get-“

“I understand Severus,” The head master answered his blue twinkling eyes meeting the almost black ones of the Potions Master. “Joy did not only contact you,” He explained raising and giving a letter to Fawkes. “I will go to meet her, see if we can do something.”

If we can do something. Albus, do you reckon of what you are talking about?” Severus asked outraged. “He will kill the child if he gets a hold of it, that is of course after he tortures-”

“Do you forget who told you the prophesy?” Albus asked calmly as Fawkes turned into a bright ball of fire. “We will find the child, that does not worries me,” He said approached to the Potions Master. “You will stay during my absence, tell the Order to advance the plans of bringing Harry back to the headquarters.”

“Black will be thrilled,” Severus answered with hatred in his voice.

“The thing that worries me Severus, it is not the child’s location,” Dumbledore said searching within the black eyes, the soul of Snape. “What worries me, are the reasons for your actions... are you worried about the child because of a prophesy?... or are you worried because the child represents the broken bond with your sister?” The Head master as in cue threw Floo powder into his fireplace. “Rodello Drive, Sunnydale California.”

Buffy stood alone in the street. Have you tried not being a slayer? The voice of her mom sounded in her head. She had tried. She had cried, begged, refused to act, quit. But nothing had worked. She was the slayer, and she had to get over the idea of leaving the job, leaving her destiny behind. Once a slayer, always a slayer. She was in Los Angeles and trouble -as usual- seemed to be right behind her all the time. She had been fired from her job because she had arrived late. She had been late because she had found a couple of vampires in the dinner’s back alley. Now she had almost no money for food. And much less for the rent.

She was tired. She wanted to jump into her bed badly. She wanted to be able to call Willow and chat about boys like they used to. Hell! she would have been happy to go to school. But what she wanted the most was for her mom to find her, to tell her everything would be ok. To hug her and take the weight from her shoulders. To make her a hot cup of chocolate and sit with her in the kitchen to chat about something apparently meaningless. She wanted her mom to appear in front of her, and to tell her she had been wrong. Then her mom would ask her to come home. And Buffy in response would promise to be better, to study harder, to stop being a slayer.

But she couldn’t. She couldn’t give her back to the innocent people that would die because of her inefficacy. She wanted it badly. To quit, to be normal for once. But her desires had never matched with the destiny she was supposed to follow.

Buffy stood alone in the street. Her eyes filled with sadness. She had lost everything in a day. Her family, her friends, her future... and Angel. She stood there motionless. She would have made a perfect moving statue –like those that like to stand in public places- her chest only moved for an occasional breath. Then slowly but strongly her chest started moving faster and faster, her sobs echoed in the dirtied walls. And anyone who would have passed by, would have felt incredibly sorry for this girl who cried as if her soul had been torn apart.

“Buffy?” A sweet soothing voice made her heart stop for a second, she turned quickly and insecure, her eyes filled with dropping tears. And there she stood, the person Buffy had being longing the most to see. Some other tears left her eyes and quickly her whole sobbing body was held by her mother’s embrace. Joyce held her daughter delicately. Brushing softly and comfortingly Buffy’s hair. “I’m sorry,” she whispered softly. “I didn’t mean it,” Buffy couldn’t respond. “Please come back,” Her mother continued whispering.

“I’m so sorry mom,” Buffy managed to say between sobs. It was as if now she was being held by her mother’s secure arms, all the late facts of her life had finally reached her. Her tears were not only for her mother, but for everything she had messed up and couldn’t fix.

“I don’t mean to break this touching moment, but I think this isn’t the place or the time,” A man -Buffy hadn’t noticed standing so near them- said with a kind tone. He had long silvery hair, a beard that was cut up at the same length as his hair. His clothes were the thing that kept the longest Buffy’s attention. He was wearing robes: dark blue robes, with small yellow or golden –she couldn’t tell by the light- details. His eyes were hidden behind a pair of silvery looking glasses.

“I-I” Buffy didn’t know how to react, she felt foolish. If he had been a vampire they would have been dead. She stood in front of her mother protectively. She evaluated the man, but before she concluded her perception she felt her mother’s hand touching her shoulder. Her mother pushed her forward.

“Buffy I’d like you to meet Albus Dumbledore,” Joyce said seriously, now standing side by side of her daughter.

“Joyce dear, we will have time to meet after,” The man said quickly after giving a smile to Buffy. “I’m afraid Voldemort already has the information he needed”


“I will explain later,” Joyce silenced quickly. Buffy took several steps away from her mother.

“Who are you?” She asked to her mother. Her mother looked back with confusion.

“Buffy, we don’t have time for this,” Joyce hurried approaching her daughter.

“Let her Joyce, it’s better this way,” Dumbledore said still standing alert. “It is good to know your Watcher taught you not trust anyone, no matter what they might look like,” The man said with a saddened smile. Buffy noticed her mother’s eyes turning quickly to stare at Dumbledore’s. Buffy had noticed grief in her mother’s eyes. Sadness, Regret... who was this man? What did he mean by what he said?

“How did you find me?” Buffy asked Joyce suspiciously, leaving behind her previous questions.

“Albus has a very special instrument, it takes us where our heart longs us to go,” Joyce explained staring directly into Buffy’s eyes. Buffy didn’t flinch. Her mind was working quicker than before. Now there were too many things that did not seem natural.

“If you expect me to buy that... then-“

“When you were five we used to have a small cat...,” Joyce said. “..Hank named it Ginger because of it’s color, but what he didn’t know is that we had already named him,” Joyce continued. “We named it Cin, for cinnamon... you had learned the word recently and you wanted the cat named like that,” Joyce said smiling at her daughter. “I believe almost every little thing you had was named Cinnamon.”

“We never made dad call him that did we?” Buffy asked lost in thought. Her eyes turned and studied her mother’s facial expressions.

“Never, Hank is the most stubborn creature I’d ever met,” Joyce replied with a smile of her own.

“That’s because you have never met the goblins, interesting yet very stubborn creatures,” Albus said as he stepped towards them. Buffy’s attention turned to Joyce once again.

“I have one last question,” Buffy said, Joyce nodded. “How did the cat die?”

“It didn’t, we gave it away to our neighbor when we went to Sunnydale,” Joyce answered. Buffy nodded and approached. Her mother touched gently her back.

“I’m sorry,” Buffy muttered.

“It is alright to mistrust,” Dumbledore said with a wise smile behind his beard. “I believe it is safer sometimes,” He said pulling out a pencil from inside his robes. He pulled a long stick “Portus” He muttered and the pencil glowed for a second. “This is a port-key, you need to touch it to be transported to another place” Buffy looked uncertain at the pencil. Her logic not trusting the man’s explanations. Joyce touched the other end of the pencil as if to show her daughter it would not harm her. Buffy touched the pencil and the world as she knew it disappeared with her.


I hope you guys enjoyed it, any questions? any suggestions? any whatever? ... then review!
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