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The Truth Within

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Summary: Every family has their dark little secrets. Buffy's about to find her own.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredAnneTicTacFR151030,58325029,45619 Aug 0720 Jul 09No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13


DISCLAIMER: Harry Potter nor Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to me. I only own the plot.


Harry Potter: The Seventh year of HP and Co.

Buffy: Immediately after season two. The thing is... we are moving back a year. So Buffy slept with Angel not at 17 but at 16.

Any questions .... Review!

By: Anne79

“Buffy, could you please sign this?” Joyce asked gently. Her eleven year old daughter, Buffy, came to her, with a red lollipop in her mouth.

“Sign?” Buffy asked.

“Yes, you are a big girl now, you can sign your name. You just write your name and your last name in a pretty way nobody else can imitate,” Joyce explained pulling her daughter over her lap. The girl struggled a bit to break free, but came to understand her mother’s strength was way higher than her own.

“What for?” the girl asked, as she grabbed the pen her mother held for her.

“Well, my old school has sent a reminder of the place they have for you there,” Joyce answered smiling. “But I thought you would prefer staying here, in Los Angeles,” she continued as she brushed delicately her daughter’s blonde hair away from her face. “You see, I went to a school in the United Kingdom.... but I think it’s way too far, don’t you?” she asked. The girl turned and glanced at her mother shortly.

“Yes... I would like staying here with Sara and Bonnie!” the girl agreed, nodding.

“Well, I’m making a small letter to explain why you are not going to go, and they ask for your signature,” Joyce explained.

“Oh” Buffy muttered as she grabbed the pen and practiced in the air. Then, she proceeded to do it in the yellow looking paper. “This paper is kinda funny,” the girl said. She had finished her signature with a long curly end. “Is that fine?”

“Yes Buffy, perfect.”

“And was it cool the school?” Buffy asked as she stood up away from her mom’s grasp.

“Yes, I suppose.” The woman said without giving it importance. Buffy shrugged and continued to lick her lollipop leaving the room. Her mother sighed and continued with a second letter with the same yellow fragile looking paper.

Dear Albus,

I appreciate your interest in my child’s well-being. We are doing fine. Unfortunately, I do not think it will be appropriate to bring her to Hogwarts. The threat of the Dark Lord still lingers in England... even in Europe. I prefer the safety of the distance. I prefer also not to donate our actual location –you will understand why I have protected our location by some spells of which you are familiar. Fawkes will be the only link that joins us-, and I would prefer that you don’t mention this to my brother, nor do I want news from him as you offered. That door was closed a long time ago, and I would rather if it stayed that way.

I hope you are well,

Yours truly,


She closed it with a small seal she had kept hidden. She opened the window and she noticed the flaming bird near. “Fawkes, take this to Albus.” She said giving a small caress to the bird. The bird seemed to have nodded, it flew away from the house and it disappeared in a ball of fire.
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