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Polaroid Memories

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Double the trouble, double the fun, double the D". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Diner Favors. Daniel meets up again with Dean.

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Supernatural > Oz-CenteredziliFR1311,6482112,70919 Aug 0719 Aug 07Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Dean, Sam, Daniel, or Jordy. However the Drayith and Jenny are all mine.

A/N: This is a sequel to Diner Favors and this one was inspired by KaylaShay’s lovely fanart Polaroid Memories

Dean glared at Sam, who was trying not to smile and failing miserably. “You know—”

“Shut up Sammy.” Dean focused on the road again. Sam opened his mouth and Dean cranked up his music. The younger brother just laughed. Word had been these girls had been popping up everywhere. Word from the Roadhouse was that they were slayers, super strength hunters. Who were all GIRLS!!! Dean sneaked another glare at Sam again, how the hell was he suppose to know she was a slayer? Sam smacked him in the shoulder before pointing to the exit for the camping site.

When they reached it, the parking lot was completely empty except for one lone van. Dean turned off his car, “Damn I thought no one would be here.”

Sam opened his door, “Grab a Ranger’s badge.”

Dean leaned over and took a box from the glove compartment. He rifled through it for a moment before grabbing two badges and throwing one at Sam. “I feel weird.” Dean said as they walked toward the two tents that were set up.

“Why?” Sam asked looking around.

“I hate being a Park Ranger if I don’t have the hat. Cause really the hat totally clinches the job.”

Sam stopped and stared at his brother, “How hard did that girl hit you in the head?”

Dean was unable to make a retort because suddenly they saw a girl step out of one of the tents. She looked very cute bordering on adorable. She was maybe 16, 18 at the oldest. She was dressed in shorts and a tank top and she was holding a Polaroid camera. She also had platinum blonde hair with big purple streaks. She saw them and immediately snapped a picture. The girl grabbed the photo and started waving it through the air. “Hi!” She chirped at them. Yes, chirped. Dean immediately lowered her age to 15.

Sam smiled back at her, “Hello I’m—”

A man and a boy stepped out of the other tent. “Daniel?” Dean stared at the man. Ripped shirt, ripped jeans, and bright blue hair. The same guy he had kissed in a diner nearly two years ago.

Daniel nodded in his direction, “Hey.”

The girl smiled and went to nudge Daniel, “You know this pillar of salty goodness?”

The boy, who looked like a ten year old version of Daniel only with bright fire engine red hair, stuck out his tongue, “More like a stump than a pillar.”

The girl poked him in the shoulder before turning back to Daniel, “Well…” Daniel raised an eyebrow, “Come on please.”

He started pointing at people, “Dean. Jenny. Jordy. Daniel. Unknown.” Daniel stopped with Sam.

Sam shot Dean a look before saying, “I’m Sam, Dean’s brother.”

Jenny gave him a brilliant smile, “I can see the family resemblance.” She nodded her head toward Daniel. “He’s my cousin. And shorty here is my little brother.”

“So are you guys camping?” Dean asked looking at Daniel.

“Yep just for the weekend. Then I’ve got to go back to the School and Jordy has to go back to Mom and Dad. We’re leaving tomorrow morning.” Jenny said. Dean was still staring at Daniel not so covertly. “Come on baby brother. I think I saw squirrel over there.” Jenny started dragging her brother off towards the woods.

“It’s not a full moon what do I care about squirrel?” Jordy muttered.

Daniel sat down on a log so that he was looking at the woods and his back was to the lake. “So…” Dean said as he sat down next to Daniel, “It’s pretty dangerous out here.”

“Not as dangerous as it was yesterday night.” Daniel commented.

Sam sat on the other side of his brother, “What do you mean?”

Daniel just shrugged. “So did you manage to get away from those cops?”

Dean smirked, “Yeah actually I did. So any chance we could talk you into leaving the campsite?”

“Still don’t believe in wasting time I see.” Daniel gave a small smile.

A light flashed. “Aww don’t you three look so cute.” Jenny said waving the photograph.

Jordy shoved his hands in his pocket. “The squirrel escaped but it will be forever traumatized. It saw Jen’s face.”

Jenny glared at her brother. “Five… four…” She tossed her camera to Daniel. “three…”

“Oh crap.” Jordy started running.

“Two… one!” Jenny began chasing after the small boy.

They watched as the kids ran back into the woods although the Winchesters tensed, looking as though they would go running at the slightest scream. “It’ll be getting dark soon. Don’t really want to drive in the dark.” Daniel told them. “Unless you can give me a reason why?”

Dean looked at Sam who shrugged. Suddenly a scream had the Winchesters up on their feet and running into the woods. Daniel followed at a much more sedate pace. It took them ten minutes just to reach Daniel’s cousins even running full out. They stopped in a clearing to see Jordy thrown over Jenny’s shoulder. She was spinning as fast as she could. Jordy let out another scream.

“Hey Jenny you might want to put him down.” Daniel said.


“He looks like he might puke in your hair.”

Jenny immediately stopped spinning and put her brother down. Jordy promptly tried to walk… straight into a tree. Dean looked at Jenny and then at Jordy. While Jenny wasn’t exactly a shrimp, neither was her brother. She had been spinning very fast and in one place. They did say those slayers were cropping up everywhere.

“Let’s get back.” Daniel put an arm around Jordy’s shoulder to help guide him back.

“Daniel where’d you put my camera?” Jenny asked as she followed him.

“Left it by the log.” He said. Jenny let out a small screech and started running for the campsite. Daniel looked back at Dean and Sam, “She really likes that camera.”

Sam let out a laugh, “Yeah.”

By the time the boys got back it was dark. Jenny was working on starting a fire. “Get ready for bed.” Daniel whispered to his little cousin.

“Get our stuff from the car, just camping stuff.” Dean muttered to Sam before grabbing Daniel’s arm. He dragged them away from everyone where they were hidden from everyone else. “Listen do me a favor—”

“Will this one be as fun as the last one?” Daniel arched an eyebrow.

Dean smirked and put his hand around the back of Daniel’s neck. “Would you like another one of those favors? I have plenty of those to give out.” He pulled him closer. When there lips were about an inch apart a bright light flashed. “What was that?” Dean looked around.

Daniel sighed, “That would be my cousin Jenny. The natives are getting restless, better get back.” He turned to leave.

Dean grabbed him and spun him back around. He planted his lips on Daniel’s. Then he pulled back, “No matter what you hear don’t leave the campsite tonight.” Dean walked away and went to help his brother set up their sleeping bags.

“What was that about?” Sam asked quietly.

“Nothing. We’ll leave once they go to sleep.” Dean sat down on his sleeping bag and prepared for a wait.

It took about three hours before Daniel and his cousins retired to their tents. Then another half hour to make sure they were actually asleep. “Alright let’s go.” Dean said making his way back to his car. Sam followed him. They tried to be quiet as they opened the trunk. “So tell me about the Drayith.”

Sam grabbed a shotgun, “Basically it’s like a subset of a wendigo. Not as strong or fast and nowhere near as smart. This makes it killings a lot more often and bloody. A bullet to the heart should work, fire too if we get desperate again.”

“Alright let’s go.” Dean said.

They crept past the campsite and went into the woods. Though it was not even close to the full moon there was still enough light to see by. Plus they had flashlights if they really needed them. They found definite signs of the creature but they couldn’t find the thing. However the further they went into the woods the more Dean felt like someone was following them.

“I think something’s following us.” Sam whispered. “Do you think it’s the Drayith?”

“I don’t know.” Dean looked around him. He heard a rustling to the right. “Sam.” They both turned with their guns pointed and were blinded by a flash of light. Dean lowered his gun immediately, “Jenny is that you?”

Sam went to where the light had come from now but there was no one there. “Jenny if that’s you, please come out.” Despite calling for her, she didn’t answer. They continued looking for the creature though they were very careful in case Jenny was still around.

They didn’t find the Drayith and by the time they made their way back it was dawn. The tents were gone and so was Daniel’s van. “Dean.” Sam called.

There was a piece of paper stuck in the windshield of the Impala. It had Dean and Sam’s name written on it. There were four photos wrapped inside. The first had the words ‘Sam + Dean + Daniel 2006’ written on it. It was the picture of the three of them sitting on the log. The next was one of Dean and Daniel nearly kissing with the words ‘My cousin gets all the cute ones’. Sam looked at his brother, “Uh huh.”

“Shut up.”

The third one said ‘Ever need help call 330-941-1981’ and had a picture of the brothers in the woods.

“I knew that was Jenny. Why would we need help from—” Dean said before looking at the last photo. “Son of a bitch.”

‘By the way we killed the Drayith Friday night’ It was a picture of Jordy and Jenny playing soccer with the Drayith’s head.


The End

You have reached the end of "Polaroid Memories". This story is complete.

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