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The Ending of the Old World and the Birth of a New

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Tales of the Old New World". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The History of the Buffy World

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Literature > Fantasy(Past Donor)DakaathFR1523,306013,01519 Aug 0719 Aug 07Yes

The Birth of the New

In the Chaos Realm at the time of the Great Battle…

Giants battled. Titanic entities fought in the endless ether, struggling for dominance. On one side were the immensely powerful Chaos Gods.

Nurgle the god of disease decay, despair, and destruction.

Slaanesh the god of excess, hedonism, pleasure, and self-indulgence. The Dark Prince of Pleasure.

Tzeentch the god of change, sorcery, scheming, and manipulation. The Changer of Ways, the Grand Schemer, and the Lord of Sorcery.

And finally the most powerful of them all, Khorne the god of hate, blood, rage, killing, and war. The Blood God and Lord of Skulls.

Opposing them was a host of smaller entities, the gods of men, dwarfs, and elves.

Ulfric the god of winter, wolves, and battle.

Morr the god of death and dreams.

Shallya the god of healing and mercy.

The Lady of the Lake, goddess of the Bretonnians.

Asuryan, the eldest god of the high elves.

Grimnir and Grungni, the dwarf gods.

And Lord Sigmar, the Hammer Bearer, god of the Empire of Man.

Even as their mortal worshippers battled so did they fight. As the first great tremor wracked the mortal world Asuryan, Grimnir, and Grungni all shrank, the deaths of their worshippers diminishing their power. Even as they weakened Khorne grew stronger, the great battles feeding his lust for blood.

Occupied with their struggle none of them noticed Nagash perform his spell until it was too late. As the spell struck the Great Portal and collapsed it the gods all staggered, cut off from their worshippers. It was then they were struck.

Swarms of minor entities of the warp, demons all, swarmed toward the weakened gods. Normally easily crushed they had sheer numbers on their side and the weakness of the gods. Being tied to no particular god meant that the larger entities had no True Names to use against them, so the battle was down to strength and numbers. The diminished Dwarf and Elf gods were the first to fall, covered by the minor entities. One by one they fell until only Khorne was left, struggling alone. Right before he was over come he sent a final message to one of his loyal demons on the Great Battle field. As he was covered he felt his demon slip into one of the corpses and take control.

Like spiders the minor entities wrapped up the gods and sent them to the farthest reaches of the realm, hiding them away from each other. Their goal completed the entities started to gather…

“What will we do now? They will escape eventually.”

“We have to keep their followers occupied, make them forgotten.”

“Then they will never be free.”
“Balance is the goal.”

“Yes Balance between ‘good’ and ‘evil.’”

“The longer the struggle the more souls we have to feed on.”

“And the more power we get.”

And so combining their strength the entities repierced the wall between the worlds. The Great Portal was beyond their means to create so several minor portals were made instead. And thus the Hellmouths and the Powers-That-Be were formed.

Meanwhile on the mortal plain…

On the quiet battlefield a corpse stirred. Picking itself up it looked around, the Khornate demon inside the body adjusting it to fit its preference. The entire body was focused on one thing: BLOOD!

The End

You have reached the end of "The Ending of the Old World and the Birth of a New". This story is complete.

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