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A Kindred Spirit

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This story is No. 2 in the series "A New Fellowship". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Oz contemplates the elf that saved them. Part Two of the "New Fellowship" series.

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Lord of the Rings > General > Theme: Post FellowshipslytherinwithwingsFR131627042,61720 Aug 0720 Aug 07Yes
They're not mine, wish they were.
This does contain a Xander/Dawn pairing but Dawn is of age, no worries.

“Oz, how are you so sure we can trust this…person?”

Oz blinked up at Xander from his spot against the tree. The one-eyed carpenter slash warrior was only concerned for their group.

“He shot the uglies for us, healed me.” Oz shrugged, deciding for now not to mention that Legolas’s scent had been teasing him since they’d fallen through the portal. Mystical artifacts, like books, should never have Latin spoken nearby. Beside the point. “I think he’s an elf,” he added as an afterthought.

Xander’s eye flew to the blond man sitting away from the group but still in the firelight, swept him over, landed on his almond eyes, then his pointed ears. He was watching them, and probably knew they were speaking of him and his presence among them. Xander sighed.


“He’s strongly connected to the forest, Xan,” the witch replied. “More than any human I’ve met. If half the tales about elves are right, they are far closer to the earth than we are, so that makes sense. And he did heal Oz.”


“He’s cute.”


“What?” Dawn grinned at Xander’s expression. “You know I won’t do anything. Just making an observation.” She sidled up to Xander and put an arm around his waist causing Oz to sneeze at the increase in their de facto leader’s pheromones. “We need a local guide and someone to teach us the language, right?”

Oz smiled. The elf would stay with them if he wanted to. All Dawn ever had to do was bat those blue eyes and her boyfriend melted. When the two had declared their relationship, word was Buffy had glared for all of ten seconds before huffing that Dawn just HAD to pick the one guy that she wouldn’t threaten and congratulated them both. It had taken years for Dawn to break through the little sister image that Xander had placed between them, but when she had…well, here they were.

Xander bent to lightly kiss Dawn’s forehead. “If he turns on us…”

“Won’t,” Oz said, growing bored with the argument. “Legolas.” The elf turned to him in surprise. Oz gestured to the rabbit over the fire. “It’s done.” He could smell the cooked meat, but couldn’t rise yet. The herbs helped and with his werewolf metabolism, he’d be fine in no time, but they were all making him stay still anyway. Legolas smiled and removed the rabbit. Not only had he saved them from big ugly things, he’d brought dinner. And he gave some to Oz first, probably in deference to his injury. He had undoubtedly seen Oz in wolf form but it didn’t seem to bother him, and that was always a plus in the little self-contained world of Oz. “Thank you,” Oz said, accepting the food with a slight bow, or as much of a bow as he could manage from a reclining position. Legolas nodded and said something in his own tongue which probably meant ‘you’re welcome.’

Xander, Willow, and Dawn spoke together on the other side of the camp fire, and Oz felt a pang. It was random chance that he was here at all. He wasn’t part of their team anymore, hadn’t been in a long time. He sighed. Even a lone wolf longed for a pack. He looked over at Legolas and saw him watching them with the same longing in his eyes. Silently, Oz raised an imaginary glass to a kindred spirit.

AN: It was short, but I hadn't expected to do more with this so soon. I have to get back to the other bunnies now. More on this later. Ta Ta

The End

You have reached the end of "A Kindred Spirit". This story is complete.

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