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Jesse McNally, Snake Killer

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Summary: Answer to challenge #2404. What happened to Jesse after he was staked by Xander at the Harvest.

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Stargate > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersRebelgirlFR1534,2010164,79820 Aug 0712 Oct 07No

Chapter 1

Spoilers for end of Season 6 Stargate SG1, post-Chosen BTVS

"Why did you decide to come with us, rather than take Oma's offer, kid?" Jack asked Jesse.

"I'm not Abydonian, she could only offer Ascension to homegrown talent," Jesse said bitterly, "so that makes it the second time I've lost a family."

"When would the first time be?" asked Sam softly

"When I ended up on Abydos in the first place from Cali, back when I was 15," answered Jesse as he checked his rifle over automatically.

"Cali? Are you from Earth, kid?" asked Jack.

"Yeah, little one Starbucks town called Sunnydale, just down the freeway from L.A. And I can't go home, the Powers won't let me," said Jesse as he looked up. "They've decided to test me, make me their Goddamn soldier. I've been fighting since I was 15. I was on Abydos when Sha're and Skaara got taken years ago. You just missed me," and he smirked at Jack then.

"You asshole, we could've done with your help then," shot back Jack.

"What the hell do you think I did? I wasn't trained to fight, so I got the kids out of the way. I knew the Jaffa were there for slaves and hosts, the Powers let me know, I wish I didn't know half of what I know," Jesse shouted back. "I've seen and done more than most 22 year old's, and I can't even let my buds know I'm still alive, cos they'll think I'm evil!"

"Sunnydale's the town that the Initiative Project went FUBAR in isn't it sir?" asked Sam, as she walked towards the dialing device and started patting herself down to find her GDO.

"Yeah," said Jack as he attempted to calm himself down. "I helped clean up that mess after that jackass McNamara cocked up, and I still have nightmares over what I saw. And 3 kids and their old high school librarian stopped the situation from deteriorating even further."

Just then, Sam managed to establish a wormhole, and they stepped through to the relative safety of the SGC.


SG1 and Jesse were met on the other side of the Stargate by General Hammond and Dr Frasier, both were intrigued about how an American citizen had ended up on Abydos without going through a Stargate to start with.

By the time Jesse's full debriefing was finished with, he'd been back on Earth for two months. And Sunnydale had imploded after the battle with the First.

So feeling rather glum, Jesse went to go and see Janet Frasier, and as he stepped into her inner-sanctum, he saw he gained a two for one, as Sam Carter was also there.

"Hey Doc F, Major C, how can I go about getting my GED? It's just occurred to me that all I'm trained for is to kill Goa'uld, which isn't going to help me find a job," Jesse said, sounding as down as he looked.

Janet and Sam looked at one another. "It never occurred to us either, Jesse. We'll have a word with General Hammond about tutors and setting up a test for you," said Sam.

"Ugh, school," shuddered Jesse,"it was bad enough in Sunnydale. What's the mortality rate?" he added with a grin, "I think ours was 30%, last I knew anyway."

Both Sam and Janet just stared at Jesse in horror at that little remark.


A year later, Jesse had his GED, and a post as a Goa'uld adviser attached to the SGC. He was the youngest ever posted there in that capacity full-time. Teal'c's son, Ry'ac, only helped out on a part time basis when his duties to the Jaffa Rebellion allowed.

A few months into Jesse's new job, three new soldiers started at the SGC. Jesse as of yet hadn't had much to do with them, but they'd quickly gained a reputation for being ...odd. As Sam was one interrogating Jesse about his childhood in Sunnydale, Graham Miller overheard the name of the town mentioned, and mentioned it in passing to Riley Finn. This was just before the Cleveland Hellmouth went postal. Again.


{Riley Finn, Samantha Finn, Graham Miller, Jesse McNally, report to General O'Neill's office.}

"No rest for the wicked, Sam," said Jesse with a grin to Sam Carter, as he grabbed his last sweet, and got shot of his tray on the way out of the canteen.

Jesse met up with the others on the way up to the General's office.

"Any idea what this is about?" he asked.

"No idea, but we'll find out soon," said Graham as they reached their destination, and knocked on the door.

"Come!" barked O'Neill, as the group walked into his office. "Ah, Finn, Miller, you both served in Sunnydale, correct?"

Graham and Riley just looked at one another, and then at Sam, "What's this got to do with Sunnydale, sir?" asked Riley.

"Enough of the bullshit, I helped clean up after Project Initiative. Both of you were part of that. Sam here signed on for the UN's demon hunting team for a few years, and McNally's from Sunnydale, still need a road map, Finn?" asked O'Neill sarcastically.

"Cleveland's exploded again, hasn't it?" asked Graham.

"Yeah, but we think that Jesse's area of expertise might be needed as well," said Jack, looking tired. "The incidents have been acting a little differently from what we normally deal with, and also from what the Watcher's normally deal with as well, so, we're gonna be working together on this one. At 0200 hours tomorrow, you'll board a plane bound for Ohio, until then, gather any supplies that you need, and get some rest. Full briefing will come on site. I'm sorry, but I don't know much more than this, they wouldn't send anymore information due to concerns about the NID," he added with a grimace.

"Understandable, sir," said Riley. "Aside of the three of us, the military are not liked by the Watchers. Permission to get ready?"

"Granted. Dismissed. McNally, wait, please." Jack waited until Riley, Sam and Graham had left before he said, "you do know who you're going to be working with, Jesse?"

Jesse just shrugged at that one, "no idea, Jack."

"Okay, Rupert Giles, Buffy Summers, Faith Lehane," and Jack looked Jesse in the eye here, "Willow Rosenberg and Xander Harris. Yeah, I know, your old friends from before Abydos. Do try not to get killed again, we haven't got a working sarcophagus," he joked.

"I'll do my best," Jesse said, just before he bolted out of Jack's office.


"Goddamn it Jesse, will you keep still," snarled Graham. "How much sugar has he had today?" he asked Sam as she drove the 4x4 into Cleveland.

"How should I know? I'm married to Riley, not McNally. If it's bugging you that much *you* restrict his sugar intake," Sam snarked back. Riley just sighed and looked at the map and proceeded to direct Sam to the Slayer HQ.

30 minutes they drew up outside a heavily fortified building and spoke into the security system, and was allowed into the premises. At this point, Jesse starting muttering under his breath in Abydonian and bouncing in his seat again.

"That's it, I'm out of here, I can't take it anymore,"cried Graham, whose last nerve had been frayed over 15 minutes ago.

"We're here now, can't you just ignore him. You've also got Xander to put up with. Can you imagine he's gonna be any easier to tolerate after 5 Mountain Dew's?" said Sam dryly as she put the car in park.

"Oh God, please, shoot me now," groaned Graham as he hit his head on the back of Riley's seat, who didn't even have the decency to look sympathetic towards him.

Sam then got out and went and banged on the main door.

"It's open," they heard a teenage female voice shout, so Sam opened the door and walked in.

"Dawn! Hey, where is everyone? Don't tell me you're on your own here?" she asked the teenager.

"Nah, Xan's here," replied Dawn as she walked up for a hug, "we've been waiting for you guys, c'mon Riley, hurry up!" she shouted through the open door.

"I think we just got our orders, guys, c'mon, let's get the weapons out in one go," suggested Riley.

They managed to do this, and just as they were entering the house, they heard Dawn shouting, "Xan, they're here!", then she saw Jesse, and Sam quite clearly heard her say, "who's the hottie?"

Then Xander walked into the room, greeted Riley, Sam and Graham, and went white at the sight of Jesse. "Jesse?" he said.

"Hey, Xan. Long time, no see," Jesse said with a strained smile, "please don't stake me again. It won't have quite the same effect this time."

"Jesse?" echoed Dawn in disbelief, "but you died at the Harvest."

"What?" said Sam, Riley and Graham at the same time.
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