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The Past Is In The Present

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Summary: A human Spike and Brooke Davis are engaged, living together, and even expecting their first child soon. They're genuinely happy . . . until an old aquintance shows up in Spike's life, threatening his new family.

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Chapter 13: Picking Up The Pieces

Chapter Thirteen: Picking Up The Pieces

Hours later, everyone was awake and fully aware of what had happened to Spike and Katherine. Brooke, crushed and completely exhausted by the upset, had promptly cried herself to sleep while Dawn tried to calm her down and still tend to Alexis. Angel, upset as he was by the kidnapping of his daughter, was desperately trying to hold it together for his grieving wife.

Alexis, however, was completely unfazed by the activities going on around her. The newborn Slayer simply wanted to be close to her mother.

Dawn sighed as she rocked Alexis in her arms much like she’d done with her niece. The young-adult took a deep breath. Like Angel, she too was trying not to fall apart for the sakes of Buffy and Brooke.

Sure she wasn’t either the mother or fiancé of those kidnapped but Katherine was her niece and Spike had been reminiscent of a big brother to her.

Alexis started to fuss so Dawn started humming the lullaby she’d once heard Buffy sing to Katherine. Luckily it seemed to work and Alexis went back to sleep.

From down the hall, Dawn could hear crying from her sister and brother-in-law’s room. This was completely unlike Buffy. Dawn hadn’t seen her sister this hysterical since their mother, Joyce, had passed away many years earlier.


Spike awoke to a horrible, horrible stench sifting through his nostrils. His face, which he was now just aware of, scrunched in disgust. His eyes still close, he was suddenly aware of the rest of his body. Pain. Pain. And lots of it. Pain. Oh god . . . the stench of blood and human waste . . .

His senses overloaded. His eyes suddenly flew open. It did not matter, however, because wherever he was it was just a mass of utter darkness. He lifted his broken wrist crying out in pain. But even though his hand was not even two centimeters away from his face he could not see.

A mass of darkness.

The limits of the room could not be determined and he dare not move for fear of what could be just beyond his reach. He remained completely still despite the uncomfortableness in his position.

His mind wandered, desperate to keep busy to pass the time. His first thought was of Brooke and the newborn Alexis. Were they okay? Were they here? . . . Oh god he hoped they weren’t here. No. Not here. Not his family. No. Please . . .

“Help!!!!!!!” He shouted at the top of his lungs, “Somebody help me!!!! Help!!!!!”


“Honey, you need to eat something,” Angel whispered, kissing his wife’s forehead. Buffy was silent, rested on her side, face stuffed into the mattress on their bed. Dried tears mixed with dried mascara and eye shadow caked on her eyes, hard and stuck to her cheeks, "We're going to get her back, Buffy." The Slayer slowly sat up, "If I have to go through every demon on this earth, I will. I will bring Katherine home." Still, no reaction from his wife. Angel kissed her again before getting up and turning to leave.

As he left heard Buffy say, "None of this would have happened if Spike would have just stayed away . . ." In his head Angel silently agreed.

He left the room and headed down the hall to the guest room. Once inside he found Dawn rocking a now sleeping Alexis while Brooke slept on the bed.

Dawn looked up and smiled wanly at him. He nodded his head in acknowledgment. Dawn gently lay Alexis down on the bed beside Brooke and she and Angel went out into the hall. Dawn hugged her brother-in-law and said, “How’re you holding up?”

“Buffy’s a mess,” Angel replied, “I haven’t seen her like this since Katherine had to be in the hospital so long after she born.”

Dawn nodded, “What about you?”

“Dealing,” Angel shrugged.

“We’ll get them back,” Dawn said.

“I know,” Angel replied, staring at the baby.

To Be Continued . . .

Author's note: Okay, so i'm not sure if i should continue this story. i'm really rather surprise by the complete lack of reviews this story has compared to my other ones. so if there's anyone who's reading this besides me and wants it to continue, say it in a review. otherwise i might just delete it altogether.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Past Is In The Present" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Apr 08.

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