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10 Places the Scoobies Never Lived In

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Summary: After Sunnydale's collapse, there were a lot of options as to where to build Slayer Central...and here's where they SHOULDN'T have. I'm thinking 250 words each so far...

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Closet Space

Disclaimer: How I miss Joss'(sss) sublime story lines from BTVS. How I miss C. S. Lewis'(sss) sweet phrasings from the Narnia books. How I miss my sanity.

Note: This is it for tonight, unless I can find a way to work in the Addams family (This weekend's obsession. It's fleeting, I swear!)

Another Note: Okay, so I played fast and loose with the Narnia timeline. In my little world (you'd like it there), minutes=months instead of hundreds of years or whatnot. Also, WWII, what WWII?! Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy simply take a nice weekend off from their busy Modern-British lives...

250 words.

“...and 50. That’s all of them, Xander!”

“Thank Hostess™. I was starting to wonder if we’d ever get them all through….and here they are again.”

50 newly trained Slayers tumbled onto the dusty floor of the upper spare room. The elderly professor who owned the house had lent it to them for the weekend after he had gotten a visit from ‘a very old friend.’

“Willow!” Kennedy raced up, hugging the witch tightly. After reminding Kennedy of Slayer strength and a general need for air, Willow smiled at her girlfriend.

“Kennedy, hon, I just saw you two minutes ago.”

The Slayer rolled her eyes. “Two minutes for you, two MONTHS for me. Willow, you’re the one who designed this training program, so you should know this.”

“Well, not so much designed as asked the big lion guy VERY politely, and then nodded a lot when he told me the best way to do it.”

Xander smirked. “So modest. So, Kennedy, do Buffy and King Peter still make googly eyes at each other?”

“They’ve moved up a bit from there. If I didn’t KNOW he was waiting for marriage, it’d be traumatizing. It’s still rather sickening, actually…”

Willow looked slightly worried. “Xander, you DID tell her the entire part where everyone exits Narnia the same age as when they came in, right? That means that King Peter is still just a kid if he ever comes back...”

“I did, but you know Buffy. Say the word ‘doomed,’ and she’s hooked.”
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