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10 Places the Scoobies Never Lived In

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Summary: After Sunnydale's collapse, there were a lot of options as to where to build Slayer Central...and here's where they SHOULDN'T have. I'm thinking 250 words each so far...

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Where Angels Fear to Tread

Disclaimer: Joss owns Joss'(sss) people, somebody else owns Power Rangers, and I should never be allowed to write after 1 AM. There, I am disclaimed.

Note: Hey look! *actually looks* I'm not dead! Really! I just have been reading...a lot...for months...


250 words.

The Mayor’s office was, as it usually was after an attack, chaos. Building owners and disgruntled citizens cut off from basic utilities were crowded into the tiny lobby. The receptionist, who had until this point considered herself jaded to it all, was somewhat surprised at the tall young man flanked by two small teenage girls making their way easily through the crowd. Upon reaching the front desk, he immediately got the room’s attention by asking, almost politely, if this town was insane.

“…because only a city of complete NUTJOBS would give those…those HOOLIGANS super powers!”

One of the girls smirked. “Hooligans? Way to be tweed-bound, Xander.”

The man named Xander ignored her. “Sure, I can understand the badness of the giant monster, but still! Hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage, just so what, a bunch of Skittle-colored wannabe’s get to play superhero? My girls have been trapped for HOURS in our underground facilities, our building having COLLAPSED ON TOP OF IT.”

Murmurs of agreement came from the crowd, many voicing opinions that “something should be done!” The receptionist merely nodded tiredly, handing him a number. The man seemed to have run out of steam, as he and the two girls found some seats in the back. One girl smothered giggles.

“Seriously though, SKITTLE-colored?”

Xander sighed. “Well, it’s my own fault, I guess. I was the one who wanted to live in a town named ‘Angel Grove.’ Like ‘Sunnydale’ taught me nothing. Next time, it’s so gonna be ‘Demonaville.’”
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