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The Half Vampire and the Sinister Hellmouth

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Summary: Greg? Half Vamp? No way...and Sin City...a, what you called it, Hellmouth? I really dont understand.

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CSI > CSI Las VegasMissyxPlagueFR1821,949032,60021 Aug 0724 Aug 07No


Hey guys, its not real i promise. If it was, i think Faith would've killed Greg...or at least let Spike do it. XD

“Greg!” Grissom called out of his office door. Greg sighed…he was hoping to get down to David before he talked to anyone else. Nick and Sara were at the hospital…they were both a little shaken.

He turned and walked into Grissom’s office, closing the door behind him and sitting down.

“Nick told me something. I don’t know why he did but I want to take it up with you…” he said. “He thinks that you told him your half vampire?”

“I did…and no I’m not lying.” Greg said. He fixed his collar and cracked his neck.

“I don’t understand Greg…how can you be half vampire. They aren’t real.” Grissom said coolly.

“Actually, yes Grissom they are real. Along with a whole mess of other demons. Its hard to explain honestly…but I cant right now…I have to go talk to some people about this.” Greg replied, just as cool.

“Talk to whom?” Grissom asked.

“David. He’s a watcher…as in he’s supposed to train the next slayer. That is if either Faith or Buffy is killed.” Greg looked at his nails…he was getting anxious.

“How do I find out about all of this, from someone that will give me real answers?” Grissom asked, he was beginning to get frustrated with the young CSI.

“Ill tell Giles to stop by.” Greg said. He stood to leave.


“Look Grissom. I’m not the one to tell you all of this. I’m not a watcher…I’m not a slayer…I’m half vampire. See?” He pulled the collar of his shirt down and whipped off some cover up make up to reveal two tiny holes…bite marks from very sharp fangs. “In short…what happened to me is this; I went on vacation to check out some colleges around California, I went to a bar to take a break and I met a pretty, cute blonde. My own stupidity was what lead me to follow her out to the ally to see if I could score. She vamped out…scared the shit out of me and bit me. The thing is she was a young vampire and didn’t know what she was doing, so a slayer got in the way. Faith saved me. Harmony, the vampire, never finished killing me. I have characteristics of both human and vampire. I promise I’ll explain more later, or have Giles do it but I really have to go see David.”

And with that he turned and was out the door before Grissom could say another word.

Greg opened the door to the coroner’s examination room and he sought out David. Once seeing him he walked over to him and ignored the familiar Y incision.

“David.” Greg said. He looked up and raised his eyebrows. “We have to tell them. I just gave Grissom a short synopses of what happened to me…but I think they’re gonna need more info. I’m going to call Giles and have him come see Grissom…but he’ll want to see you too.”

David put his tools down and looked at Greg. “Um, I think I missed a memo…what happened?”

“You don’t know? There was an attack. By the looks of it, it was probably Harmony. Spike and Faith showed up and another vamp showed up too. He attacked Sara. I had to explain a little to Nick, but he got freaked…told Grissom and Grissom cornered me. I’m going to go to Buffy and see if they know what’s going on.” Greg relayed all the info he had to David and turned to leave.

“So what are you going to do about Faith?” David jumped.

“Huh?” Greg turned from his place at the door to look at David.

“Faith. Look, anyone who knows you two KNOWS that something either is or was there. What are you going to do?” David said.

“I don’t know yet.” Greg sighed. He ran a hand through his hair, thinking over one of the biggest mistakes he’d ever made. “I’ll figure it out.”

With that he turned and left.

Greg dialed an oh so familiar number and waited for someone to answer. On the fourth ring he heard a strong british accent


“Giles!” Greg said. He smiled at the familiarity of the watcher and hoped he and his team would be around soon.

“Oh Greg, hello. How have you been?”

“I’ve been pretty good. Listen, I’m in need of some assistance.” Greg said.


“Well…Harmony’s around. She and her little minions made an attack. The watcher here in Vegas…David, and I have been working together to cover up the little things that happen, but this one was pretty big. Faith and Spike showed up though. They only got one.” Greg said.

“Oh yes, they left in search of the next Hellmouth. How is it that you ended up in it?”

“Well, one drunken night at Lorne’s bar got me up there doing some karaoke and he read my aura.” Greg paused. “And he told me that I would be the first to be at the next Mouth once we closed Sunnydale. He told me it was a place full of Sins, and that I would be working a regular job until it was completely open. So I figured sins…Sin City, and I decided to pursue what I had planned on doing until I met you guys.”

“Oh, well that would explain why you left suddenly. Why couldn’t you have told Buffy this…or even Faith? This would have helped in the long run a lot.”

“Giles, Dawn was still in school, Faith was…well, im not going there right now, and Buffy was still getting used to being back. I thought you guys needed some time to get back to normal. And I knew I was becoming too attached.”

“Well all we can do now is come to see you I guess. Is that all that you needed? For us all to come out?”

“Um well no, you see…one of my coworkers was attacked at a scene. And that’s where Faith and Spike showed up. I had to explain some things, but I was wondering if you might be able to help me with that. You understand everything a lot more that I do and I don’t want to give people false information. If only you, id like it if you could come out as soon as possible?” Greg was worried that Giles would be upset.

“Oh, well…sure I guess. At least you’re being honest. Of course I’ll come out. I think I’ll bring Willow with me too. She might be of some use. Now how is Faith. She was odd once you left…we really couldn’t figure out why.”

“That was my fault. Um, well…we had a thing for a little while. But I didn’t tell her where or why I was going. Every time I was with her…I felt myself wanting to vamp out for some reason…so I decided to just leave. Now I regret it because it was only because I knew of other vampires around. It had nothing to do with her, and I really hurt her. That was my fault and im going to try and fix it.” Greg said.

“Ok well, I’ve just paid for a ticket online, and Willow and I will be out hopefully tomorrow night. Tell your boss ill speak with him soon.”

“Will do. And thank you Giles, I really owe you.”

“Bye Greg.”

“Bye Giles.” Greg disconnected the call.

His thoughts suddenly wandered to the girl in question and he put his head down. He felt horrible for what he did to her…when it was really his own sense of identifying vampires. He sighed. He had to call her. He picked up his phone again and dialed another familiar number, feeling his heart start to thud.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Half Vampire and the Sinister Hellmouth" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Aug 07.

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