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The Half Vampire and the Sinister Hellmouth

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Summary: Greg? Half Vamp? No way...and Sin City...a, what you called it, Hellmouth? I really dont understand.

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CSI > CSI Las VegasMissyxPlagueFR1821,949032,60021 Aug 0724 Aug 07No


Hey guys...if i owned this there would be a piano on my head right now =]

“That’s a whole lotta blood.”

“You don’t say Nick.” Greg turned and looked at his coworker. The Texan was standing in the middle of a living room looking at the walls. There were blood streaks all over them and he couldn’t figure out why. Sara walked in behind him.

“Wow.” She said.

Greg sighed and turned back to what he was doing. He was gathering samples from the different blood pools to see if they could identify the victims…or victim.

“Hey guys what’s this?” Nick picked up a small blonde curly hair. He looked at it but before he could put it in a small tube…it turned to dust in his tweezers. “What just happened?”

Sara looked at him, and then at the dust that was blowing away in the wind, and Greg had a far away look on his face. “Greg?” she said.

“Don’t move from here.” He said. He drew his gun and made his way out the door leaving Sara and Nick to stare after him, listening with their own guns drawn.

As Greg made his way up stairs, he switched his gun for the wooden stake that was in his boot and held it at the ready. There was a door slightly open and he heard to voices…one a British accent, and the other was a female but it was hoarse and raspy in a very sexy way. He recognized them but took caution anyway. He opened the door and let out the breath he didn’t realize he was holding.

“Spike, Faith…what the hell are you two doing here?” He said quietly. He stepped into the room and pulled the door closed.

“Same thing you are bloke.” Spike said. Faith just looked at him coldly and turned away. “Trying to figure out who did this…though we are also trying to kill it…you just want to play cat and mouse.”

“You guys really can’t be here…they can’t know yet…please go I’ll cover everything up.” Greg said. He put the stake back into his boot, choosing to ignore Spikes comment as he usually did, and looked around. “Is there anything here that would help you guys?”

“Nothing at the moment.” Faith said.

“Ok…I’m going back do-“he was cut off as he heard Sara scream and a couple of gunshots. Spike was the first out the door and down the stairs…Greg and Faith hot on his heals.

They ran into the room and Spike grabbed the vampire that was at the moment all over Sara, and Greg grabbed Nick’s gun to keep him from hitting Sara or Faith. Nick just watched the scuffle with wide eyes. Spike managed to get a stake in the vamp and Faith drop kicked it the rest of the way in, the vampire falling to dust.

Spike only just managed to catch Sara as she passed out. “So who’s this?” he asked Greg.

“Sara Sidle…no she doesn’t know. David, the ME is the watcher and he’s the one who helps me.” Greg said, he handed Nick his gun back. “I guess I should probably explain huh.”

“Um, yea that would be nice.” Nick said, his accent coming through thick.

“Well…if you believe the legends…then you’ll understand. But that, was a vampire. Spike here…is also a vampire…but somehow a good one. Faith…is a slayer.” Greg said. He looked at here with pleading eyes…trying to silently fix the mistakes he made…but she wouldn’t have it. “And you see…I’m half vampire.”
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