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Millennium Man: Book 1-Battle-City, The Beginning

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Eye of the Beholder...". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: When Xander volunteered to go to Egypt to find one of the 'New Slayers', he didn't realize he would also be bringing back a gift...and trouble... Pairings haven't been decided yet so the only warning for now is future chapters will be very violent.

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Anime > Yu-Gi-Oh!JanusHeldonFR18923,52613422,37021 Aug 0724 Feb 10No

Chapter 8b- On Angel's Wings...

Chapter 8b- On Angel’s Wings….

Disclaimer- if you haven't figured out yet what’s mine and theirs you're not nearly a big enough fan of the respective series.

Authors Note 1- as promised the Scooby’s section of this trilogy

“It’s not your fault Xan” Willow had repeated the phrase so many times that she had lost count. “How could you have known that would’ve happened?”

“Oh gee, I dunno, maybe because of what happened when I got the eye? I knew The Key was a powerful object, I should have known better than to give it to her of all people” He retorted angrily

“Maybe not… is this the man you saw?” Giles asked holding up an open book, on the page he was showing Xander was a picture of Shadi

“Yes, that’s him, Man it is so good to have you back G-man” Xander said with a smile, if anyone could help them with what was going on it would be Giles.

“Well, after what happened to Dawn… well lets just leave it at it’s probably better not to ignore this particular ‘situation’” he said with a nervous smile “Anyway, if Shadi was involved in this then there is a good chance that this was something that was destined to pass” He decided against mentioning The Council’s past dealings with the man. Partly because of how few of the ‘Old Watchers’ were left who would know of or remember the man, the other part being how little they had actually managed to find out about the man.

“Please, how many pre-ordained things have we stopped in the past?” Andrew asked entering the room. “And I still think you’re all over-reacting…. It’s not like anything that bad has really happened”

“She’s been unconscious for three days” Xander replied angrily “Not to mention what happened with the eyes and the hair and the…. Whatever that was she was wearing” he doubted he would ever get that image out of his head, the sudden look of pain on her face, the solid white hair that now stretched past her knees, the strange, armor like suit she was now wearing, and those eyes… ‘like she was looking right through us’ he couldn’t help but blink. ‘You mean looking through me… come on Xan, now is not the time to be talking to yourself’

“Well, seeing as how you are in fact still conscious and talking, I think we should really be worrying more about that Eye” Andrew said calmly “Besides, we’ve got people watching her room, if anything changes we’ll know” He couldn’t help but wonder how long it would take him to get there, he had only called him hours ago, ‘so I should have plenty of time to tell the others’ he thought to himself

“And where the hell is Buffy exactly?” Willow demanded of Giles, sounding angrier than she had in a very long time “She said she was going to you, that she had ‘something to discuss’ with you”

“She decided she had ‘better things’ to attend to right now, especially if I wasn’t going to help her, and then left, I haven’t seen her since then Willow. Believe me, I’m as upset about this as you are.” ‘Upset’ was an understatement, the way her attitude had been lately was downright ‘Unforgivable’

“Oh I doubt that” Willow said hatefully, “and I hate to say this… but I think Andrew might be right” she couldn’t help but smile at the look on his face “Xander, We need to know more about this eye”

“What more is their to tell?” he asked exasperated, he had already recounted what happened in Egypt to Willow and Andrew, and then Giles once he arrived, he did not feel like repeating it a third time. “You all know as much as I do”

“Maybe” Andrew said, pulling out a small deck of cards that Xander recognized instantly. “But we have yet to see it in action, so how about a few test?” He added with a smile.

“And what sort of ‘test’ we’re you thinking” Xander asked carefully, not at all liking the way Andrew had said test.

“Well, I thought we would start with something small, maybe seeing through a few things” Andrew replied, his smile widening.

“And what makes you think now is the right time to do this” He asked with a sigh

“Well, we should establish what exactly the Artifact is capable of, and how much of an advantage it could readily be, or what kind of disadvantage it could put us at.”

He was a little surprised that it had been Giles that had responded to the query, but knew when he was beat. “Fine” he said angrily, grabbing the deck of cards he had brought with him from in front of Andrew, “Where should we do this then?”

“The Basement” all three of the others replied in unison, causing Andrew and Willow to smile at Giles

“You don’t even live here” Willow said playfully, “How would you know how things work?”

“Because, some things never change” He replied simply, “so then, to the basement?”

“Things you don’t want to hear the old Englishman say in his creepy voice” Xander said as he stood and exited the room

“Trust me child, that was not my creepy voice” he said with a smile as he followed the group.

“So, what sort of things can you see through?” Andrew asked as they walked.

“All sorts of things” Xander replied sounding slightly annoyed.

“Such as?” Andrew couldn’t help but smile at the thought of x-ray vision.

“Well, it depends, I think if I had to I could see through anything, but I’m not sure how much that would drain me or what exactly the repercussions would be. But if you need an example” he said, coming to a stop in front of the front door of the house “I could tell it to see through this door, or the whole wall for that matter, and they become clear as air” he smiled as the wall seemed to dissolve before him.

“But,” he added suddenly “It only see’s as far as the barrier our dear enchantress has made for now, however” he gave the eye the silent command to see past the barrier, and was surprised when nothing at all happened.

“That’s odd” he said flatly

“What is it” Giles asked

“I told it to look through the barrier, but nothing happened”

“Maybe you just need to focus” Andrew offered

“Maybe I’m just a magical bad-ass” Willow said with a smile

“While I’m not denying the truth of that statement, I think Andrew might be right about this one” Xander said, trying to focus on seeing through the barrier.

“You know, you guys don’t have to keep sounding so surprised about me having good ideas” Andrew said sullenly

“Quite Tucker’s brother” Xander said almost laughing at his reaction “I Think I’m starting to see something… or someone outside the barrier… I, can’t really make much out, it’s kinda fuzzy” he could see what looked like two dark blobs, and some sort of bright spot.

“It’s probably just Faith, I told her to wait outside until I could figure out how long we might be here and where we might be staying” Giles said with a shrug

“That was hours ago Giles!” Willow exclaimed, “And you know good and damn well that you guys would be welcome here”

Giles blinked at Willow’s sudden outburst, “I’m sorry, I just wasn’t sure after-”

“Seriously guy’s, this isn’t exactly easy, and I think there’s more than one…what the!”

“What!? What’s going on?” Willow demanded

“Something just broke part of the barrier, and I don’t think it was Faith” He said darkly.

“What do you mean ‘broke part of the barrier’, that couldn’t be Faith, its way out of her league.” Willow said worriedly “It would take serious power to do something like that, are you sure?”

“Am I sure? Well I’m looking right at it and OH SHIT” he jumped back from the door suddenly

“What!” Giles demanded “What’s hap-” he was cut off as something exploded through the door, sending shards and splinters everywhere

“WHAT IN THE SEVEN HELLS!” Willow screamed quickly putting up another small barrier where the door had been.

“Hey guys” Faith said picking herself up off the floor and wiping away the small trickle of blood from her mouth. Whatever had put her through the door had done a real number on her, “I think we have a slight… issue” she said with a small smile, stumbling slightly.

“Faith! What happened!?” Giles demanded, quickly reaching out to steady her

“Apparently somebody gave Smurfette steroids” she said managing a weak laugh

“What are you-” Xander started, but stopped as he noticed the look everyone else’s faces. Standing behind the clear barrier that had replaced the shattered door was what had apparently attacked Faith.

At first all he saw was a near blinding light, this was obviously the ‘bright spot’ he had seen behind the barrier earlier. ‘Turn it down a little’ the command wasn’t very specific, but as the wall faded into view the bright light seemed to vanish, leaving only what everyone else saw.

It was a woman, of what sort Xander wasn’t entirely sure. Her hair and eyes were both an icey blue, as was her skin, what little bit of it wasn’t covered by the purple leather ‘armor’ she was wearing and her face. Smurfette, he decided, was a good name for her.

“You would think to stop me?” The woman asked, looking directly at willow with her head cocked slightly to the side. “With such pathetic magicks?” she added as she punched the barrier, shattering it with what looked like no effort whatsoever.

Willow let out a shrill whistle, and suddenly there were a dozen slayers in the room with them, with more in the halls. “I don’t know what you are lady” Willow said smiling darkly, “But you just picked the wrong fight” her hands started glowing with a bright violet light, “No one, comes into my house, and calls my magic, PATHETIC!” as she screamed the last word she brought her hands together, and what should have been a clap sounded more like a gunshot as a beam shot from her hands towards the woman.

‘Smurfette’ only smiled as the beam struck her chest. “Fool child” she declared, extending her arm towards Willow and drawing her hand into a fist. “This is how you cast a ‘Mar-lashan’ spell” a beam much darker than Willow’s flew from the womans fist and struck Willow in the chest, sending her through a nearby wall.

That was all the provocation the slayers needed. Without warning they lept at the woman, and Xander watched horrified as they were easily dispatched by her. “The Dragon was a harder fight” she stated coldly.

“What the hell is she” Giles demanded as she was suddenly attacked by a winged creature.

“I don’t Know” Andrew declared, his eyes glowing white with energy, “But I could really use some help, the Ranketh Demon I summoned probably won’t hold her attention for that long”

“Already on it” Xander declared looking through his deck of cards for one he had noticed earlier.

“Well you need to be qui-” Giles was cut off as half of the demon Andrew had summoned struck him, the other half striking Andrew.

“Your silly pets will do you no good either” She declared with a smile

“Well then” Faith said walking towards her with a grin, “How about we-” She was cut off by a single solid punch to the face that knocked her through through the air towards Xander, who barely managed to roll out of the way.

“That was for what you did to my pet” she stated with a sneer. “Your toy wouldn’t have worked anyway, not on me, not anymore” she added, kicking The Scythe across the floor.

Then how about mine?” Xander asked, lifting the card he had been looking for over his head. “Spellbinding Circle!” A bright ring of green light interlaid with golden symbols appeared around the woman. At first still, it soon began spinning around her, shrinking until it bound her arms to the side of her body.

“Intriguing” she said as she looked at the circle, “But hardly effective” she added as, with a simple flexing of her arms, she shattered the circle of light. She walked over to Xander observing him carefully, “You think yourself some… Primal Shadow Man” She wrapped her hand around his throat and lifted him into the air effortlessly, “but you have no idea of the powers you trifle with” she cocked her head, inspecting the Eye, “Or what you have locked inside of you” she added as she lifted the other hand, a bright blue glow overtaking it.

“No, no, no, no, no, no!” A familiar sounding voice was saying, getting closer to them. “Illyria, No, I specifically told you there would be no killing!”

“Spike!?” Xander managed to choke out

“Spike? Spike’s alive?” Giles said weakly sitting up and searching for his glasses

“Spike!” Andrew cried, throwing the half a demon carcass off himself and leaping to his feet

“No one is dead” She said flatly, as more people started moving and moaning, “Yet” she added, glaring at Xander

“And it will stay that way” Spike said forcefully

“He is not what you think” Illyria said coldly

Put him down” Spike repeated, Xander could swear that for a moment his eyes had looked just like hers

“A bit of my power bleeds into you and you think yourself worthy of ordering ME?” she smiled as she released Xander “Amusing Half-Breed! I shall see how this unfolds”

“That’s nice, now would you kindly wait outside?” Spike said angrily

“No.” Illyria said flatly, smiling at Spike’s reaction, as she walked past the ‘disabled’ Slayer’s

“And why the bloody hell not?” Spike demanded as he started helping Xander and Giles to their feet

“We will be here longer than anticipated” she stated, as if it should have been an obvious fact

“Where are you going Demon” Kiya demanded, blocking her path

“I am finding my room” She said, lifting the child and setting her out of the way before continuing on

“Hey! You can’t just come in here, start beating on everybody and then expect-” whatever else she was saying was cut off as she followed after Illyria

“What the hell is she” Xander demanded

“Oh, her? It’s a long story, so for now lets just say she’s just our Old One” Spike stated nonchalantly, “The one You wouldn’t help us save our friend from” he added glaring coldly at Giles.

“An Old One!? And ‘our friend’… You’re working with Angel!?” Giles asked, finally finding his glasses, or what was left of them. “What the hell are you doing here?” He demanded, glaring at what he was hoping was Spike

“Andrew called, told me what happened to Nibblet, Thought I’d check on her” He said harshly, “She was always like a little sister”

“You knew he was alive? And invited him here?” Xander asked

“How did you get here so fast?” Andrew asked, ignoring the questions

“What the hell is in our yard?” one of the injured Slayers demanded

“The answer to both of those questions, friends, is a Dragon” He couldn’t help but smile as he said that

“A Dragon!?” Xander and Andrew said in unison

“I told you it was a long story, How about I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours, Locutus” He said, staring at the Eye

“I don’t trust him here” Giles said suddenly, “For gods’s sakes, He brought an Old One”

Spike lifted his right hand, which suddenly issued a bright green glow that lasted no more than ten seconds, as it faded Xander and the others noted their injuries had vanished, “You think I would let her come along if I couldn’t control her? Or at least fix the damages she’s obviously going to cause? I’m many things Giles, but Stupid isn’t one of them”

“Spike!? What are you doing alive? And how the hell did you just do that?” Willow was slowly making her way over to the group

“Well Red, I guess it’s time I tell my story…”

Alright, up next part 3, more on John

The End?

You have reached the end of "Millennium Man: Book 1-Battle-City, The Beginning" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Feb 10.

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