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Millennium Man: Book 1-Battle-City, The Beginning

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Eye of the Beholder...". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: When Xander volunteered to go to Egypt to find one of the 'New Slayers', he didn't realize he would also be bringing back a gift...and trouble... Pairings haven't been decided yet so the only warning for now is future chapters will be very violent.

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Anime > Yu-Gi-Oh!JanusHeldonFR18923,52613422,37021 Aug 0724 Feb 10No

Chapter One- For Want of an Eye...

Disclaimer: Seriously, I own neither BtVS or Yu-Gi-Oh!, nor am I making any sort of profit off of them, I’m just....’borrowing’ them for a little while....I know....hard to believe. Feel free to leave Suggestions and Comments

‘How...’ he was wondering angrily, trying to regain his energy, and form a new plan....a ‘better’ plan...but the question still remained “How did that petulant child and his shadow manage to beat me...I was so close...but I swear I will see you again..Cecilia..” that was when he heard the footsteps. He quickly turned and saw the young white haired boy that had been with young Yugi Moto, but he looked...different, like Yugi had during the duel.

“How sweet, Pegasus J. ‘Maximilian’ Crawford...but I challenge you to a Shadow Duel..”He didn’t have time to try to remember the boy’s name as a beam of light shot from his ‘Eye’ to the boys ‘Ring’ and the Shadow Game started. It was over nearly as quickly as it had begun, Pegasus had been in no shape to attempt another ‘Shadow Duel’ even with his Toon Deck. Bakura had easily managed to beat him, ‘or was he another shadow?’ he idly thought as he passed out. The ‘Dark Bakura’ just kneeled over him smiling. “So sorry...” he said silently running his fingers over the ‘Eye’, “but this is now MINE ” he said firmly, as he tore the eye out. Their was no reaction from Pegasus, and ‘Bakura’ wasn’t honestly sure if he was dead, or simply unconscious...

‘or maybe a coma’ he thought as he set the ‘Eye’ on a rather expensive desk beside the wall, ‘Though only the first option is the one I can be sure of’ he picked up an ornate dagger from the table’s surface. As he knelt over Pegasus and raised the dagger he thought he noticed the wall beside the desk begin to ripple. He turned to the wall in time to see an all to familiar upper body sink back into the rippling wall, with the eye in his hand. “NO ” he screamed letting out a feral roar as he leaped at the wall. The dagger simply hit the wall with a low thud, “NO” he said again loudly, slamming his fist into the wall repeatedly, tears falling from his eyes.

‘Patience thief king, we will get it back.....we will get them all....then you will have them back...for now, deal with the other’ a voice even darker than his own said. He nodded, knowing not to ignore this voice as ‘Ryo’ knew not to ignore his own.

But as turned back to the place where Pegasus was supposed to be his heart almost stopped...‘well, Ryo’s heart almost stopped but the result would be just as bad’ he said to himself jokingly, trying to ease the tension of the situation, when suddenly a horrible pain shook his body.

‘Now is not the time to be joking ‘Tomb robber’ we should let the shell get back to the others, the Items seem to be drawn to the young Pyramid Bearer...’ Bakura nodded, and grabbed the Millennium Ring that hung around his neck like a necklace, it glowed brightly for a second and he seemed to suddenly change. His hair fell back into its ‘normal’ place, his eyes seemed to become softer, gentler if not fearful, his shoulders seemed to slump and the ring fell from his hand. Ryo reached up and grabbed his head, the splitting pain showing no signs of receding.

‘Back to the Moto boy, and don’t make any mistakes’ the harsh voice spoke directly to his mind, and he had learned long ago not to argue with ‘him’, so he sullenly left to find his way back to the only friends he had ever known.

‘Why did I ever choose to come this place’ he asked himself, again cursing his recklessness and restlessness, what had always been a bad combination on his part...but since he had lost his eye...and the ex-demon he had loved...he didn’t really stay in one place for to long. Though he had promised to go see the guys in Italy after this, but there was supposed to be a new slayer here, and some sort of obscenely powerful dark magical artifact that Willow thought needed to be collected, and he always tried to help his oldest friend. ‘But Egypt?’ he mentally assaulted himself.

He had figured it would be hot, but not THIS hot, he had to start preparing for these things better. He usually did, but he had been in a hurry to get out of merry old England. He thought of Giles as his father, but could only take so much of the rebuilding of the watchers council. It seemed Caleb had taken so much sometimes and that place was a constant reminder. ‘Stop this, you don’t do this, Buffy is the whiner, Your Xander, you smile and deal with it’. He probably could have kept Berating himself, but he felt something...something odd. It wasn’t the ‘Slay-dar’ as willow had named it, The spell she had cast on the Scoobies to help them find Slayers when they were alone. No, this was a feeling that came from growing up on a Hell-Mouth, A feeling that something was watching him.

As he looked up and down the busy street only one man caught his eye, the man who was staring straight at him, as if trying to look through him. Upon making eye contact with Xander he smiled, nodded, and stepped into the old run down building behind him. Xander, feeling no sort of threatening vibes from the man, was compelled to follow. As he stepped through the entrance, the run down door slammed shut behind him. He was suddenly overwhelmed by the realization that following a strange man into an abandoned building was not the smartest thing he had ever done.

He wasn’t sure how, but he could sense the Man coming at him from his left and in a single move, mastered by years of being attacked by vampires and demons and the like, easily managed to knock him across the room and took from him his weapon. “..a key?” Xander asked, genuinely surprised by this development, “Okay Sora, what kind of demon uses a Key to attack people ? A golden Ankh shaped key at that..” the man simply stood up, dusted off his robes, and fixed his turban before reaching into his robe and pulling out a golden set of scales and a small golden eye. “Ok, seriously, what are you? The Egyptian Batman?”

The stranger only smiled. “I will be asking the questions...” the eye and scale seemed to glow for a few seconds, and Xander was compelled to sit there silently, awaiting the mans questions. “..and I suggest you answer them honestly...” with that a single feather appeared on one side of the scales. Xander wanted desperately to ask just what the hell was going on, but his mouth wouldn’t move. “Well then, lets start with the obvious....” he stepped towards Xander and plucked the eye-patch off of his head “how did you lose your eye?”

Xander snorted, “A preacher, of all the people...granted he was working for The First, but still...said I was the one who ‘saw everything’ and decided he should fix it” he shook his head, smiling. “But the most ironic part, I suppose I deserved see only a few hours earlier I told my girls ‘everything has a weakness, everything has eyes’...guess I should have heeded my own advice”

When he finished speaking the scale shifted, the feather falling a small bit. The strange man seemed surprised by this. “I’ve never seen it react like that, not even for the Puzzle bearer... but what did you mean by ‘your girls’?”

Xander chuckled lightly, “I’m not a pimp or pervert, if that’s what your thinking. My ‘girls’ are my ‘Slayers’, maybe you’ve heard of them?”

A confused look crossed the mans face, “Slayers? I thought there was only supposed to be one at a time...”

“Yeah, there was....we kinda ‘modified’ that when we fought that thing called ‘The First’, as in ‘The First Evil’...what?” All the color had drained from the mans face. Surely this young man was joking, fighting The First Evil.... but the feather had moved lower, proving that he hadn’t even considered lying. ‘When they fought The First Evil...he speaks as if...’ He turned back to Xander, “You speak as if you help the Slayer...but I thought only the Watchers did this...and you look like no Watcher that I have ever seen....nor do you seem to possess any mystical energies.”

“Thanks for noticing...” Xander said, smiling again. “ I am the normal guy actually...everyone else has something, I just hack and slash..”

the man tilted his head slightly. “..Everyone else?....but I thought the Slayer fights alone...”

Xander nodded “They’re supposed to, this one didn’t, there’s a whole team of us. There’s Buffy, she’s the Slayer, or was till we activated all the potential’s....that’s potential Slayers. Then there’s Giles, He’s her watcher, or at least was till the Watchers Council Headquarters was bombed by Caleb, that would be the one that took my eye, since then he’s been helping put them back together. There’s Willow, My best friend, She’s a witch, saved the world bunch of times though, don’t worry. There’s Dawn, she’s Buffy’s sister...and she’s some sort of mystical energy called ‘The Key’....which is weird and complicated. There’s Andrew, he’s our techno-nerd slash summoner. There’s Robin, He was a freelancing demon hunter, in the beginning there was some bad blood, but he came through in the end, and leads his own squad now. Then there’s Faith, the last ‘True Slayer’, meaning her powers were activated by the death of the Slayer before her. And that’s not even counting Angel and his crew or everyone that’s died...”
Xander stopped slowly, as the man held up a finger to silence him. “I think that’s enough, no need to tell me about people I probably won’t ever meet or can’t ever it stands it’s rather amazing to meet a normal man who fights with the slayer...”

Xander tilted his head slightly, finally able to identify one of the things that had been bothering him. “Your words and lips don’t match....”

the man nodded and smiled, pointing to the key in Xander's hand. “One of the gifts of the Millennium Key, the ability to understand any language spoken at you...I’m actually speaking Egyptian...”

Xander smiled “that’s kinda cool...Can I keep it?” the man actually laughed.

“I’m afraid not, the Key is not meant for you...however the Eye is calling to you rather loudly...” the man said, a serious look replacing the smile he had a few seconds ago as he slid the scales back into his robe. He smiled again as Xander went to hand the key back, “And you seem worthy enough to me...but in the end that’s between you and the eye....” with that he grabbed the wrist of Xander's outstretched arm and before he could react had shoved the small golden eye into the empty socket. Suddenly Xander’s head was filled with a pain the likes of which he had never felt before. He was filled with the eerie feeling that someone was looking through every memory he ever had before the darkness overtook him.
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