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Xander Harris and the Dimensional PortKey

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Summary: Dawn hits the reset switch. This is a complete rewrite of the series. Minor changes at first with departures becoming increasingly significant as the series goes on.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Soldier Xander
Stargate > Dawn-Centered
MedvedFR1822,18102312,14322 Aug 0723 Aug 07No

Wake-up Call

Greetings all. Slight edit here as someone pointed out that I forgot a disclaimer. >.>
Thanks to all who have already reviewed. And so quickly, too! It warms a not-so-old-man's heart. *sniff*

DISCLAIMER: Buffy n co belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and a bunch of other people who could crush me under their thumbs by calling upon Wolfram and Hart to sue me, or the Terakan order to kill me. Luckily, I only plan on borrowing the characters for my own amusement and have absolutely no desire to make any money off of their existence. The same goes for the bunch at Stargate. I must confess I do forget who they belong to, but I certainly know it is not me. Thanks to them for coming up with such brilliant characters and stories. I only hope I do 1/10th as well as they did.

****************************Wake-up Call*********************************

Buffy turns. She runs down the platform, energy crackling all around her. She does not know what would happen should a strand of lightning from the portal touch her, but, from what she has seen so far, it would most surely be of the bad.

'Like that matters now,' she thinks, taking a slight hop in preparation for the final leap. 'I am about to jump into a swirling vortex of the stuff.'

She gathers and launches herself from the edge of the platform, starting a perfect swan dive into the staticcy blue hell below her. 'Well, at least I get to save the world BEFORE I die this time... Take care Dawn. Live for me.'

The Vampire Slayer closes her eyes for the last time.


The Key opens her eyes. She sees her sister's dive seem to slow to a stop as her chest hitches painfully. Her sister, her blood, is sacrificing herself, yet again, to save the world.


To save HER, the sister who isn't a sister, who is nothing more than a body to go with implanted memories from some monks in a country she couldn't have pronounced a few months ago.


It wasn't right. Her own blood had opened the portal, it should be her own life in sacrifice to close it, not the Slayer's. Buffy had done her job in protecting Dawn; slew the demon who bled her, defeated the fucking GODDESS that had started this whole mess, taken care of her after her mom died...


Buffy had given everything, lost everything, to make sure Dawn lived, to make sure a girl who didn't even exist a year ago lived in her stead. And now she was about to give the only thing she had left: Her own life. It was not fair and would NOT happen.


Dawn reaches out. The cry wrenches from the depths of her being...a being that is, although in human form, still the dimensional key with an open portal just below. The portal that had been opened with her own blood. The portal that even now is still being powered by the few remaining drops of staunched life-blood of Dawn Summers, dimensional lock-pick extraordinaire. The portal from which a bolt of energy strikes out in response to its creator.

The band of blue lightning becomes, in a frozen instant, a vibrant green scar against the sky, connecting the Key to the Gate.

The gate pulses.

The key screams.

Everything becomes suffused with green light.


The dark outline of Buffy Summers slowly come back into view. Her arms still outstretched, her eyes still closed, time seemed to start again as she fell into the arms of her father. He swung his startled daughter around high into the air and laughed lightly.

"You know, Elizabeth, one of these days you are going to be too big for me to catch and the fall is going to be quite painful." His mirth was evident in his voice, but it quickly faded and his smile turned into a frown. There was a look on his four-year-old daughter's face that he never expected to see; A look like she had never seen him before in her life, even tho, not seconds before, she had screamed out and ran at him full-tilt.

He turned to his wife. "Honey?"

But Joyce was not paying attention, a puzzled and far-off look on her face. Her right arm was still extended out halfway from when Buffy tore out of her grasp, but her left hand was pressed lightly to her belly.


The portal had turned from a flat, blue disk with arcs of energy spitting off randomly to a slowly expanding, glowing emerald ball that was engulfing everyone and everything as it grew.

Not that anyone would have noticed. Everyone was completely oblivious, frozen in the snapshot of time, Dawn's scream still in their ears.

The portal pulses again, growing to encompass Giles as he leans over Ben, one hand covering the young man's mouth as the other holds him down.


Rupert gasped and pulled back from what had once been his friend and was now swiftly dissolving pile of goo. Eyghon had been defeated eleven years ago. How could he have possibly returned?


Seeming to gain speed and distance with every flash of emerald light, the dimensional rift quickly encompasses everyone else in the vicinity. The world seems to blur.


Xander leans over Willow, one hand on her shoulder as she looks back up at him, tears of joy in her eyes. Tara is going to be ok.

Alexander was leaned over Willow, one hand on her shoulder as she looked back up at him, tears of sadness in her eyes. Cordelia had broken her crayon.
Tara blinks uncertainly, happy to be herself again. Her hand is raised to her eyes, shielding herself from the sights and sounds that assault her.

Tara blinked woozily, disoriented from the fall. Her hand was raised to her face, shielding herself from the next blow of the strap.
Anya cradles her arm, leaning on a piece of rubble to rest.

Anyanka cackles madly at the mayhem around her, leaning heavily on the partially-destroyed wall.


The ever-growing sphere of green sparks wildly as it touches a large hammer and the remains of a small orb. With a sudden burst of power, the entire state of California is assimilated.


Cordy brushes yet another patch of demon something off of her blouse and shudders.

Cordelia brushed at the dress her mommy had just bought her. She didn't want the cooties from the redhead she just bumped into to stick.
Angel turns from the rapidly disintegrating vampire to check on Fred, but it looks like she is going to be ok.

Angel lurches away from the dusting vamp to check on the victim he had tried to save, but it looked like it was too late.
Wesley pulls a well-worn tome out of his desk, casually swiping dust from the cover and revealing the embossed word: Vampyr.

Wesley looked up sharply from his Oxford application as his father slammed down a heavy book in front of him, the lettering clearly read: Vampyr.


Every-further the portal expands, fueled by mystical sources, gaining in speed as it envelopes more and more of the land.


Faith growls wordlessly from her bunk as the guards drag off her cell mate.

Faith cried inarticulately from her crib as the cops carted off her father in handcuffs.

Oz takes a deep breath and looks up at the full moon, fully in command of his inner wolf.

Daniel gasped delightedly and looked up at his uncle, hoping to someday play the guitar as well as him.


With a final push, the portal expands to encompass everything and anything, glowing with an eerie green light. All off a sudden the light vanishes, whipping back to the planet from which it came in an instant, and snapping into a stone globe, perhaps the size of softball, sitting on the gray stone floor of a mostly abandoned temple.




Buffy blinked sleepily and opened her eyes. The alarm clock on her nightstand repeatedly flashed 12:00 in large, green, luminescent numbers, seeming to mock her with their cheery glow.

"Buffy!" Joyce yelled from down the steps. "You are going to be late for your first day of school if you don't hurry up."

The teenage girl's blonde head shot off the pillow, a one-sided halo of hair streaking behind in a blur as she nearly flew off the bed with unusual grace. She didn't notice this, however, as only one thought occupied her mind.

'Late to my first day at Hemery? That is good in a way that is sooo not.'

She practically ripped her towel in haste as she leaped across the hall on the way to the bathroom door, only to be met with a slamming door and a giggle.

Buffy fumed. "Dawn! Get your ass outta there right now before I break this door down."

The giggling continued. "Like your puny arms and midget strength could put a dent in Jell-O. Wait your turn, you freak."

Buffy roared in rage and punched the door with all of her midget strength.


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