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Dead End

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Las Vegas City Limits". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequal to Orange Construction Barrels, spoilers for Season Seven of CSI

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CSI > CSI Las VegasPaBurkeFR1516540143,77922 Aug 0722 Aug 07Yes
Dead End
By PaBurke

*** Sequel to ‘Orange Construction Barrels’, ‘Minor Intersections,’ ‘That Road Again,’ 'Four Way Stop' and 'Lover's Lane.' I really hadn’t planned on revisiting this universe in the near future but CSI keeps having episodes that I can’t ignore. ***

*** Spoilers for CSI Season Seven episode *&^&*( and for Chosen of Buffy and Four Way Stop. ***

*** Distribution: Twisting the Hellmouth ***

*** Disclaimer: I'm not cool enough to think up Willow, Kennedy or CSI, so I borrow other people's universes. I gain no money. No copyright infringement intended. ***

*** Warnings: Drinking and maybe a little language. ***

*** Premise of Series: David, the assistant coroner of the LV CSI, started his internship in Sunnydale. He ended up running from the nightlife, but the nightlife followed him out. ***


David grimaced. At least the preliminary report would be easy enough to write, a headless body with this much blood probably did die from decapitation. Where was the head? David looked around the desert. He saw some scrub brush, some valleys, some animal tracks, but no head. He couldn’t even find a blood trail. A scavenger probably ran off with it. David would have to find it, his autopsy would be incomplete without it and it lessened the chances for a successful identification.

David took a couple steps away from the corpse and the bodybag. The cop was parked several hundred yards away and mostly ignoring David and his work. The cop did have a job to do collecting witness reports from the kids who had been camping out here. Getting a coherent, non-hysterical statement out of them would a challenge. The girls still jumped at every shadow. David couldn’t blame them. There was something eerie about the barren landscape and the dark.

“Psst. David?”

David jumped and nearly lost control of his body functions.

He heard a snicker and glared at the scrub brush to his left. “Who’s there?” he demanded.

“Shhh,” a female whispered. “I’m from Sunnydale.”

Now there was a passcode if David had ever heard one. David dropped his voice to a whisper and scooted closer to the brush and slightly out of the cop’s sight. “Why are you here? Where are you?”

A redhead appeared from thin air. She waved cheerfully and grinned. A dark-haired girl with a bloody sword stood behind her. David knew the red-head. She was one of the Slayer’s helpers. He didn’t know the darker girl, but assumed that she was one of the good guys. “Why are you here?” David repeated.

The red-head lifted up a large carpet bag. “We just wanted to warn you that this one came from our side of the world.”

David glanced back at the body. “Oh? It’s not going to attack me on the slab, is it?”

“It is headless,” the darker girl taunted.

Red chided her friend. “It’s a perfectly legitimate question.” Then she turned to reassure David. “It shouldn’t. We think we have all the supernatural parts in here,” again she raised the carpetbag.

David tilted his head. It was obviously leak proof. He supposed it was a civilian alternative to a biohazard evidence bag.

“We just wanted to warn you in case you found anything hinky,” said Red. “There were witnesses so we couldn’t take it all.”

“Thanks,” maybe.

“Bye!” Red waved and disappeared, the dark-haired girl with her.

David sighed. He glared at the headless corpse. What a fine way to screw up a work night. He would have to put some effort into looking for a head that was not going to be found. He wondered how long he had to scout out the desert before ‘giving up’ and letting the investigators waste their time.

On the plus side, whatever the supernatural thing was, it was now dead. One less thing out there on the streets. David could deal with that.


Prompt (dialogue from the episode):
Grissom: where’s the head?
David: (sigh) I haven’t found it yet.

The End

You have reached the end of "Dead End". This story is complete.

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