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Aphrodite’s Bitch

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Summary: Wolfram and Hart’s amulet didn’t get sent back to LA. A fat, winged baby archer stole it for his mother’s purposes

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Multiple Crossings > Spike-CenteredPaBurkeFR2152,8400102,47222 Aug 0722 Aug 07No

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I heart Aphrodite

Aphrodite’s Bitch
By Paburke
Summary: Wolfram and Hart’s amulet didn’t get sent back to LA. A fat, winged baby archer stole it for his mother’s purposes.
Disclaimer: No infringement intended. I didn’t create any of the characters, I didn’t make any money off this, nor will I.
Distribution: TtH
Spoilers: Chosen for BtVS and Season 4 for NCIS, White Night for Dresden Files (the books)
Rating: for angst, violence, language and adult situations. And before you get your …hopes up, the title name is why it got such a rating. Swear words do not belong in the title of the ‘kid-friendly’ part of TtH. Nothing gets too …graphic.


Spike screamed his way into existence. He took a breath and realized that he didn’t hurt. He also didn’t recognize where he was. There were clouds and sun… and he wasn’t burning.


There was no way he was in heaven.

He turned around and saw a woman. She was beautiful, absolutely gorgeous and Spike was in love with the Slayer. He remembered the look in her eyes when she said that she loved him at the end. He smiled. Maybe she did love him, but he had to release her, make sure that she didn’t die with him. He died so that she could live.

“That is why I chose you,” the woman spoke. Her voice was lovely, husky.


She smiled and the sun got brighter. “You gave your all to the woman you loved and she finally admitted that she loved you too at the end.”

“She doesn’t really love me,” Spike protested. He didn’t want her hurt by it. He didn’t want the Slayer moping over him.

“She does love you,” the naked, chubby baby at the woman’s side spoke. Spike blinked. The woman was so arresting that Spike hadn’t even noticed the winged baby sitting on the arm of her golden throne. “We know.”

Spike crossed his arms over his chest and jutted out his chin. He was dealing with two very powerful beings and events like this never went well for the lower being. “So?”

“How would you like a chance to get her back?” the woman offered.

“I’m dead, aren’t I?”

“You were dead before and that never stopped you,” teased the baby.

Spike snarled at the baby. The woman waved a hand and Spike went flying into something invisible and hard.

“Play nice,” she warned.

“Whadda want?”

“To give you a second chance with the Slayer. The Immortal that’s courting her now will only hurt her.”

“The Immortal?” Spike hoped that they didn’t mean…

“In Rome.”

“Bullocks,” he swore. “The Slayer has better taste than that.”

“The Immortal does have a bit of experience in chasing and catching intelligent women.”


“I’m giving you the chance to save her,” said the woman.

Spike was respectfully leery. “What would I have to do?”

“It’s rather simple really,” she smiled and Spike could have groaned. When a powerful being said that it was ‘simple,’ all hell was about to break loose. “All you have to do is get several couples together.”

“Why can’t your boy do it?”

The baby pouted. “They’re stubborn and fight against the power of my arrows.”

“What makes you think I can do any better?”

“I’m giving you different powers. You’ll be able to affect them differently. These are couples that are already in love but without intervention, they will not admit that they are in love until one or the other is dying. You understand the difficulties.”

Spike grunted. “And how many would I have to get together before I can go to Buffy?”


“And you promise?”

“I give you my word, William the Bloody, as Aphrodite, goddess of love. If you get each couple on your list into a public relationship, I will return you to your love in your previous form as a souled vampire.”

“What’s my other option?”


Spike grimaced. “Who’s first on my list?”

“Harry Dresden and Karrin Murphy. You’ll find them in Chicago.”

“You got yourself a deal, lady.”

She smiled again. “Wonderful.”

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