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Perhaps just one more...

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Summary: In a HG/SS world, Ron deals with losing her and bashes well loved literary characters to boot. one shoty goodness.

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Past Donor)halfbloodpuffskinFR1516460267424 Aug 0724 Aug 07Yes
Disclaimer: JKR owns the characters, I own a mug of tea. (actually, I'm leasing.)

Note: Hrm...this is a repost, actually, originally from think it felt lonely all the way over here it is! I gotta say, I kinda love HG/SS, but I like Ron too, I gave him some love. *hums 'Weasley is Our King!'*

Oh, and this is completely disregarding canon and Deathly Hallows...enjoy!


"You know, I've always known that it was going to be this way."

"Ron, I don't know what to--"

"Hermione, it's alright. Really. I've known for ages this would happen. I'm glad for you too, really. Just look at you, for Merlin's sake! You haven't been this happy since our NEWT results came back. He's the one for you, and I just didn't want to say it. To see it. But that's it now, isn't it?"


"And I AM glad. Truly. If we hadn't broken up all that time ago, it would have happened anyways and you would have been miserable right up till now. Now you can be a bit happier. In fact, I command it. Go. Right now. Go and give that greasy git a kiss for me."

"Ron, I--"

"It's alright, Hermione. Go."

"...Goodbye, Ron. I'll see later."

The door closes behind her



"Ron, you know I'm your best mate."


"...and I only want the best for you, at all times."


"...and while I'm all for drowning one's sorrows in a bottle of Ogden's finest..."

"My sister giving you a run for your money, Harry?"

"MY POINT is that, what you're doing? Not a good idea right now."

"In what way is getting pissed not a good idea right now, oh The-Boy-Who-Wouldn't-Shut-Up?"

"Cute. Well, it's just that...well, Ron. I'm afraid you'll do something...unwise."



"You wouldn't by any chance be implying that I would try to --hiccup!-- do something stupid like hurting myself and/or others, by any --hiccup!-- chance?"

"You said 'by any chance' twice."

"Shuddup. You're saying that you came to stop me from getting pissed because you think I'll off myself or something? Because of Hermione?"

"Well, when we were fighting Lucius Malfoy, you told me--"

"I told you I'd die for her. That I loved her that much. I remember, Harry."

"Yeah, and I guess I thought..."



"You're a bit of a git, you know that?"

"Well, you were all serious and grim and I suppose I just--"

"Harry. That was two years ago. We were still in school, for Merlin's sake! I was an idiot because I thought that that was the ultimate sacrifice. Ending my life so she could live. I've managed to figure out a bit since then."

"You, Ronald Weasley, have figured out love."

"Right. Here it is: you know that old muggle play Hermione made me read once?"

"Erm...Romeo and Juliet?"

"Exactly. Romeo and Juliet. Offed themselves for love. Bloody star-crossed lovers with a death wish. Here's the thing: they were bloody morons."

"Ron, these are two of the best loved...lovers in the history of anything."

"Well, the world can be fooled sometimes. Remember Lockhart?"

"Good point."

"My point is that dying because they didn't want to live without the other didn't make either one of them happier or better or anything. It made them dead. You really can't make much of a statement from beyond the grave. Nah, the only thing that makes that kind of statement is when you're alive. When you're still around, in fact. Because having to stick around after you know there's no hope? Watching her be happy, only it's with someone else? Staying so that she knows that you support her, that you'll still be behind her, no matter what? That, I do believe, is love."

"Ron, I..."

"Yeah, that's love. I broke it off with her because of it, I told her it was fine because of it, and I'll even stick around like the good ickle Gryffindor I am because of it. But tonight, Harry, I am going to drown it."

Harry looks at the Ogden's in Ron's hand. Sighing, he signaled the waitress.

"We'll have another round over here, Rosmerta."

The End

You have reached the end of "Perhaps just one more...". This story is complete.

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