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Into the Unknown

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Summary: Over the years Harry has had dreams of Dawn but doesn't know who she is. When it turns out that she's in danger and has to leave Sunnydale, what will happen when they meet and discover the truth. Rating FR15 to be safe. May change in the future. On Hiatus

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyjenniFR1531,415042,07326 Aug 0728 Aug 07No

The Beginning

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I am just using the characters for my own enjoyment. The plot is the only thing that’s mine.

A.N: Ok, this is my first attempt at writing a story so feedback is welcomed.

I’m changing some stuff around to fit the story.

Buffy: After the fifth season Buffy dies only to be brought back. Willow goes all dark and Tara was shot but doesn't die. Spike doesn't go all evil at the end of the sixth season. Dawn is in the same year as the trio.

Harry: Between third and fourth year only I’m trying to keep Sirius alive unless he dies on me, no promises.

Pairings: Dawn/Draco, Harry/? might be Ginny, Buffy/? might be Spike


The rain was coming down hard over the neighborhood on the pitch black street. A girl with long tawny brown hair and striking blue eyes looked out the window of one of the houses. Her skin was pale and a look of worry and sorrow shadowed her face, as if she had lost something close to her. Curled up on the couch, she was looking out into the darkness for something … or someone.

With a loud bang, lightening lit up the sky, and a figure walking toward the house. The second the girl saw the figure, she jumped up from the couch in anticipation and opened the front door, a look of relief on her face that vanished when she saw the person more clearly.

The person was blonde and kind of short, wearing jeans and a pink top that looked like it had seen better days. Scratches criss-crossed her face and blood streaked her hair and clothes.

“What happened?” the girl asked.

The blonde responded “There was an ambush.”

The first girl’s face became even more worried and the blonde quickly reassured her, “We’re all fine except for a few scratches; most of the blood is from the demons that were at the cemetery.”

“Where are Spike and Giles?” the girl asked.

“There coming in the car, Spike’s duster got scratched and he’s pissed; won’t stop complaining about it.”

Before the girl could say anything, however, the walls and windows started shaking. The girl screamed in surprise and the blonde yelled “Dawn, get in the doorway!”

As Dawn ran to the doorway, framed pictures and decorative knick-knacks fell from the cabinet above the other girl.

“Buffy!” she shouted, “hurry!”

Buffy joined Dawn in the doorway. They watched as pictures rattled and shook. Lamps on the tables fell and broke. When the shaking stopped, the girls looked at each other wide-eyed with worry and apprehension. An earthquake could only mean one thing, especially here: something bad was coming.

A.N: So, with the help of my beta lassoss, I redid chapter 1 and chapter 2 is on the way. Hope you like the new version of chapter 1.
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