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OTCSS : On The Council's Secret Service

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Secret Agent Slayer Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Watchers' Council send Buffy to destroy the vampire SMERSH in Japan on her maiden mission as their special agent, and an assassination attempt introduces her to a halfbreed vigilante known as the Daywalker. Secret Agent Slayer Series: Episode 1.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredJohnnySnowballFR15720,6512154,96130 Aug 0730 Aug 07Yes

The Epilogue


The After-mission Mission After-mission Intermission / 007

The explosion was phenomenal. The heat-released pressure raised the roof and blew the innards across the entire site. The fireball itself was an amazing mushroom of golden fire and thick smoke. The Osaka cell of Shinkudō was toast. The vampire-killing squad of three men, two girls, a vampire and a half-breed watched it all from the safety of a pedestrian overpass beyond a narrow river half a mile away.

Whistler picked his thumb up from the switch of his radio transmitter and dragged his bad leg around. “That’s gotta get some attention. C’mon, Blade. Time to move before the heat shows up.”

“What happens now?” Buffy called to the old man.

“Takeshi Shibasaki wants to take us down and he’s a direct link to the overlord of Shinkudō. We’re going to Tokyo to finish this.”

“There’s gonna be a lotta blue lights here in about ten minutes,” said Blade in warning.

Xander took the HK out of his pants and looked it over. It was a compact tactical Heckler & Koch USP with all the anti-vamp modifications. Exactly like Blade’s twin guns only two thirds the size. He flipped the gun around and held the handle out to Blade. “Thanks for the loan. ‘Fraid she’s spent though.”

The Daywalker put a hand up. “Keep it. I like my guns… bigger. And keep your eyes open for suck-heads.” With that he strolled away across the overpass.

Xander barely contained his excitement and the old man handed him a fresh magazine of eight hollow-point rounds. Vampire’s bane.

Whistler’s face creased with concern. “You’re gonna be here another day. My advice: get outta the City now. Sure your cover’ll hold?”

“We’re good.”

“Substitute English teachers, right?” He smiled and gave them a nod that was his means of thanks. He turned and followed Blade into the night.

The Scoobs caught his last audible words: “Blood-sucker barbecue’s makin’ me hungry.”

“What time is it?” Buffy asked after a while. She noted that Spike had vanished into the night. She had to thank him later.

Xander checked his cell. “Twelve fifteen.”

The trains were likely stopped for the night, she figured.

“Better catch a cab,” said Giles.

As the team left the bridge to make their way home, Willow cast a finger to Xander’s new toy. “Any ideas how you’re gonna get that back to the States?”

* * *

The next morning brought the same breakfast routine. Only this time at seven thirty a.m. when the Flying Tomato was packed. Kiyoshi met them at the entrance to their hotel and walked them to the JR station where they took a fifteen-minute train ride to Universal City. Leaving the station there was like walking out into a fantasy world. It was toon-town from Roger Rabbit. A boulevard of colourful buildings – cafés, ice-cream parlours, toy stores and amusement centres. They strolled along toward the large arch that was the entrance to USJ. Xander pointed out the sign in the window of a sweet crepe café. It read: Don’t smoking. This led to a short conversation about humorous ‘Japlish’ – Japanese English.

When they reached the queues for the ticket gates, the gang divided to see who could get them in quickest. Buffy and Kiyoshi found themselves together in one of the shorter lines. A moment of awkward silence fell.

Kiyoshi broke it. “Oh, one last thing about business – my father said to tell you Station X got in touch. This ‘Daywalker’ you asked about… is a half-breed vampire vigilante named Blade.”

Buffy took the info in, realising what Blade was. Half-vampire, half-human. At least he picked the right side to fight on, she considered. And he was the Daywalker. Made sense.

“I guess your Dad isn’t too pleased with us right now?” she fished.

Kiyoshi whistled air. “After last night’s encore? …I’d stay away from Japan for at least a couple of years.”

She cringed. So much for not leaving a mess.

“Now, can we forget about work and have fun?” He gave her that beautiful smile of his.

She returned it. The sun was out in full and the cool breeze was refreshing. It was a beautiful day and she was with beautiful people in a beautiful place. Nothing else mattered for the rest of the day. “I insist!”

The S.A.S. Series

Secret Agent Slayer will return… in:

Slayer In Disguise

(Blade’s adventure continues in my story MARVEL HEROES)

The Daywalker battles the vampire Mafia with help from the Web slinger, a Man Without Fear, and a group of heroes with the X factor. High octane action all the way! BLADE meets SPIDERMAN, DAREDEVIL & X-MEN. Featuring KINGPIN.)

Can i just say... reviews are like fuel for a writer. With them a writer can move on - in the right direction. Without... well.. what happens to a car without gas?

The End

You have reached the end of "OTCSS : On The Council's Secret Service". This story is complete.

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