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Bar Fly

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Summary: Xander in Hillsville. He made it farther then Oxnard on his summer trip and just manages to get in a scrimmish.

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Charmed > Xander-CenteredSlysDragonAngelFR131777083,1032 Sep 072 Sep 07Yes
Title: Bar Fly

Disclaimer: This is a fan fiction and not written for profit. The characters are owned by their respected authors and networks. I’m just borrowing them for some playtime.

Author: SlysDragonAngel

Summary: Xander in Hillsville.

Pairing: Xander/Prue Halliwell

Notes: I was going through the fic-for-all and I saw the opening. My brain just popped out at least three ideas. This is the one that caught my creative attention.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Friday, July 14,1999~~~~~~~~~~~~

Oh, She didn’t like this. Not one bit. It was just a friendly game of pool. She didn’t understand why they would be mad at her. They lost, she won. That’s all they need to know. But nope. They had to be sore losers about it.

“Come on guys, can’t we work somethin’ out here?” she said “It was only a friendly game of pool. No need to be angry about it.”

The tall think necked whale snorted. “Friendly game of pool my ass. Ya cheated, ya bitch and I know it.”

She looked vexed. How dare they accuse her of cheating They were just big sore losers. What cry babies. And she told them as much too.

“Ya’ll are just some sore losers cause you got beat by a chick, I’ve never had to cheat at pool for 5 years ” she snapped.

With a growl the whale threw a punch at her making her duck and sweep her leg under his feet. And just like that she found herself in a bar fight.

Xander was having a bad He just got guilted into performing for Jona, the owner of Guilty Butterfly the only bar in the small town of Hillville about 50 miles outside of South San Francisco. How in the world does he get himself into these messes he wanted to know. He was just a barely 18 year old not a freaken stripper. God. As soon as he walked in he noticed the sounds of brawling and the snarls or drunken offenses but what really caught his attention was the brunette fighting. She was about 5'8'’ with waist long dark brown hair. And the way she was fight was amazing. “ So freaking beautiful, almost like a slayer,” He thought to himself. Just as the big whale of a man was fixin to swing at her again he stepped in and stopped the fist midswing. After fighting for 3 years against something that was 10 times stronger he was able to handle a 300lb man.

The bar froze as if caught in a spell as the bully blinked and snarled at him. “What the hell are you doing?”, the bully asked. He ingored this as he dropped his fist and turned to the women. “You ok, Miss?”, Xander asked.

Prue blinked and stared at him in confusion. She’s been in a lot of fights before but no one has ever intervene except Andy and look where that got him.

“Ma’am? Are you okay?”



“My name is Prue.”

“Ooook. Are you okay Prue?”

“Yea, Thank You.”

“Don’t think me just yet I haven’t taken care of him yet.”

“Taken care of me??? HELLO??? Who the FUCK do you think you ARE boy?? ” the bully finally getting his brain to function.

Xander turned around and there was a feral look in his eyes. “ I’m fixing to be your worst nightmare buddy Didn’t your mamma teach you manners??? You never hit a lady.”

The bully snorted. “That bitch cheated me out of 40 dollars. I don’t think she’s a lady like ya think she is.” Xander rolled his eyes. “Whatever. Just remember this,” he says as he knocks the whale down, “never hit someone of the female persuasion.”

“What the hell was that for, Boy? I aint done shit to you and your punchin me? ”

He sneered, “Should have thought about that before you run your drunken mouth off.”

The bully looked at Xander for a minute and then decided that he really didn’t want his forty dollars back. He turned and just walked out without looking back.

Xander smiled and turned back to find Prue glaring at him. “WHAT? ”

“You didn’t have to interfere you know.”

“I know but I am always coming to females help who are in a fight."


“No idea, I just guess my friends taught me well. I’m always coming to their aid when they get cornered.”

Prue smiles and leans forward to kiss his cheek. “ Thank you then. For helping me with that fight. I really didn’t want to get blood on my new outfit.” Xander grinned and nodded “ No problem at all. Well I gotta get on stage. Jona wanted me on like 10 minutes ago.”

~~~~~~~~~Ten minutes later on stage.~~~~~~~~~

Xander looks out into the crowd to see if Prue was still there but couldn’t find her. ‘Oh well’, he thought, ‘she could have been evil.’
~~~~~~~~Halliwell Manor, San Francisco~~~~~~~~
Prudence Halliwell had just woken up from a strange but sweet dream. She even felt better not much but enough to make a difference. ‘Maybe I can have more of those dreams.’ she sighed, turned over and went back to sleep.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Bar Fly". This story is complete.

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