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Summary: A Big Love / Buffy Crossover.

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Television > Big LoveDoctorDavrosFR181660051,1322 Sep 072 Sep 07No
The following is fanfic which means I've taken the liberty of using fictional characters created by people other than me and using them for my own nefarious purposes. No money is being made by me in doing this.

Buffy and Angel Characters were created by Joss Whedon and produced by Mutant Enemy.
Big Love is the creation of Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer and is produced by HBO.

Post Series Finale's for Buffy and Angel.
Mid Season 2 of Big Love.


Within the great, and not so great, traditions of humanity, there are many paths open to an individual. For from the moment of conception, our parent’s choice in partner stems genetic information, rich in a history that can be traced back to the beginning of creation, along a genealogy of vigorous expressions of human sexuality. What can be sure is that there is an undeniable natural law which requires that there be an unbroken line of procreation responsible for every person living on this earth which reaches both forward and back into eternity. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, and in this dimension there have been exactly two. One exception occurred about 2000 years ago with an immaculate conception, and the other began about 7 years ago when a brotherhood of monks decided to hide a key of immeasurable value, as a 14 year old girl, so that a Champion might stop Hell from walking on earth. Both exceptional circumstances ended with a Sacrifice, a Salvation and a Resurrection, however the theological ramifications of this will barely touch where this story is going, so we’ll save further examination for another time.

The choices a person makes in life are dependent on many things. Genetics, love, religion, family, personality, work, sex, manifest mystical prophetic destiny and the knowledge of impending everlasting apocalypse being just some, albeit the most common examples of these. What brought Dawn Summers to Salt Lake City in the July of 2007 would turn out to be a little of all of these things.

Margene Heffman was a little flustered as she entered the diner, and attempted to sit down with as much dignity as possible while controlling her two small children. A waitress, taking pity on her came over and did her best at distracting the little ankle biters while Margene gratefully had a chance to look at her menu. She had nearly finished her meal when the pretty brunette waitress approached her with an offer of babysitting. Explaining that her name was Dawn Summers, and that she was looking to make a little more money as she had just started at the University of Utah Dawn had offered her services as a babysitter, and given her a card. Thinking little more about it, Margene gathered her children and went out of the Cafe to face the rest of her day.

Whereas her sister Buffy sucked at “undercover” Dawn found for her it was a natural fit. It was a job where she could combine her intelligence, curiosity, a natural ability to both lie and steal with an unwavering sense of duty to the whole “saving the world from unspeakable evil”. Plus it got her away from the hustle of day to day slayage into a world where Buffy could control the strength of her available backup, in an environment where she could actually experience what a non Scooby lifestyle was like.

Dawn’s initial contact with the Henrickson clan had gone well. There hadn’t been any sense that she was trying “too hard”, and the contact with Bill Henricksons youngest wife had seemed natural to them both. It helped if you liked your “mark”, and even at this early stage Dawn felt Margene was going to be a friend. The Henricksons were her ticket into the Juniper Creek compound, and if the intelligence panned out, and there was a “Big Bad” emerging from there then they were all about to go on a ride of apocalyptic proportions.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Plurality" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Sep 07.

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