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Wizards, Werewolves and Killer Beagles. Oh My!

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Summary: Draco goes for a walk. and soon wishes he hadn't.

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsIrnBruOrDeathFR181211,38602912,6232 Sep 0711 Apr 08No

Chapter 12

OK so having read a review that asked whether or not Angel and Wesley were together. And then pondering the though with the aid of caffeine and sugar. This little piece popped into my fevered brain. So there you go and enjoy

Well! This Is Awkward.

=Percy’s POV=

Wesley was NOT having much luck at the moment. He hadn’t been having that much luck for years. Not since the disaster that had been his stint on the Hellmouth. He still couldn’t help but shudder at the thought of his behaviour even after all these years.

He had been such a pompous prig: Perfect Prefect Percy! Completely assured in the veracity of his own opinions and superiority. So convinced was he of his own right and that of the Ministry, he had alienated the group responsible for saving the world practically every month, and had aided in the fall from the light of a troubled young women.

OK. So perhaps he hadn’t completely grown out of his leaning toward pretension.

He had been so thrilled with the mission. He had only been days out of his training as an Unspeakable and he had thought it was such an honour to be trusted with the responsibility. He had given up his wand; his way of life and his family. Even his own time, without as much as a second thought.

The only time ha had balked was when he had heard the wording of his Unbreakable Vow. He had wondered why they would make him swear never to divulge any information pertaining directly to Harry Potter. Directly! An odd choice of words that had been made clear when he had been introduced to Giles’ assistant. A potential that had never been called and had been trained for Watcher duties. One Voirrey Trista Potter.

Still, he had grown as a person over the years. And was doing a great deal of good as part of Angel Investigations. Working with Voirrey and Mr. Giles, combining Wicca and Wand magic, he had even found a way to permanently blend Angel’s Soul and Angelus’ Demonic Spirit together.

This had led to an interesting few months of adjustment.

Then the Slayers had been called. All of them. And a year later Voirrey had shown up with her nephew and ‘outed’ him with her usual chaotic flair. He sometimes wondered-in his more whimsical moments- if her parents had realised how accurate they were in naming their daughter ‘Bitter Tumult’.

After about a week of shouting and explanations to the LA Crew. He had been dragged (Almost literally, when Angel really put his foot down he could crack continents.) back to England and the world he had left behind years ago. Though for his family it was more like a month. And there had been more shouting and explanations. In fact, his Mother was still taking every opportunity to harangue him. Though it was mostly about his hair now.

Apparently black was just not the Weasley way to go! Nor was stubble.

Though he was almost wishing for a Molly lecture right now. REALLY. Any situation other then the one he was in now would be preferable. Standing between your current lover, who appeared to be overloaded with a soul’s jealousy and a demon’s possessiveness? And the first boy you had ever loved. Who for obvious reasons looked exactly the same as the last time you saw him. Stuck between a rock and a hard place. A wizard and a vampire.

Oliver Wood and Angelus, who had never looked more like the Scourge of Europe.

It was jarring. There he was, as if he had been conjured from Wesley’s own memories. The same windswept, brown sun-kissed hair and wide grin. And of course, that delicious Scottish accent. The first time Percy began to suspect he ‘preferred bludgers to snitches’ as it were, was when he had heard the other boy swearing. There had just been something about the way Oliver had pronounced the word that would usually have provoked a scowl and lecture from the prim Percy. The way the words had seemed to roll around the other boy’s mouth. The sharp consonants and rolling r sounds.

The boy just had to say bugger and everyone who heard, male or female, bent over and presented.


Wesley was spending entirely too much time with Spike when he started thinking things like that.

=Angel’s POV=

Alright you little shit! I’m Angelus! Scourge of Europe, most feared vampire in history. AND I’m Angel! Champion of the Powers That Be! Get your grubby wizard hands off my Wesley before I rip off your legs and break your head with them.


=Oliver’s POV=




So there you go peeps! Just a daft little piece till I get together the next chapter. And as far as the voting goes. I’ve had two for Voirrey/Lucius and one for Voirrey/Lucius/Sirius. So keep them reviews a coming so I can make a decision.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Wizards, Werewolves and Killer Beagles. Oh My!" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Apr 08.

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