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Wizards, Werewolves and Killer Beagles. Oh My!

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Summary: Draco goes for a walk. and soon wishes he hadn't.

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsIrnBruOrDeathFR181211,38602912,6232 Sep 0711 Apr 08No

chapter 2

AN: Behold! The second chapter!! As always reviews make me tingle. So gimme, gimme, gimme!!

Chapter 2

Madame Poppy Pomfrey was feeling sorely… vexed. After spending a year tending to the sundry bumps, scrapes and sniffles of over 2000 teenagers. And of course, the joy that was the annual Longbottom potions explosion and Potter/Voldemort encounter related injuries. Everything being made that much more hectic by that ridiculous Tournament.

Then that poor Diggory boy.

All said she was more than ready for a few weeks relaxing in her chateau near Biarritz. Her supplies of potions and bandages had been restocked. Her bags were packed and she was ready to go.

Right up until her DARLING nephew fire called her quarters at Hogwarts. Raving something about Fenrir Greyback, that vacuous twit Narcissa, Draco, a beagle and a SLAYER of all things. So she was curious. Vexed, undoubtedly, but still curious.

So off to Malfoy Manor she went.


The stern medi witch stepped briskly from the fireplace into Lucius’ study. The blonde man and his son rose from their seats at her appearance.

“Lucius Ceallachán Malfoy!” She snapped: concealing a smirk as the lord of the manor straightened with an expression not unlike a little boy caught with his hand in the chocolate frog jar. The full name- got them every time! “What have you got yourself into this time?”

“Nothing! It was-“and Lucius caught himself. He was no longer a small boy, to be cowed by his father’s domineering sister, he reminded himself forcefully. “Fenrir Greyback attacked Draco and Narcissa on their way back from the village. He killed Narcissa-“

“And Fidel! Stupid werewolf.” Draco interrupted. Pouting slightly as he submitted to his great aunt’s examination.

“Then the slayer intervened.” Lucius continued doggedly. “Saving Draco. But she later passed out due to blood loss caused from injuries from an earlier encounter. Errrrr…. Tuvok demons, was it?”

“Terz’k demons father.”

“Quite. I levitated her to one of the rooms in the Guest wing, healed her wounds as best I could then flooed the Aurors.”

“You gave her to the Aurors after she saved you son’s life?!” poppy was horrified. The Ministry considered Slayers to be a Magical creature. Irredeemably dangerous ones at that. They enforced a strict policy of immediate destruction when one was captured ‘in the wild’. Hence the Watchers keeping them as far from the wizarding world as possible.

“Of course not!” Lucius replied looking offended at the very thought. “I reported the attack. Told them I killed Fenrir by casting a separation charm at his neck. They retrieved the bodies and left. Then I called you.”

“Why Lucius? I trained you in the healing arts myself! There’s not much you couldn’t handle on your own. And the girl’s own regenerative capabilities would take care of the rest.” Really if the boy had delayed her holidays over trivialities she would remind him just how much a medi witch of her calibre knew about the damage the human body could sustain before loss of consciousness!

“She’s fine, just sleeping it off.” Draco supplied as he returned to idly flicking through the book he had been pretending to read on her arrival. “Father’s just been in a flap ever since he cleaned her up and got a proper look at her.”

“Oh?” poppy arched a brow at her nephew.

“I’ll take you to her.” Lucius supplied, indicating for his aunt to follow as he made for the door. “I don’t want to say anything until I am certain what I suspect is true.”

Poppy followed dutifully. Eyes casting lazily about the opulent halls of her family home. Lingering a moment on the portrait of her brother Abraxis, who smirked at her and then winked. He always had been a cheeky sod!

They turned down the corridor leading to the guest chambers.


They both drew their wands as a small grey cannonball exploded through the door they had been approaching. It slammed into the opposite wall and the crumpled form of Tubby the House Elf slid to the floor.

“The Miss is kicking Tubby!” the elf squeaked plaintively before large eyes rolled to the back of her head.

“What on-“Lucius muttered before tensing as the door opened.

“Sorry!” the girl said, smiling abashedly. “I’d forgotten about House Elves.”

“Voirrey Trista Potter!!” Poppy exclaimed, before deciding Tubby had the right idea and fainted dead away.

AN2: well what d’you think peeps! Good enough to keep going?
I’m open to requests for Buffy characters to come into the story later. Except for Buffy. I don’t like Buffy.
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