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Wizards, Werewolves and Killer Beagles. Oh My!

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Summary: Draco goes for a walk. and soon wishes he hadn't.

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsIrnBruOrDeathFR181211,38602912,6222 Sep 0711 Apr 08No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: listen very carefully, for I shall say this only once! I don’t own anything to do with Harry Potter or BTVS. Hence my state of near penury.

AN: Trying my hand at a crossover for the first time here people so let me know what you think. After book 4 for HP land and after season 7 for BTVS. I don’t like Buffy so there will surely be bashing ahead. No like-y, no read-y!

Chapter 1: In which they meet

If one were to look at Draco Abraxis Malfoy, at first glance they would think that there was a boy who had everything. Looks, intelligence and more money than God. On second glance, namely at the large homicidal werewolf currently in hot-pursuit of the Slytherin Prince, they would probably decide that he could keep everything!

The usually icily composed and pale teenager was flushed and running hell-for-leather towards the Malfoy Estate. And wouldn’t you be if Fenrir Greyback was breathing down your neck, baying for blood? Draco and his mother had gone for a walk to the nearby village. Draco to exercise his dog, Fidel, and Narcissa to show the locals what a loving mother the boy had. Or to go window shopping, Draco wasn’t sure. It had been on their way back to the Manor that the most feared of all werewolves had attacked. Narcissa hadn’t even had the chance to draw her wand before her throat had been ripped out by Fenrir’s deadly claws.

Draco had been momentarily frozen, hypnotized by the bright red blood that fountained from the ruin of his mother’s throat onto the ground. If Fidel, bless his little beagle heart, hadn’t leaped snarling at Greyback’s arm Draco would have followed his mother into death in short order. But Fidel’s actions had spurred him into action; his only hope now was to reach his family’s property and the safety the wards afforded.

Unfortunately for Draco, no beagle, no matter how heroic, was no match for a fully grown wizards. Especially one fueled by the mad strength of the werewolf. So what little lead Draco had gained was fast being devoured by the transformed Greyback.

He skidded round the last corner in the lane leading to the gates of Malfoy Manor. His breath screaming in his lungs as he pumped his arms and legs frantically. 10n feet, he only had to make it 10 feet!

But it was not to be. Wicked claws snagged the back of his robes and yanked hard, sending the desperate boy tumbling to the ground.

Draco lay where he fell, gasping for air. He screwed his eyes shut and braced himself for the killing blow. His nose filled with the sickly stench of Greyback’s breath as one giant paw slammed into his chest. Pinning him so he couldn’t try to escape. The other raise, claws extended.

“Good dogs, “an unfamiliar voice suddenly exploded onto the scene. “Don’t bite!”

Draco’s eyes snapped open wide to see a tall raven haired girl slam a tree into Greyback’s face. The were yelped as the force of the blow sent him flying through the air, several feet back down the lane, the tree shattering on impact. The girl seemed unperturbed by the loss of her weapon (which judging by the hole in the verge, had been pulled from the side of the road) and stepped casually forward so she was between Draco and the recovering Fenrir.

“You didn’t think those Terz’k demons would slow me down for long, did you Toto?” she jeered, a smile as feral as any the were could produce stretching her wide mouth, as she pulled a short sword from a scabbard at her hip.

“Yer dead Slayer!” Greyback snarled’ his voice horribly distorted by muzzle and fang, foaming at the mouth as he circled the newcomer. Green eyes never left the hulking form as she matched his movements. Draco stared in awe. A Slayer! One of the now many. He wondered briefly if this was the famed Buffy he had learned about last year in Defence Against The Dark Arts. But he remembered Professor Moody saying something about the longest living slayer on record being a blonde American. And this girl’s accent was clearly British.

“Not likely, Fluffy!” came the retort, her blade sparkled in the sunlight as she twirled it in deadly circles in a lazy show of skill. “That’s more Slutty’s gig, not mine!”

“I am Fenrir Greyback! High Alpha of the British packs. Remember that name girl; I’ve a mind to make you scream it before I kill you!”

“*snort* Sorry bitch! You just got too damn ugly!” and with this last verbal salvo the two leaped forward. Slayer power and steel clashing with werewolf tooth and claw.

Draco stare in awe as the two moved almost faster than he could follow. Locked in a deadly dance, until the slayer ducked under one of Fenrir’s blows and embedded her sword in his chest, the tip bursting from his back. Greyback fell, couching and snarling.

“ya think this’ll stop me girlie? Ye’ll need silver fer that!”

“the girl smirked as she stood slightly behind the fallen lycanthropic madman.

“think so?” she chirped before reaching down and pulling his head off with a casual twist.


“you OK kid?”


“are you hurt? Did he bite you?”

*blink blink* Goldfish stare

“look! Normally I’d be more than happy to baby you through this kid. I saw your mum back down the road a ways. But I’m not feeling so great myself, so tell me if you‘re ok then we can get you home.”

It was then that Draco realised his saviour was covered in blood. Her own blood! Leaking from numerous gashes on her arms, back and torso.

“I didn’t see him hit you.” He gasped out as strong hands helped him to his feet, checking for broken bones as they did so.

“HE didn’t! I’ve been tracking the wanker for a week,” she pulled her sword from the corpse, wiping it clean on the grass before returning it to its scabbard. she gestured for Draco to lead and they both began walking towards the gates as she continued. “ever since he slaughtered a family two villages over. I nearly had him a few hours ago but he led me right into the middle of a Terz’k nest. They’re usually peaceful but are nasty buggers when they feel a threat to their hatchlings.”

Draco imagined that there weren’t many demons OR humans who wouldn’t feel threatened by a rampaging werewolf and a slayer on the hunt t.

“they delayed me.” she said laying a gentle yet gore covered hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? For What?”

“That WAS your mum I passed down the road?”

“Oh. Yes. Yes it was.” How to explain that the loss of Narcissa Malfoy wasn’t really a loss at all? That the stone edifice of the manor displayed more emotion to wards father and son that wife and mother ever had? He avoided the quizzical gaze as they reached the Manor’s front steps.

The doors burst open and the slayer found herself nose to wand-tip with the master of the house.

“What are you doing with my son?” he hissed blue eyes flashing. “unhand him at once!”

the girl blinked and lifted her hand with exaggerated slowness and took a step back.

“no Father!” Draco cried, standing between the irate wizard and his erstwhile saviour. “she’s a slayer. I owe her my life!”

Lucius dropped his wand in shock

“a slayer?” he supposed that went quite a ways to explaining her blood soaked appearance.

“that’s me! Oldest active Slayer, but not longest lived as the So Cal contingent tell me ad nauseum.” She swayed, peering at Draco as if she was only just now seeing him. “Fucking EERIE!! Word of advice mini-Spike.” She was now slurring. “red stuff stays on the inside.”

And with that the two Malfoys were left staring at the crumpled form of a slayer on their doorstep. Draco turned to face his father.

“it’s a long story!”

AN2: so there you are! What did you think? Metaphysical cookies for all those who review!
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